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Thursday, November 14, 1957   Vol. C646



East Farewell - Veterans Day was celebrated in East farewell with solemn respect as high school senior Troy Moses played taps at the Veterans Memorial overlooking Lake Charles. Many people placed wreaths and flowers at the Memorial and many more listened to speeches by town Council Pres. Tom Connelly and several Korean and World War II veterans. The entire ceremony was a short half hour in the noon hour allowing for many people to come out during their lunch hour and participate in the ceremony. Conley spoke of the many local townspeople who were involved in the war effort while Korean vet, Bernie Logan, remembered the four sons who did not return from Korea, Frank Norris, Billy Doyle, David Washington, and Ricky Reynolds. Their names have been inscribed on the Memorial along with the 27 World War II soldiers and the three World War I soldiers who were killed in action. All 21 of the living Korean war veterans as well as the 39 World War II veterans and the one World War I veteran, Thomas Flynn, were at the ceremony and dressed in their full dress attire. The 62-year-old Thomas Flynn spoke of his trials in the trenches of Belgium as an 18-year-old. He enlisted with the expeditionary force in 1917 and served in Belgium in 1917 and 18. He remembered his friend, Billy Mac Donald, who was the only East farewell resident who was killed in the Great War.

            After the brief speeches three large bouquets of poppies and lilies each representing one of the great conflicts were laid at the Memorial while Moses played an inspiring version of taps on the Hill overlooking both the Lake and the Memorial. After he finished and honor guard made up of veterans from the Korean and World War II contingents saluted the fallen with a 21 gun salute. The beautiful weather on a calm afternoon was a fitting memorial to our sons and brothers who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Troy Moses plays Taps at Memorial



East Farewell - The Cougars celebrated their homecoming with a wonderful pregame show by the marching band and a fun filled ceremony that crowned the homecoming king and queen. This year’s King and Queen were Johnny McMahon and Kathleen O’Hara, both seniors. There was a football game also. The Cougars took on the Sun City Eagles in a rousing back and forth the game that saw the Cougars end up on top 24 to 21.

            The game began with a 60 yard kickoff runback by Cougars running back Joey Neil. Those put the ball on the Eagles thirteen and quarterback Dolan wasted little time in getting into the end zone using his bulldozer fullback Robbie Blackman to plow 13 yards and two plays. Galloway’s extra point made the homecoming game begins to look like a rout from the start. But the Eagles came to play. They took the ensuing kickoff back to the Cougars 40 and started a long offense of drive that capped with a 2 yard screen pass from quarterback David Davies to wide receiver Albert Molina. With the extra point the game is quickly tied and only 10 minutes in the first quarter had elapsed. The game settled down a bit as both teams fought for first downs and yardage in the middle of the field. The Cougars were able to score again at the very end of the second quarter when wide receiver Max O’Hara snatched a long Dolan pass over the shoulder of defender Tim Molloy and scampered in for a 33 yard score. In the second half Eagles came out on fire and took the initial kickoff right in for a score and tied the game. The third quarter was all Eagles as they scored again with another Davis to Molina pass. The third quarter ended with the Eagles on top 21 to 14. Dolan and Blackman took control the fourth quarter and along with halfback Billy Riley and Joey Neil the Cougars marched down the field and scored on the first possession of the fourth quarter. The Cougars defense clamped down on the Eagles and defensive end Daniel Green was able to corral Davis three times not allowing him to get off his trademark short screen pass to Molina. The Cougars got the ball back after and Eagles punt and again marched down the field this time employing the air game to O’Hara and McGee. The Cougars took the ball down to the Eagles 5 yard line and it looked like a textbook example where Blackman would plow through but Dolan dropped back faked to Blackman floated a lazy pass over the end to McGee for the score. The Eagles would not go easily and they drove down to the Cougars 25 and Davis faked his trademark pass to Molina and tossed the ball to Eagle halfback Angelo Cappelli who raced around the other and into the end zone for a score to tie the game at 21. With time running down the Cougars got the ball again and drove down to the Eagles 15 but were held to a fourth and seven setting up a field goal attempt by Galloway. With 30 seconds left Galloway set up for his longest field goal attempt of the season and walloped the ball through the uprights to put the Cougars up 24-21 and seal the victory. As time ran out the elated Cougars lifted Galloway on their shoulders and paraded him around the field along with the homecoming king and queen. It was quite a scene but a lot of fun for the team and the crowd alike.

            The Cougars travel to Riverview next week to face the Wildcats who they beat earlier in the season. The Wildcats have since strung together a five game winning streak and currently are the league leaders. The Cougars will have their work cut out for them next week. The game begins at 3 o’clock in Riverview Stadium.



In a radio panel discussion - Sen. John Butler (R-Maryland) says the U.S. should shoot down Russia’s satellites as soon as they are launched. “I would like to see our armed forces shoot down Sputnik II. I think it is possible for accomplishment. We just say to them, you put them up and we’ll shoot them down. I think we will come to that someday, and it’s not too far off.

The Air Force discloses that a Northrop Snark guided missile is flown a full 5000 miles under simulated combat conditions and plunges its theoretical hydrogen warhead precisely on target. The Snark is a cruise missile rather than a ballistic missile, such as the Atlas, which blasts hundreds of miles into space and follows a bullet like trajectory. A cruise missile is different in that it depends upon its wings and can be flown within the earth’s atmosphere. It performs much like a jet fighter in speed and altitude.

Ray Bradbury, author and president of the Science-Fantasy Writers Association says “We will be on the moon within 10 years, 25 years from now we will be on the planet Mars.” “I see the next 50 years as being the time of the largest single movement in history (into space). We have been planning it for the last billion years. We will want to colonize the planets in our solar system, then go out to other star systems.”

In a Gallup Poll - Sen. Kefauver of Tennessee continues to lead the field as the 1960 choice for President among rank-and-file Democratic voters questioned. Sen. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts comes in second and Senator Lyndon Johnson of Texas - third. All followed by Gov Frank Clement of Tennessee and Sen. Stuart W. Symington of Missouri

Sen. Kefauver - 26%

Sen. Kennedy - 19%

Sen. Johnson - 19%

Gov Clement - 6%

Sen. Symington - 5%

Jacob Potofsky - president of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America (based in Chicago) says that better clothing makes better teenagers. “I think the American male generally is under-dressed.” He added that the adolescent sector of the population was “under dressed and under-educated.” “It is sad, but Elvis Presley has more influence on young people than our educators.”

Baseball great Willie Mays finally lands a new house in the San Francisco area - where the Giants will begin playing next season. He was having trouble finding a place because of his color. Pressure from neighbors had kept the previous owner of a 3-bedroom home from accepting the Negro star’s $37,500 bid. The home for Mays and his wife will be located by St Francis Wood, an exclusive residential community. Mays said that he also had been rebuffed in his bid to buy another house five blocks away. After the deal went through - Mays exclaimed, “That’s wonderful! I’m glad it’s all over.” His wife Marguerite said “I feel very relieved. We wanted to live in San Francisco.” If the deal didn’t go through, the Mays’ were set to keep their New York home and stay out west during the baseball season.

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