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Thursday, October 30, 1958   Vol. C696



East Farewell – The advent of Halloween brought out the scary tales and strange sighting over last week. The warm days and cold nights brought some strange sightings across the region, especially over Lake Charles and the swampy areas at the north end of the lake. Since the national announcement of the recent UFO sightings being attributed to “swamp gas” many locals have reported seeing similar occurrences out near a swampy expanse of Lake Charles that is near the beach that is owned by N.U.D.E., the organization that runs a nudist camp on the Lake. The camp is all but closed down for the season but local president, Frank Logan, lives on the grounds year round. “I have seen some strange lights out across the lake that looked like they were coming from the swamp but I thought they were just reflections from the full moon. Then I heard that some folks had seen moving lights coming from the same place. I went out and took a picture but I don’t know, it could be something interesting,” said Mr. Logan by phone when contacted by this reporter.

            Reports from several different sources say they saw several glowing blobs that seemed to rise up out of the swamp area and climb into the sky then move off in the sky to the west. There have been reports of alien sighting outside town before but this is the first report of anything coming out of the lake.

“Why were people up there anyway? I think they were hoping to get a last peek at those nudists. That is what I think,” said Mrs. Mallard, local boarding house owner.

            Many people are dismissing the claims as a pre-Halloween stunt to try and build up excitement for the holiday evening. Traditionally, Regional High School seniors have played ghostly pranks and wore grizzly costumes throughout town on Halloween night. There has always been a great turnout of youngsters trick or treating and the intermingling of the two has always been interesting, to say the least. For the most part the sightings are being taken with a grain of salt due to the date but Chief of Police George Meehan has said there will be an investigation out at the swamp area.

Frank Logan’s picture of unidentified swamp lights



Slate Mountain – The Cougars came up short on Saturday against an extremely talented Slate Mountain team that was boosted by a hometown crowd that was celebrating Homecoming. The Canaries were early favorites in the league standings and they lived up to their billing. In the first quarter the Canaries moved the ball up and down the field but were only able score once with an end run around the left side by halfback Angelo Fannelli. The Cougars were held to only three first downs in the first quarter but their defense stood strong in spite of spending most of their time on the field stopping the powerful Canaries offense. The second quarter saw the Cougars start to move on offense with less than a minute left quarterback; Kevin Dugan was able follow a host of Cougar linemen and fullback Robby Blackman right up the middle for a four yard score. Unfortunately for the Cougars the Canaries scored again in the second and the halftime score stood at 14-7 Canaries.

            The second half started off fast for the Cougars who took the kickoff and drove down the field and Joey Neil was able to scoot around the end for a real quick score that caught the Canaries off guard. The Canaries came right back and scored on the very next procession. The rest of the third quarter went back and forth with no other scores. The fourth quarter exploded with the Canaries scoring within the first minute and the Cougars battling back to score midway through the quarter. Both offenses were clicking and both defenses were rising to meet the challenges. The clock was ticking down within two minutes and the score was tied 21 all and the Canaries drove down to the Cougars 25 and with 1:49 left on the clock the Canaries set up for a fourth and three and called a timeout. The Canaries senior kicker, Rolando Genardi, who was also a star soccer player for the Canaries league leading soccer team, came on the field. The ball was snapped, the ball was placed perfectly and Genardi booted the ball straight through the uprights with 10 yards to spare. The Cougars tried to throw two long bombs but both fell incomplete and the game ended, 24-21 Canaries.

            The Cougars played a very strong game against an even stronger Canaries team that proved they deserve the high league rankings they were given earlier. The Cougars go on the road again next week when they visit the Central Bears, another tough team. The game begins at 1:00PM on Saturday in Central Bears Football Stadium.



Democrats gained authority in the eighty-sixth Congress starting in January as the GOP’s strength is reduced in the House. California elects Edmund G. Brown as its next Governor defeating Senator William Knowland. In New York – Nelson Rockefeller triumphs over incumbent Averell Harriman for governorship, Harriman was seeking a second term. 

Premier Khrushchev demands and end to the four- power occupation of Berlin and hints that the Soviet Union is ready to free itself of treaty obligations to the west. State Department Press Chief Lincoln White says that none of the four powers can walk out on the occupation agreement on its own and that the Western three powers are prepared to fight to defend the freedom of West Berlin.

Pope John XXIII is crowned the 262nd Pope at St Peter’s Square


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