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Thursday, November 7, 1957   Vol. C645



East Farewell - Halloween night in East Farewell saw lots of ghosts, ghouls and goblins but the only aliens seen were small children dressed as extraterrestrial visitors. The streets of East Farewell were full on Halloween night and many trick-or-treaters roamed in search of goodies from neighbors and friends. Much of the talk around town in recent weeks has been centered on the Russian satellite Sputnik. Many people have been tracking it on their radios and attempting to see it in the evening sky with telescopes and binoculars. There has been talk surrounding aliens and whether or not Sputnik would attract them to earth. While this attitude was taken with a grain of salt by most of the townspeople some folks were genuinely concerned. “You just don’t know what those Commies are doing out there in space,” said a very concerned citizen who declined to be named.

            Halloween night was crisp and clear and a full moon made for a wonderful evening of trick-or-treating. Several groups of high school students took part in the tradition of the “graveyard stroll” as they walked through the local cemetery dressed in different degrees of scary costumes. This tradition was started several years ago and caught on among the adolescent group. Parents strolled down Main Street and Lakeshore Drive with a menagerie of young ghosts, goblins, barnyard animals and a couple of cars and tanks. The shops and restaurants on Main Street and Lakeshore Drive stayed open late to greet the crowds and some gave out treats freely to the visitors.

            Once again Halloween night in East farewell was a wonderful experience. Thanks to the beautiful weather and the full moon the atmosphere fit the holiday perfectly.

Goblins in the graveyard 1957



East Farewell- The Cougars were able to break their three game losing streak by beating the Southport Hawks 28-14 on Saturday. While the Hawks came into the game riding a two-game winning streak the Cougars were suffering through a three-game losing streak where they had not been able to combine a sustained offense with a stalwart defense. On Saturday the Cougars came out with a new attitude and got back to basic football fundamentals to score 4 times and hold the hard-driving Hawks to only two scores.

            The game started with the Hawks receiving a Galloway kickoff all the way down on their own 11 yard line. Hawks receiver, Joe Lester, was only able to return the ball to the Hawks 20 yard line. Most of the Hawks offense has been through the air and Saturday was no exception. Hawks quarterback, Bill Dunn, immediately went to his favorite receiver, David McCain, for a 10 yard gain. The Cougars were quick to adjust to the Hawks passing game and were able to stymie the attack at Hawks 45 yard line. The Cougars took over on their own 17 yard line after a line drive punt bounced away from receiver, Joey Neil, who had to run it down. The Cougars wasted no time showing their new “basic football” look with three straight runs by fullback, Robbie Blackman. Blackman easily made the first down on the third run and quarterback Dolan went right back to the run using Blackman as a fake and handed off to Neil who scampered for a nifty 39 yard run right up the center. Dolan stayed with the run as he gave it to his favorite workhorse, Blackman who slammed into the line and pushed a host of Hawks back across the goal line for the Cougars first score. Galloway put the Cougars up 7-0. It was looking like the Cougars were in complete control of the game but the Hawks were not going to let that happen. On the next kickoff Lester took a low Galloway drive and was able to show his speed and agility bobbing and weaving his way all the way down to the Cougars 35. Dunn then put on a short aerial display that showed why the Hawks were on their winning streak. With three passes to three different receivers he moved the ball to the one yard line then with a quick snap and throw he got the Hawks on the board and the half ended tied 7-7.

            The second half gave the Cougars the ball first and they were able to drive down to the Hawks 20 but in their one miscue of the game, an errant snap caused Galloway to miss the field goal. The Hawks then flew down the field and set up their second score with the screen to Lester. All of a sudden the Cougars looked like they were in trouble but Coach Burkowitz called the team together during a timeout and laid down the plan with great emphasis. That was what it took and the Cougars came back on the field with one minute left in the third quarter Neil took another line drive punt but this time fielded it cleanly and was able to follow his blockers all the way down to the Hawks 15. Dolan wasted no time faking to Blackman dropping back and tossing a short screen to his wide receiver, Max O’Hara who scampered in for the score.

The fourth quarter was all Cougars as they stopped the Hawks on every drive and were able to push them back on each of their possessions. The last two Cougar positions ended with scores, one by another bone-crushing run by Blackman and the other by a double reverse, wide end run by Neil. The game ended with the Cougars convincingly on top, 28-14. More importantly, the team came together and played as a unit, worked together for a decisive win. “I think these boys are starting to get it. They are finally playing as team and I think they are starting to understand the whole team concept,” said Coach Burkowitz after the game. The Cougars stay home next week as they celebrate their homecoming against the Sun City Eagles. The festivities begin at 1 o’clock on the Regional High field.  There will be a homecoming ceremony that will crown the homecoming king and queen. There will also be a marching band review.



Khrushchev is on a roll/Soviet propaganda is on a high - and Khrushchev seems to be taking advantage of every moment. An interesting article (this week) says he's using the Sputnik flurry to deal blows in and out of Soviet Russia. The first - he demoted and drove out of power Marshal Georgi Zhukov, victor of Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad and conqueror of Berlin. The second, when he told the US that our costly and far- flung air bases in north Africa, Spain and elsewhere are practically worthless since the amazing soviet success in the field of guided missiles. The result is the Western world seems to be stunned and confused.  Soviet scientists close the book on Sputnik II and it's presumed that the little dog Laika has died. The satellite's two radio transmitters are dead. In the meantime Sputnik II made six passes over the US.

Summit meeting in Moscow - Nikita Khrushchev and Mao Tse-tung, the two top men in world Communism, make a double-barreled attack on the United States, gibing at its lag on launching Sputniks and accusing it of plotting trouble all over the world. They spoke from the same platform before 17,000 delegates from 60 nations to mark the 40th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution

President Eisenhower names Dr. James Killian, president of MIT as the United States' “science czar” in a drive to overtake Russia in missile and satellite development. Later, Dr. Killian promised to “marshal the best scientific and engineering talent” to accelerate the nation's missile program.

Secretary of Defense McElroy orders the Army to get ready to launch a US satellite using the Jupiter-C rocket. Not date is set.

Navy carrier Philippine Sea joins the search for the missing San Francisco-to- Honolulu bound airliner with 44 aboard.

Gen. Thomas Power, head of the US strategic Air Command warned the Soviet Union that US bombers around the world are loaded with nuclear weapons and ready to strike swiftly in case of attack.

President Eisenhower warned the nation that a 'very considerable” increase in Federal expenditures for weapons will be required to meet the Russian threat in American security. He says the country needs more.

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