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Thursday, October 9, 1958   Vol. C693



East Farewell – The Farmer’s Market came back to Lakefront Plaza on Saturday and Sunday much to the delight of everyone in town. Many local farmers brought their wares to the Plaza and set up stands all around the perimeter. Things started before dawn and by the official opening time of 7:00AM cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, squash and even apples overflowed from the stalls. The folks started arriving early and along with all the extra help brought in to handle the stalls the Plaza was jammed with people by opening time. The harvest was bountiful this year and there was quite the variety of fresh garden vegetables.

            This year the Farmers Grange did not host the event but it was very much involved. In the past the Grange has organized the event but this year the event was organized by the local Boy Scouts, Troop 325. The event was tied to troop wide merit badges for farm crops harvest, and business organization. The entire troop of 15 boys went all over the area and some even ventured over to Slate Mountain to their area farms to notify and solicit the farmers to bring their surplus crops to the Plaza and sell them. They also secured all the permits needed for the event, helped with the setup and cleaned up afterwards. “Those boys did an outstanding job,” said Scoutmaster Joe Gelenti, “They all got together and gave out the different jobs. Each knew what he had to do and each one did his job. A finely tuned unit, if I don’t say so myself.”

            The Market was open two days and there was not a lack of produce, but by about 6:00PM on Sunday evening things were pretty much sold out. Every farmer was very happy with the event and was glad to sell off their surplus. They also seemed happy to meet and interact with all the townspeople. In return, the townspeople greeted and shared their own gardening thoughts with the farmers, most looking for advice. When it all wrapped up everyone wandered off and back to their places hoping that this event would take place again next year.

1958 Farmers Market on the Plaza



East Farewell – The game was looked at as anti-climactic for the Travelers who had clinched the league title last week. The only remaining points of interest for the Traveler fans was if they could finish off with a win and extend their late season winning streak to 11, tying a team record.

The Riverview Anglers were trying to secure second place so they were expected to put up a good fight. Sometimes things don’t turn out as expected. The Travelers let loose a hitting display that rivaled any in the season, the hapless Anglers sent an unheard of four pitchers to the mound to try to stem the flood. Every Traveler recorded a hit in the game with Cloos, Dimero and Dunham getting three each. Watson and Francis got two each. The Travelers walloped the Anglers, 11-1 and closed the season as league champs and riding an eleven game winning streak.

The hitting got under way in the first inning with the Travelers running half way through their lineup before the Anglers were able to get an out. By the end of the third the score was 5-0 and the tone had been set. The Anglers replaced pitcher, Dave Carpenter, after the 3rd with rookie Sam Carter, who lasted only 2 innings and let in 3 runs. Carter was replaced by Richard Hogan, a seasoned vet but he also had trouble with the hot bats and let in two more runs in 2 innings. The Anglers emptied their bullpen with Tommy Carpenter for the 8th and he let in the last run fittingly a Cloos homerun to right.

            The Anglers were finally able to get on the board in the seventh with the only three hits they were able to get in the whole game. Traveler’s pitcher Billy Green had a phenomenal day striking out ten and walking only one. In the seventh he had a bit of a lapse in concentration and gave up the three hits scoring Jones but leaving Eckhart and Klein stranded. Green regained his composure and finished off the game by retiring the side in the ninth.

            Now that the season is over and the Travelers are the champs it will be time for another parade. While the arrangements were still being made by press time it is presumed that the parade will take place next week and run down Main Street turning on Lake Shore Drive and ending at the Lakefront Plaza where there will be a rally and the team will be feted.



The Air Force launched its second moon rocket with an 85-pound instrumented payload in its nose. The three-stage rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral but a slight loss of thrust in the Pioneer lunar probe stopped America’s second attempt to reach the area of the moon.

The State Department accused Russia of attempted intimidation for ordering the Columbia Broadcasting System to close its Moscow bureau in reprisal for CBS programs in this country. They particularly cited the CBS drama “The Plot to Kill Stalin” which pictured Nikita S. Khrushchev as part of a conspiracy to kill the late Russian Premier. Russia has protested the program to the State Department as a “filthy slander”

In Rome - Pope Pius XII is buried beneath St. Peter’s Basilica after a funeral ceremony.

Pattie McCabe, one of the “Poni-Tails” explains their hit “Born Too Late:” “It’s a message song, Lots of girls fall in love with an older guy. It’s like the junior high school girl who secretly loves the senior who’s the football captain, or the high school girl whose boy is away in college. ‘Born Too Late’ gets very close to home with a lot of girls for that reason and for that reason, we think the girls bought our record”

The Milwaukee Braves are favored 6-5 to beat the Yankees in the World Series.

A $10,000 trust fund is given to injured Baseball star Roy Campanella for the education of his three youngest children. The gift, made by a Boston underwriting firm, was presented to the long-time Brooklyn Dodger catcher on NBC’s “This Is Your Life” hosted by Ralph Edwards. “Campy’s” career ended in an automobile accident. “This is wonderful... it takes a great load off my mind about the kid’s future

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