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Thursday, January 21, 1960   Vol. C760



East Farewell – The first snow of the season and of the year and decade fell over the weekend. It was not a big event but it was pretty. About 2 inches fell. It started late Friday and fell until late Saturday. The streets got covered, the fields got covered and the lake, which had started to freeze, was covered in some parts. The town took on the quiet beauty that comes with the first snow. Almost everyone in town was happy to see it and it did not cause any real problems with the Transit System. By Sunday the streets and sidewalks were clear and people were out and about enjoying the new season. The temperatures were still only in the 30s but that was just another reason for folks to show off their new winter coats, hats and accessories.

            “Finally, finally it came. I thought we were going to another winter without snow. Like back in ’02, we didn’t have any snow for the whole season that year,” said a warmly dressed octogenarian, Bud Finely, “We didn’t have a lick of snow that year, not a lick. This is nice, though, I like to see the seasons change. I don’t know if I would still be around if there wasn’t any changing seasons. No sir, not at all.”

            The weather report is calling for more storms in the near future and much more accumulation. By the end of the month the forecasters say we will be well into winter and everything that comes with it. But for now everyone can enjoy a “pretty” snow and the beautiful scenes that come with it.

The snowy streets of East Farewell January, 1960



Southport – The Cougars knew they would have their work cut out for them when they faced the Southport Hawks last Friday. The Hawks and the Cougars are evenly matched and they split their games last season. Both teams have experienced seniors and juniors playing and both teams were in the tournament last year. The Hawks like to press and the Cougars like to work the inside. Both have strong backcourts and the forwards are very evenly matched. The Cougars have a bit of an edge with James Hawkins in the center but the Hawks center, Darrell Benson, is no pushover.

            The game started with both teams playing their games, the Hawks pressed heavily and the Cougars set up Hawkins in the center and tried to feed him the ball. Both strategies worked somewhat but both teams had done good pregame research and both games plans only worked so far. The Cougars were able to break the Hawk press fairly easily and the Hawks were able to double up on Hawkins and keep him off balance. Defense was the order of the day and by the end of the half the score was 18 apiece. In the second half both teams picked up their pace and the game became more wide open with the Hawks abandoning the press and the Cougars moving the ball around the outside more. The lead went back and forth but neither team was able to get the upper hand. As time ran down the Cougars held a slim lead, 38-36 with less than a minute left. The Hawks got the ball and their shifty guard, David Earle was able to get the ball up court and start a drive down the center but as he made his cut he gave a perfect outlet pass to the other guard, Phil Franks, who set a shot from the outside. Score, the game was tied. Forty seconds left and Mackenzie breaks through the newly instituted press and drove down the court. He pulled up about six feet out and took a jump shot. He had made that shot many times and it was a clean shot. It hit the back of the rim and bounced to the left right into Hawks forward Brian Fieldstone’s hands. Fieldstone, although somewhat surprised at the bounce, controlled the ball took a couple of dribbles and looked down court. He saw Franks streaking away and threw a high pass to him. Franks had to leap to catch the ball but in the same motion, almost mimicking a top college player, tossed the ball towards the rim without touching the ground. The ball rolled around the rim and looked like it was going to roll off the side but it slowed and dropped through as the buzzer sounded. The Hawks walked off with a win, 40-38.

            “I don’t think it was lucky, he made a great shot,” said Coach Wilson after the game, “We played a good strong game and they did the same. Sometimes the ball falls for you and sometimes the other way. This time it went the other way for us. They are a good team and they always give us a run for our money. We will see them again later in the season and we will see what happens.”

            The Cougars come home next week to host the Slate Mountain Miners. The game is on Saturday afternoon and begins at 1:30PM in the Regional High Gymnasium.



Soviet Premier Khrushchev declares that the Soviet Union is so strong it can cut the number of men in its armed forces and rely on rockets and intercontinental ballistic missiles - the best possessed by any nation. Says the Premier - "more awesome power is to come”

Vice President Richard Nixon declares it inconceivable that Russia could have a new weapon devastating enough to give the Soviet Union the confidence to make a surprise attack on the United States.

President Eisenhower and Japanese Premier Kishi sign a U.S.-Japan mutual security treaty. In it, the two nations promise to co-operate economically and to settle any disputes between them by peaceful means.

Author Nevil Shute passed away January 12th at the age of 60. He was best known for "On the Beach." He had suffered a series of heart attacks.

Many, many thanks to www.mrpopculture.com for contributing to this section of the East Farewell News.


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