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Thursday, November 8, 1956   Vol. C593



East Farewell – It is not too unusual to see bears in the woods outside town and occasionally they have wandered into town. There have never been any accounts of them attacking humans and the most mischievous behavior they have been guilty of is raiding the garbage cans of folks on the out edges of town.  Last August a black bear wandered close to the public beach but it seemed more interested in cooling off and catching a fish for dinner than bothering anyone and wandered off after about fifteen minutes. Things became interesting on Tuesday when a black bear and her cubs ended up behind Mrs. Mallard’s boarding house foraging for food. Normally a call to the police would brought enough attention to the scene to drive the intruders away, but one of Mrs. Mallards boarders, Kimberly Kane, and her toddler son, Jake, were in the back yard. The mother bear and the human mother were head to head in a protective standoff. Jake was moving close to the cubs and the mother bear started to move towards Jake.  Mrs. Kane was terrified and started to scream. The bear stood up but before it could do anything Baxter a terrier from next door jumped the fence and started snarling and barking at the mother bear. Baxter was ferocious. He would not let the mother bear get close to Jake or Mrs. Clark. The bear was at least five times the size of Baxter but she apparently did not realize the size inequity. She gathered up her cubs and made a hasty retreat leaving Baxter, Jake and Mrs. Kane very relieved. All the commotion brought Mrs. Mallard and her daughter, Natalie out of the house along with neighbors and even some people walking down Lake Shore drive. One of the visitors, Bill Strong, had his camera and was able to snap some pictures of the whole incident. Luckily everyone was safe and the bears ran off to the woods. Baxter was the celebrity for the day and got a special steak dinner for his heroics.

Baxter chasing the bear’s away (photo by Bill Strong)



Cougar’s junior quarterback Bill Dolan hasn’t made too many mistakes this season.    But he proved Saturday that when the rare misstep heads his way, he still remembers how to handle it. The Cougars toppled the Southport Hawks, 28-14, to move into first place at 4-1.   The mistakes didn’t come in bunches for Dolan’s squad against Southport. Instead, they were peppered throughout the afternoon.  A run for a loss of 3 yards on the Cougar’s first drive. A 13-yard loss on a sack in the second quarter.  It didn’t happen often, but when the Cougars erred, Dolan was quick with an answer for the Cougars.   After the loss of 3, he launched a 56-yard pass to wide-out Mitch ‘Merc’ McMaster, which set up a 3-yard touchdown run by ‘Tank’ Brown, the first of his two scores.   Dolan responded to the sack with back-to-back 19-yard completions, and then capped the drive off with a 22-yard strike to Davey Wilson. But the most significant cleanup, the one that set the tone for the rest of the afternoon, didn’t come on a subsequent play. It came on the following drive. On the Cougar’s second drive of the evening, Richie McGee fumbled a catch deep in Southport territory.   Rather than get frustrated, Dolan and McGee talked it over on the sideline. And in a minute, it was behind them. “We just wiped the slate clean,” Dolan indicated. “It was on to the next one.”

           Dolan said he told McGee he liked the effort on the play, but that he could have made a smarter play and secured the ball. So on the very next drive, who did Dolan look for in the end zone? None other than No. 9 McGee. Dolan hit the tight end from 10 yards out to put the Cougars up, 14-0, early in the second half.   “He can run, he can pass, and you know that, if you’re running a route, the pass is going to be dead on, right to you,” McGee explained.   

         Dolan finished the evening 13 for 18 for 224 yards, with three touchdowns and one interception. Even Dolan wasn’t perfect. He threw that interception, his one mistake of the night. But he sure knows how to fix a problem.

        The Cougars meet Corning for the second time this season as they travel up to Corning next week. Their first meeting was a fairly one sided affair in the Cougars favor but the Devils have come on strong recently and have won their last two games by more the 20 points. The game is an evening game that begins at 7:30 on the Corning High Field.



Dwight D. Eisenhower wins re-election to the Presidency by the overwhelming vote of a nation. He’s the first Republican to win a second term since William McKinley in his 1900 re-election.  In Chicago - Adlai Stevenson concedes his defeat for the Presidency:

“You have won not only the election, but also an expression of the great confidence of the American people. I send you my warm congratulations. Tonight we are not republicans and democrats, but Americans. We appreciate the grave difficulties your administration faces and as Americans, join in wishing you all success in the years that lie ahead.”

        Interestingly - Democrats cling tenaciously to their control of the House and wage a nip-and-tuck battle with Republicans for continued leadership of the Senate.


Elvis Presley did just fine in his new movie “Love Me Tender” where’s he’s paired with Debra Paget. The studio says it’s a mistake to call the movie an Elvis movie, since the story was planned before Elvis was considered. The movie is a post Civil war drama about four brothers, the eldest of whom is Richard Egan, returns home to find his sweetheart (Debra Paget) married to the youngest brother (played by Elvis). In the movie Egan and Paget are starred and Elvis is introduced.  So, what about Elvis? According the producer David Weisbart, Elvis “is extroverted, gregarious on a young person’s level, terribly energetic, seems to be having fun. He was co-operative with us, never late and very serious about acting. This was another kind of career for him, a big challenge after all those one-night stands, with screaming teenagers following him around. I don’t think Elvis is in the same class with Jimmy Dean as an actor. His biggest asset is his own natural ability like Gary Cooper’s. If he acquires any kind of obvious acting skills, they might hurt him.”


Television news - Ed Sullivan had lower ratings with Elvis Presley’s second appearance - lower than his first time on the show last September. He is scheduled for another appearance in January. At this conference, Elvis Presley gave his reaction the charge by many adults that he is a detriment to the youth of the land, to which he replied, “I just wish I had a chance to try to change the minds of those adults. If I thought that I was leading anyone astray, I’d quit this business and go back to driving a truck. I’ve searched my heart about this thing and I don’t think I am a detriment. You know, there’s verse in the Bible that says you will reap what you sow, I believe it, and I try to be careful about what I sow”



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