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Thursday, October 23, 1958   Vol. C695



East Farewell - It is mid-October and in East Farewell it is time for Octoberfest. This year the festival was held last week on the Fairgrounds and in its fourth year has really become a highlight in the East Farewell social calendar. The festival started with only one tent and was a two week affair but it has grown in size and shrunk in duration. The Octoberfest now runs for only a week but,  takes up the whole Fairgrounds, has four full circus sized tents, a midway where almost every shop in town has set up a booth and a rear entrance to the Fun Pier that was reopened for the week. People from all over the area came for a day or two and some actually delayed their summer vacation to spend the week in town. The main beverage is beer, of course, and many local women and men were recruited by the three breweries that are located within the western state area to dress as waitresses and waiters. The young women were dressed as frauleins and the young men wore lederhosen and the tents were all decked out to bring the atmosphere of Bavaria to East Farewell.

            Octoberfest opened last Friday night and runs through Sunday so it technically is nine days long but no one seems to care. The opening ceremonies had Town Council President Tom Conally open the gate and take the first stroll down the midway. This year new lighting was installed and the midway was flooded with light while the tents had a new light bulb invented at Corning labs last year that simulate a flame inside a bulb. The effect was stunning the tents glimmered and glowed with a warm candle-like effect. This ambiance just heightened the whole atmosphere of the festival. Oom-pah bands in each tent provided a realistic touch in the evenings. During the days different music was played by local musicians and many different styles are represented. Besides the standard knockwurst, grilled chickens, sauerkraut and lots of potato salad vendors along the midway offered all sorts of food from hot dogs and hamburgers with French fries to sweets like German chocolates and cakes.

            The Octoberfest will run until Sunday night, closing at 9:00PM. It opens each day at 10:00AM. Admission is free but there is a charge for food, games and rides on the Fun Pier.




East Farewell - The Cougars met the Coring Devils last Friday afternoon and showed an amazing amount of maturity for such a young team as they handed the Devils a resounding defeat, 21-7. Things started well for the Cougars, Joey Neil ran the opening kickoff back to the Devils 25 and the Cougars were able to score on a third down pass from quarterback, Kevin Dugan to tight end Richie McGee. Galloway completed the extra point flawlessly. The Devils were able to put together several drives that moved them within the Cougars thirty but they don’t have a kicker that can convert from longer than 20 yards, so they were stifled in each attempt. The first half ended with Cougars wide receiver, Max O’Hara hauling in a Dugan 25 yard bomb and running in for a score. The Cougars went in at half leading 14-0.

            The second half was more of a defensive game as the Devils made some key adjustments and slowed the fast moving Cougars offense to a crawl. In the third quarter the Devils showed their best offense and were able score on a hard fought 57 yard drive that ended with a beautiful off tackle run by fullback Ernie Lipinski. Devil’s kicker, Sammy Geld completed the extra point. That was all the Devils could muster on the afternoon. For the rest of the game the teams went back and forth without either scoring. Then with four minutes left in the fourth Dugan went with the same play the worked at the end of the first half and sent O’Hara long down the left sideline and was able to throw a perfect over the shoulder pass to a streaking O’Hara who ran away from his defender an in for the score.  The game came to close with the score 21-7 Cougars. It was a well-played game by a young Cougars team. The expectations of this team are rising even though the season is still young. Next week the Cougars travel to the north side of Slate Mountain to face the Canaries and partake in Slate Mountain’s Homecoming. The game begins at 1:00PM on Saturday at the North Slate Mountain High School field.



Rebel Leader Fidel Castro in a personal broadcast from his mountain hideout, warned the United States to stay out of Cuba’s rebellion. The leader of the revolt against President Batista referred to a declaration by U.S. State Department spokesman Lincoln White last week after the rebel kidnapping of two Americans. White said the U.S. might have to take action unless such kidnappings stop.

Smoke signals in Rome send a signal that a Pope had been elected, after 8 ballots in two days of voting, 51 Cardinals cloistered in the Vatican Palace elected a new Pope. The Sacred College of Cardinals elected the Cardinal Patriarch of Venice, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (76) as successor to Pope Pius XII. The new Pontiff, who chose the name of Giovanni (John) XXIII will be 77 November 25.

President Eisenhower congratulates the new Pope. The President, In Manhattan on a political campaign tour, sent this message: “It is with great pleasure that I have learned of your election as Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. I join with other Americans in extending my congratulations on your elevation to this high office. My best wishes for the success of your endeavors are, I am certain, shared by men of goodwill, everywhere”

Hope dims for 83 men trapped in the crumbled depths of a coalmine in Springfield, Nova Scotia and in another tragedy 22 coal miners died in an explosion in the Pocahontas Fuel Co.’s Bishop (VA) mine where 37 men met a similar fate last year.

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