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Thursday, November 20, 1958   Vol. C699



East Farewell – The fall season is winding down and winter is usually right around the corner when the third week of November rolls around but this year autumn has hung on a little longer and the warm days and brisk nights make everyone smile a little longer and greet each other a little warmer. Maybe it is the fact that everyone knows that the snow is coming soon and it will be a long cold winter that everyone is enjoying these last few days of sunshine and the beautiful foliage and surprisingly warm weather a little more. The temperatures were holding in the mid to upper 60’s and on Wednesday they reached 70 degrees. While this is not unheard of for this time of year it is unusual. The warmer weather has prolonged the beautiful foliage and has made the viewing even more spectacular. The town has welcomed many visitors who rode the train out from Philadelphia, New York City and east from Cleveland to view the beautiful vistas on the lake and around the area. Many of the restaurants on Main Street and Lake Shore Drive have been able to stay open late and offer al-fresco dining with warm evenings.

            “This is just gorgeous weather, I love this. All my boarders are able to sit out on the porch and just enjoy the wonderful evenings. It is just wonderful,” exclaimed Mrs. Mallard, boarding house owner on Lake Shore Drive.

            All this great weather will certainly come to an end soon but everyone seems to be more than willing to enjoy it while it lasts. The weather forecast predicts the fine weather will last into next week and many are hoping for it to hang around until next weekend for the Cougar’s Homecoming celebration.

Kids play with fall leaves in East Farewell



Corning – The Cougars broke their road losing streak by soundly defeating the Corning Devils, 14-0. After dropping three out of their four road games the Cougars went into the game Saturday looking to turn things around and did exactly that with a very strong showing on both offense and defense. The game started slowly for the offense with both sides moving back and forth between the 20s. Cougar’s defense was able to contain the Devils to only four first downs while the Devils were able to hold the Cougars to six in the first half. Neither team was able to penetrate but the Cougars were able to attempt a 36 yard field goal that went wide to the right. It was David Galloway’s longest attempt and first miss of the season. It had the distance but flared right. “We didn’t expect him to be able to kick it that far,” said Cougars coach Al Burcowitz, “but we thought we would let him try. I was pleasantly surprised at the length. We are going to try that more often, now. Good for him.”

            In the second half the Cougars took charge on offense. Starting with the second half kickoff Joey O’Toole was able to run all the way back to the Devils 23, closer than they had been in the whole first half. Cougars quarterback, Kevin Dugan, was able to work the offense using several options to drive in for the score. First he handed off to running back Joey Neil who swung around the right side for a five yard gain. Then he turned to Joey O’Toole around the other side for six more and a first down. He then tried to hit wide-out Max O’Hara with a post pattern but it was broken up by Devils defender, Gerald Fussco. Another pass to tight end Richie McGee moved the ball down to the four yard line. It was up to fullback, big Robby Blackman to drive right through the middle in for the score. Galloway added the extra point and the Cougars were in charge. The Devils mad e several charges but the Cougars were able to stop them each time and finally in the fourth quarter Dugan hit O’Hara with a beautiful 20 yard sideline pass that O’Hara was able to break for a 40 yard run and score. Galloway again added the extra point and the Cougars were up 14-0. The game ended as the Cougars were driving and looked like they were going to score but the clock ran out with them on the 20 yard line. The win was a solid victory and was a welcome end to the losing streak. Next week is the Cougar’s Homecoming when they will host the Sun City Eagles. Homecoming preparations are already under way. Along with the game there will be a pre-game band concert, the crowning of the Homecoming king and queen and after the game there will be a dinner-dance in the Regional High Gym. The activities start at 12:00, noon, the game starts at 1:00PM and the dinner-dance starts at 5:30PM. Sounds like great fun for all.



The Russian army holds a convoy of three U.S. Army trucks for over eight hours. The U.S. trucks were stopped while seeking to leave isolated Berlin on a routine run to West Berlin. The Soviet Union takes the first step to fold-up four-power occupation of (West) Berlin. West Berlin’s Lord Mayor Willy Brandt immediately tells his 2.3 million citizens to stand fast before the coming hardships. He declared the United States, Britain and France have pledged “clearly and without reservation” to defend the city”

Former Soviet Premier Georgi Malenkov is shot to death prematurely by a short-tempered interrogator for refusing to “co-operate” in his assigned role as star witness at a purge trial planned by Premier Khrushchev.

The Public Health Service warns that Haitian voodoo dolls sold in this country as novelties and beverage stirrers can kill babies and infect adults with a poison ivy- like rash. The heads of the dolls are made of cashew nuts. The PHS says tests showed the shells of these nuts contain a liquid similar to the oil in poison ivy.

President Eisenhower will leave this week for his favorite winter golf retreat in August, GA. He and Mrs. Eisenhower will remain there over the Thanksgiving week.

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