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Thursday, October 24, 1957   Vol. C631



East Farewell - It is late October in East Farewell and that must mean Oktoberfest. The festival is enjoying its third year and has seen many changes since it was introduced in 1955. It first started as a two-week affair and it was quickly realized that that was too long and was shortened to a one-week affair in 1956. Since then it has enjoyed enormous success and expanded has from one tent to a full-blown Festival taking place on the Fairgrounds and backing up to the fun pier. This year the Midway took a new twist with many local vendors setting up shop and offering local crafts and food for the many visitors. This year also saw an influx of out-of-town visitors. Also this year two stages for musical entertainment were set up and musical acts performed almost continuously. Of course, the main attraction has been the beer, bratwurst and chicken. Many local young women recruited as frauleins and many young men donning lederhosen and the atmosphere in the tents was very Bavarian.

            The Fest opened on Friday and will run through the week and close next Sunday evening with a farewell concert that will include all of the acts that performed throughout the week. The music acts that are appearing include the always popular Jerry Tabor, Big Roy and the magnificence, local country star Charlie Green and the always popular Hans Snyder’s Bavarian Polka Band. Many local farmers have contributed to the different foods offered throughout the week. Along with the chickens and the locally made bratwurst lots of potatoes and other vegetables have been put out on the tables.     

Many happy beer drinkers attended the festival so far and many have returned several times during the week. “This is the most fun week of the year for me and every year it seems to get bigger and better. The food is better every year, maybe because it’s local and very fresh,” said a lederhosen wearing young man who declined to be named because he was skipping work. Work absence not to be taken lightly but it has been unofficially allowed during the week as long as production is not affected. “While we obviously do not condone absence from work we understand that our workers are more than allowed to use vacation time to attend the Oktoberfest,” said floor manager Ryan Burns who works at the Iron Works.

The Oktoberfest seems to be headed to another successful conclusion at the end of this week and many visitors are pleasantly appreciating all the goodwill, good food, good beer and good music. The Oktoberfest is quickly becoming a local tradition.




Slate Mountain- The Slate Mountain Miners celebrated their homecoming last week with a win over the Cougars, 14 to 7. The Miners caught the Cougars off guard with a surprising new ground game headed up by a new member of their team, Darren Roland, who just arrived from Ohio. Roland played halfback and was able to rush for an extraordinary 105 yards and score both Miners touchdowns. The Cougars seemed unable to keep their hands around the swift and slippery 170 pound runner. In the first half both teams were able to move the ball down the field but neither could score. The first half ended in a 0-0 tie. The second half started with the Cougars taking the opening kickoff down to the Miners 30 and then working their own ground game to move the ball to the five with runs by Robbie Blackman and Joey Neil. Then with a third and goal quarterback Dolan was able to toss a screen pass to tight end Richie McGee who took the ball into the end zone untouched. Galloway converted the extra point and the Cougars lead 7-0. As the third quarter wound down the Miners took the ball down the field with carries by Roland of 20 yards, 10 yards and several short yardage gains. With the Miners set up with a first and goal on the Cougars eight, Miners quarterback Dave Morris handed the ball to Roland who first ran inside then backed off and ran around the end for the score. After the extra point conversion the game was tied at seven. The fourth quarter saw tighter defense on both sides but as the quarter ran down Morris was again able to rely on Roland to gain yardage and move the ball down the field. With 2:54 left on the clock and the Miners controlling the ball on the Cougars 18 yard line Morris dropped back as if to pass but handed off to Roland who was crossing behind him. Roland swept to the right and just out ran the Cougars defense into the end zone for the go ahead score. Again, the extra point was converted and the Miners led 14-7. With only 1:10 left on the clock the Cougars took the kickoff but only made it to their own 30. Despite a valiant effort by Dolan, Blackman and Neil the Cougars ended up with a fourth and three on the Miners 45 yard line. Dolan handed off to Blackman in an effort to continue the drive but Blackman was stopped inches short of the first down marker. The Miners took over with only 20 seconds left on the clock and ran one last play to Roland who was obviously worn out and only gained 1 yard.

       This was the second loss for the Cougars in two weeks and their once promising season is suddenly looking not as spectacular as first reported. “This was a tough game and that new fella Roland was very impressive. We couldn’t stop him today and the Miners were able to enjoy their homecoming with a win. We will get them next time and we will use this loss to improve our own game,” said coach Burkowitz after the game. The Cougars stay on the road next week when they visit the Central Bears in Centralia. The game begins at 1:30 on Saturday at Central High field.



The Russians say the have launched a new satellite - this one carrying a dog. It’s six times heavier than the one launched earlier this month. Moscow says it’s circling the earth every hour and 42 minutes at a height of 937 miles. The dog is hermetically sealed in a container equipped with air conditioning.

President Eisenhower’s popularity slips ... 57% approve and 27% disapprove of the job he’s doing. In January of this year, 79% approved of the job he was doing.

At a gathering of artists in Indianapolis, architect Frank Lloyd Wright tells the group that Indianapolis is “ugly” and that Paris, France is his favorite city because it has resisted skyscrapers.

In sports - 1100 show-up at transplant ceremonies for the Dodgers in Los Angeles. President Walter O’Malley, who received a standing ovation, told the crowd “The next time you will be asked to stand will be when your own Duke Snider hits the first home run for your Dodgers here.”

Elvis Presley performs at the Pan-Pacific Auditorium in Los Angeles. He performed for 50 minutes and sang 18 songs including “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Jailhouse Rock.” Before the concert, he was asked to comment about an article in which Frank Sinatra was attacking rock and roll. “I admire the man, he has a right to his own opinions. You can’t knock success.”

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