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Thursday, October 3, 1957   Vol. C628



East Farewell - Autumn has arrived in East Farewell with temperatures dropping into the low 40s for the first time since last April. Although some leaves are still clinging to their branches, the air is crisp and there have been traces of frost on the grass in the morning. It is not unusual to have a cold spell at the beginning of October but this spell has extended for two weeks and is unusual. Most weather forecasters are predicting a cold winter which is good news to the winter enthusiasts. Many have already brought out their skis, sleds, and snowshoes along with their ice skates and hockey gear in anticipation of Lake Charles freezing over. Many of the businesses in town are making provisions for a cold winter season. They have taken in their outdoor cafés and have purchased the wood for their fireplaces. Most of the summer residences have been closed up and the year-round residences have put up their storm weather protection. While the sun is still bright and the mid-afternoons still warm one can feel the seasons are changing.

Kids play with the fall leaves



East Farewell – The 1957 Cougars football season began with a win on Saturday over arch rivals, the Slate Mountain Miners from the north side of the mountain in a close game 21 to 20. The new, young Cougars team showed a good understanding of the game and was able to create many good plays and string together several strong series that ended in scores. The new team is heavy with sophomores and is relying on senior quarterback Bill Dolan and senior running back Billy Riley to lead the team this year. Senior tight end Richie McGee and junior kicker Dave Galloway will also be instrumental in leading this young team.

            The game began with a long return by Miners star, Anthony Dominic, taking the Galloway kickoff all the way down to the Cougar’s 32. Cougar’s defense end, Daniel Green made a touchdown saving tackle on third down that forced the Miners to kick a field goal on their first series. The Cougars returned the favor and then some by taking the kick off back and with a Dolan to Neil hand off scored the first touchdown of the season. A Galloway kick made the score 7-3. Both teams then settled into a defensive posture for the rest of the first quarter and until two minutes left in the first half when the Miners were able to score again with a Dominic end run. The Miners were able to go into the halftime locker room ahead 10 to 7.

            The Cougars received the ball on the second half kickoff but were only able to move the ball to the Miners 40. A Galloway punt pushed the Miners back to their own five. The Cougars defense stood strong and was able to hold the Miners to only two first downs and was able to get the ball back at their own 35 after a week punt by Miners kicker Davidson. Dolan then went to his new wide receiver Max O’Hara for a 30 yard completion and a 10 yard run after the catch. Halfback Billy Riley was able to scoot through the line for an impressive 20 yard gain and fullback, sophomore, Robbie Blackman was able to drive in for the score. A Galloway kick put the Cougars up by four. The Miners drove down into Cougars territory but were unable to score and the Cougars took over on the 35 after a long missed field goal attempt. Dolan went to his passing game again using tight end Richie McGee and O’Hara to march down the field for another score. Galloway was perfect again. The game remained a 21-10 battle until the fourth quarter when the Miners were able to score off a Dolan interception and tighten the game to 21 to 17. The Cougars defense played hard but their youth was evident in the closing minutes. It was a third down blitz that stopped the Miners drive at the 20 and forced them to kick a field goal making the score 21-20, Cougars with four minutes left. The Miners felt they would be able to get the ball back and score again but they were misinformed as Dolan and the Cougars offense ate up the last three minutes and 40 seconds effectively closing down the Miners offense. On the final play of the game the Miners tried a long pass into the end zone that was broken up by sophomore safety, Jimmy Wilson, who appeared to be everywhere.

            The Cougars travel to Riverview next week to take on the Wildcats. The game begins at 1:30 on Saturday in Riverview High School Stadium.



Russia announces it has the world’s first artificial moon launched. The craft is streaking around the planet at 560 miles out in space. A multiple-stage rocket launched the satellite. The craft is described as 23 inches in diameter and weighing 184 pounds. In another bulletin, the Soviet Tass agency said the Russian moon “is now revolving around the earth at the rate of once circuit every hour and 35 minutes.” Later, the little sphere is dubbed “Sputnikwhich is Russian for satellite.


The White House insists that the Soviet’s launching of an artificial moon was no surprise to the U.S. government. President Eisenhower, golfing at Gettysburg, had no immediate comment. U.S. scientists hailed the dramatic launching of the first artificial satellite by Soviet Russia as a historic event but the emphasized that the U.S. project Vanguard will go ahead at top speed. Russia’s earth satellite speeds round the globe while professional and amateur eavesdroppers listened to the radio signals it was sending. Scientists, not able to de-code the signal, believe it’s sending back information about the temperature in the upper atmosphere.

Race to the moon - A top scientist warns the Russians are driving toward manned flight to the moon and the planets and “We had better be there when they arrive.” The issue is supremacy.” He said the Russians have a tremendous head start and the truly impressive fact is that they launched their first artificial moon their first try. “They made it look easy.”

In Sports - The Yankees beat the Milwaukee Braves in the World Series opener 3-1. Whitey Ford managed to hold the Braves to 5 hits.



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