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Thursday, November 6, 1958   Vol. C697



East Farewell – Halloween has always been a popular holiday in East Farewell. The youngsters all get dressed in their costumes and walk through town with their parents, the children trick or treating while the parents talk with each other along the route. Even many of the shops stay open and invite the little ghosts and ghouls in with the hopes that their parents might buy something. Lately, the demographic of the trick or treaters has gotten significantly older as high schoolers have taken to the streets perhaps having not quite outgrown the youthful fun. More and more so there have been pranksters wandering around town dressed in scary and somewhat grotesque outfits jumping out of the shadows and scaring the younger tricksters and their parents. They also have been gathering in the graveyard and telling stories with macabre intent and lighting candles and some moaning or crying as trying to imitate the living dead. For the most part the displays are harmless, although somewhat irritating, and no one cited or detained. The only outcome was talk of an age restriction for trick or treaters. The suggestion was quickly and quietly brushed aside. Halloween in East Farewell will remain in the hands of the spirits, ghosts and goblins for now.


Goblins in the Graveyard 1958



Central City – The Cougars ran into a tough, well-practiced Central Bears team on Saturday and in spite of a valiant effort and a superior defense they were defeated, 14-7. The Bears came into the game undefeated and with very high rankings in the league standings. Led by senior quarterback, Les Fontaine, and a very fast junior running back, Arnold Atkinson, the Bears mounted a formidable attack and kept the pressure up all afternoon. The Bears scored first on a well executed drive that started on their own 15 after a tremendous kickoff by Cougars kicker, David Galloway. Fontaine drove the Bears down the field with a combination of short passes and quick runs and on the Cougars 10 Fontaine slipped the ball to Atkinson who raced around the end for the score. The Cougars were able to finally able to match the score with a score of their own in the last minute of the first half. Cougars quarterback, Kevin Dugan, tossed a screen pass to halfback Joey O’Toole who burst to the outside and scored from the 23 yard line.

            The first half ended in a tie, 7-7 and the second half looked like the Bears were going to take total charge of the game by driving down Cougars 15 right off the kick-off. The Cougars defense tightened up and defensive end, Daniel Green, was able to block a field goal attempt and thwart the drive. The Bears were relentless, though, they kept up the pressure and after many back and forth series and into the fourth quarter Fontaine was able to run the ball up the center from 4 yards out for another score. The Cougars were worn out and the offense could not get the ball moving as time ran out. The Bears were victorious, 14-7. The loss was a hard fought loss and the Cougars were able to take solace in the fact that they play a very strong game against a very strong team. This will be chalked up as a “learning experience”

            Next week the Cougars come home and face the Southport Hawks. The game is on Friday evening and begins at 7:05PM at the Regional High Field. The Cougars will be trying to get back on the winning track after two tough losses.



Premier Khrushchev demands an end to the four- power occupation of Berlin and hints that the Soviet Union is ready to free itself of treaty obligations to the West. State Department Press Chief Lincoln White says that none of the four powers can walk out on the occupation agreement on its own and that the Western three powers are prepared to fight to defend the freedom of West Berlin.

In the elections to the Senate - here are some of the incumbent winners - Arizona - Barry Goldwater, Massachusetts - John F. Kennedy; Missouri - Stuart Symington, and Tennessee - Albert Gore, Virginia – Harry Flood Byrd, Wisconsin - William Proxmire. All in all, Democrats gained authority in the eighty-sixth Congress starting in January as the GOP’s strength is reduced in the House… California elects Edmund G. Brown as its next Governor defeating Senator William Knowland. In New York – Nelson Rockefeller triumphs over incumbent Averell Harriman for governorship. Harriman was seeking a second term.

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