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Thursday, January 14, 1960   Vol. C759



East Farewell – What a difference a week makes. Just last week people were walking down Lakeshore Drive in shirtsleeves and even some shorts. Yesterday there was only a few people out on the drive and those that who ventured out were bundled up in heavy coats, hats and gloves. The temperature dropped over the weekend by an eye-popping 45 degrees and then on Monday night it dropped another 10 degrees. Gusting winds added to the cold feel and heavy clouds made Mother Nature’s announcement of the beginning of winter all the more emphatic. The only thing missing is snow but extended forecast predict some accumulation by next week. While the changes have been swift and severe they were not unexpected and for many not unwanted. “I’m kind of glad that the cold finally arrived,” said Natalie Mallard outside the Lost Oasis Bar on Main Street, “I was getting a little concerned about the long summer, I love summer, but this was getting out of control.”

            East Farewell has never seen weather this warm this late into winter. The last time there was a snowless New Year was 1919. Since the sudden change last week the average temperature for the month has been dropping with every day as the chilly weather hangs on. The town has been getting prepared for winter since just after Thanksgiving and Town Council President Tom Connelly is very confident that every department is prepared, “We have the plows all ready to go and we have tons of sand and salt piled up in the depot yard. Our routes are planned and all our workers are ready for the overtime (laughing).”

            It is not a question of if the snow will come, it is a question of when and how much. The very cold temperatures and gusting winds have already started to freeze Lake Charles and many ice fishermen and checking daily for the go ahead to get out on the ice. It will probably be at least another week before they will be allowed to make their way out there. Many huts have already appeared on the shore of the lake. As soon as they get to OK they will just slide the huts out to their favorite spot and get fishing.

Ice huts on Lake Charles last year



Fort Lee – The Cougars bounced back after their tough loss to the Riverview Wildcats with a win over the Fort Lee Captains, 42-36 on Friday night in the newly renovated Fort Lee High School Gymnasium. The Captains have done well so far this year, their 2-2 record belies their talent and team coordination, but the Cougars came in looking to rebound from their first loss. The game started like many of the Cougars games this year with center, James Hawkins, establishing himself in the center and forwards, Tasker and Mitchell setting up strong support. Bobby Fox and Mack Mackenzie were in charge of the back court and the Cougars jumped out to a 10-4 lead in the first seven minutes. The Captains were not going to roll over though; they called a timeout and came back with a new defense and a better passing offense. They were able to tie the game by halftime at 24 apiece.

            The second half saw the Captains start off pressing the Cougars and causing some disorder in the Cougars offense. Captain’s guards, David Sanders and Freddy Burkhardt, did an outstanding job of closing down the Cougars in bounds and were able to give the Captains a 32-28 lead with six minutes left. Coach Wilson had seen enough and called a timeout. He turned the offense around, putting Hawkins up front and let Mitchell and Tasker move outside. This opened the middle for Fox and Mackenzie to use their ball handling skills top drive in for scores. They also used Hawkins to break the press. That was so effective that the Captains abandoned it with three minutes left. By then, though, things had changed substantially, the Cougars had retaken the lead and didn’t look back. After Captains guard, Sanders fouled out Mackenzie and Fox took over completely scoring 8 points in a row. The Captains had run out of steam and the Cougars walked away with a win, 42-36.

Next week the Cougars are still on the road as they head over to Southport to battle the Hawks. The game begins at 4:00 in the Southport Gymnasium.



President Eisenhower tells Congress he forecasts a $200 million federal surplus this June 30, in spite of the long steel strike and reveals he will submit a balanced $79.8 billion budget for fiscal 1961 with a surplus of $4.2 billion to reduce the national debut.

The U.S. Navy’s bathyscaphe Trieste dives more than 4 ½ miles into the Pacific Ocean for a new worlds record. Two men, a Navy submarine officer and a Swiss scientist, rode in the craft when it sank to 24,000 ft. off Guam yesterday.

Its official - Vice President Richard Nixon is in the running for the Republican nomination for President, as he agrees to run in three state primaries this week. He'll run in the Oregon, Ohio and New Hampshire primaries.

The city of Philadelphia finally concedes it is #4 in population - recently outpaced by Los Angeles. Philly - with its 127 square miles falls to #4 from #3 with 2,207,200 persons. Los Angeles, with its 451 square miles, now has 2,397,500 persons…

In a recent Word Gallup Poll – President Eisenhower is chosen as man of the decade. The follow-ups in order were Premier Khrushchev, Sir Winston Churchill, Premier de Gaull, and Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

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