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Thursday, October 31, 1957   Vol. C644




East Farewell-The circus may no longer come to town but the Playhouse is open for business. Last year was the circuses swansong to East Farewell as financial difficulties made its continuation impossible. There were many sad faces in the crowd at the closing show last year and they were not the painted clown’s center ring. The show will be missed. On the brighter side the very successful and popular Playhouse has its schedule to offer three more shows in an effort to fill the entertainment vacuum. Playhouse owners Rick and Julie Davidson have been working diligently with local producer and impresario Joel Bernstein to come up with new and current entertainment. This month’s offering is current Broadway smash musical, “My Fair Lady”. The Davidsons and Bernstein were able to obtain the rights to show through Bernstein’s connections with the shows Broadway producers. The leading parts, Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle are played by local favorites Sam Wells and Natalie Mallard. The house band is made up of many local musicians as well as seniors from the Regional High School music program. The show opened right after Oktoberfest closed last week. It will run for four weeks if sales continue to stay strong. So far there have been sellouts for both the Friday and Saturday shows as well as the Sunday matinee. Shows are scheduled for Thursday night Friday night Saturday night and a Sunday matinee. “We are very pleased to be able to present this wonderful show and are grateful but not surprised at the magnificent audience turnout,” said Bernstein after the first Sunday matinee.

            The Playhouse has become an integral part of the East Farewell social scene since it opened four years ago. The Davidson’s commitment to restoring the building and continuing maintenance and updating have let the town enjoy a first-class theater experience. Bernstein’s creative vision and deep connections with the professional theater industry has been crucial to bringing top notch talent and first run shows to the Playhouse. Both the Davidson’s and Bernstein feel there is a long and storied history being written as the Playhouse opens every performance.

Natalie Mallard as Eliza Doolittle



Centralia- The Cougars lost to the Central Bears 21-14 on Saturday. This was the third loss in a row for the Cougars who find themselves in an unfamiliar position of last-place in the league standings. The Cougars season started off with two strong wins and went downhill from there. The young team has shown signs of strong play on both offense and defense but has had consistency problems. In the past three games they have had more turnovers than the entire last season. This game started with a strong Cougar drive with quarterback Dolan taking the ball down to the Bears 10. Then the Bears defense stiffened up and two plays losing yardage and a fumble on third down pushed the Cougars out of field goal range and the Bears were able to take over on their own 20 after a Galloway punt into the end zone. The Bears then took the ball all the way down to the Cougar’s 15 yard line and Bears quarterback Dave Mathias was able to hit tight end Bob Roach for a score to put the Bears ahead. The Cougars spent the rest of the first half chasing the Bears as Mathias and Roach were able to chip away at the Cougars field position. Finally in the last two minutes of the first half Dolan hit wide receiver Max O’Hara for a 40 yard bomb and O’Hara took the ball down to the Bears 2. Fullback Robbie Blackman drove the ball across the line and the half ended tied seven all.

            The second half started with the Bears receiving the ball and quickly driving down to the Cougars 17 but they were stopped by a tenacious Cougars defense. A Bears field goal attempt sailed wide right and the Cougars took over on their own 17. Dolan looked to his tight end Richie McGee to make the most of a soft Bears zone defense. The Cougars moved the ball down to the Bears eight and once again Blackman powered through the middle for the score putting the Cougars up 14 to 7. That was the end of the Cougars offense for the afternoon. The Bears took the kickoff and drove to the 30 but were stopped. An excellent punt by Bears kicker, Eugene Salem, dropped the ball on the Cougars 2 yard line. The Cougars were able to get out of trouble and drive the ball up to the 40 but no more. A Galloway punt put the Bears back on their own 11. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter either team was able to threaten. And while the Cougars threatened the Bears scored. The Bears were able to score two touchdowns in the last eight minutes of the game as the Cougars inconsistency raised its ugly head and the team was unable to stop the Bears on their last two drives. Strong play by Mathias, Roach and halfback, Tommy Newsom also made the Bears offense look top notch. Roach was able to score on a 25 yard slant pass and Newsom had a 13 yard end run for a score.

            “We are not used to being in this position and we don’t like it one bit. This team is still trying to find itself and still has a way to go but I think we will be okay as we get deeper into the season,” said coach Burkowitz in the locker after the game. The Cougars come home next week to face the Southport Hawks and hopefully get back on track. The game will begin on the high school field at 1:30 on Saturday.



Communist Daily Worker dispatch reports that the Russians will launch another Sputnik, just in time for the Bolshevik Revolution anniversary. The Russians launched a second space satellite - this one carrying a dog. The new Sputnik is some six times heavier than the first. It seems to be circulating the earth once an hour.  Sputnik II is sighted all across the country giving scientists the information needed for an accurate fix of its orbit around the earth. The Soviet satellite appeared to be tumbling end over end in its furious flight at nearly 18,000 miles an hour. This caused renewed speculation about the fate of Laika, the little Russian dog harnessed inside.

A Russian scientist discloses that new secret sources of power were developed to shoot Sputnik II and its canine passenger into orbit around the earth.

American scientists are not surprised by Sputnik II and say the Russians deserve credit for a difficult engineering accomplishment.

Queen Elizabeth opens the new session of Parliament, saying science now “should be inspired by the hopes and not retarded by the fears of mankind.” “I believe that never has the threat of Soviet Communism been so great nor the need for the free countries to organize themselves against it so urgent.”

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