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Thursday, November 27, 1958   Vol. C700



East Farewell – Baxter, the unofficial but widely acknowledged town mascot has passed. It was estimated that he was over 16 years old. Baxter shot to fame back in 1956 when he defended Kimberly Kane and her young son, Jake from a black bear and her cubs who had wandered into Mrs. Mallard’s boarding house back yard. The bear and Mrs. Kane were both protecting their offspring and the bear obviously had the upper hand. Hearing the commotion, Baxter jumped his backyard fence and got between the bear and Mrs. Kane. He was ferocious and relentless not allowing the bear to get close to Jake or Kimberly. The bear, not realizing her size advantage, decided that it was better to gather up her cubs and retreat back to the woods rather than face the fierce Baxter. Baxter became an instant celebrity around town. When his owner, James Douglass, would walk Baxter through town the terrier would stop in many of the different shops and most everyone grew to know and love Baxter. Many shop owners would put out a bowl of water or give Baxter a treat during his walks. “He had his routine and his favorite spots,” said Douglass, reflecting on his dog’s popularity, “Once he even walked himself downtown and made his way along his route. When he got to the Lost Oasis, Charlie Wentz (owner) looked around for me and when he didn’t see me he called me. I was working in my house and didn’t realize Baxter had taken himself out for a walk. That is just the way everyone in town was with him. They all knew him and they all looked out for him.”

            As stated earlier, Baxter was believed to be over 16 years old, which would translate into 106 in dog years. Douglass said he got Baxter as a puppy way back in 1942 but he said he did not know exactly when he was born. “He had a great, long life and he will be missed by everyone,” said Douglass from his porch on Lake Shore Drive.

Baxter the dog circa 1957



East Farewell – The Cougars held a wonderful pre-game ceremony that included a marching band concert and show and a very elaborate crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen along with the installation of their court. This year the King was senior, Thomas O’Meara and his queen was senior, Maggie Conally. Their court was made up of three “princes”, Tommy Dawson, Davie Dempsey and Sam Fowler and three princesses”, twin sisters, Genie and Annie Dwyer and Faith Dillon.

            All the pageantry was wonderful but the main reason for the afternoon was the game and the Cougars battled the Sun City Eagles right down the wire with a last minute interception return for a touchdown by defensive end Daniel Green to carry the Cougars to a 28-21 victory. The game was thrilling with the Eagles taking an early lead in the first half only to have the Cougars tie it up with two minutes left in the first half with a Dugan to O’Hara wide out pass and twenty yard scamper into the end zone. The halftime score was knotted at 14 all.

The third quarter started with the Cougars receiving the ball and driving down to the Eagles thirty but a fumble stopped the drive. The Eagles took the ball back to the Cougars 10 but their field goal attempt went wide. The Cougars took over and started a long, time consuming drive that ended with a 6 yard run by fullback Robby Blackman for a Cougar score. The Eagles came right back and scored on the very next series. The game was tied at 21 into the fourth quarter. Both teams had the ball but were unable to move. There were three minutes left when the Cougars punted to the Eagles and Eagles sophomore, Joey Thompson, jigged and jagged his way down the field in what looked like was going to be a game winning return. At the Cougars 20 Cougars defensive back, Johnny Davidson smacked into Thompson stopping him cold. The run took almost twenty seconds and the Eagles set up on the Cougars 21 with 2 minutes 10 seconds left. The Eagles first tried a run up the middle and were stopped. Then they tried a screen pass to the left. That was complete for only four yards. Third down and six and the Eagles tried to go to the left again but Cougars junior Daniel Green was waiting. He stepped in front of receiver Thompson and grabbed the ball. Being almost at the sideline the field was wide open in front of Green and he took advantage of the opportunity. He ran the 80 yards straight down assisted by key blocks by trailing Cougars into the end zone. After Galloways extra point there was only 35 seconds left on the clock. The Cougars kicked off and the Eagles were stopped at their own thirty and the Cougars were able to stifle both attempts at the end zone and the game ended with the Cougars on top 28-21.

Next week the Cougars go back on the road to visit the Riverview Wildcats who they beat earlier in the season 10-7. The game begins at 4:30 on Riverview High’s field. The Cougars are currently in second place behind the Central Bears who are undefeated for the season. If the Cougars can keep up the pressure and some team can stop the Bears the Cougars have a chance at winning the league.



Russian ambassador Andrei Smirnov says an effort will be made to turn Berlin over to the Communist East German regime by Christmas West Germany urges the western Big Three to take positive measures to forestall Russia’s threat to turn Berlin over to the Communist East German regime. Vice President Richard Nixon opens his visit with a clear-cut pronouncement that the West will stay in Berlin, strengthen NATO and stand firm against Communist aggression. “We believe that we in the free world could render no greater disservice to the cause of peace than to fail to stand firm,” said Nixon.

The United States bars any agreement with Russia on the status of West Berlin which would abandon that city’s more than 2 million people to Communist control. In the meantime, the Soviet government notifies the United States that the Russians regard the Big Four German occupation agreements of 1944-45 as null and void and wants to turn West Berlin into a demilitarized free city next year. It proposes six months of negotiations with the West to arrange for the switch. Premier Khrushchev says that if negotiations on his Berlin proposals have not been started by the end of six months, the Soviet Union will go ahead with its plans to force the Western powers out of West Berlin.

Dr. Wernher von Braun, the army’s missile expert says the next shot at the moon will have a small chance of success because the army lacks an accurate enough rocket guidance system. “We just don’t have a guidance system that is light enough and yet accurate enough to hit the moon. For that reason, we are shooting at the moon with what you might call inadequate means.

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