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Thursday, January 22, 1959   Vol. C708



East Farewell- The beautiful winter weather that showed up for the Winter Bar-B-Que last week turned out to be just a tease. The day after the Bar-B-Que the temperature dropped to 3 degrees above zero, the wind picked up and the clouds rolled in. On Monday the snow started and it didn’t let up until Wednesday and dropped almost 20 inches of snow on the region. The Lake is frozen and the town has slowed down to a crawl. For the most part the streets have been cleared but the snow drifts are very tall and there has been lots of talk about the snow sculpting contest that usually takes place in February taking place over the weekend. The snow is clean and plentiful and the enthusiasm is building daily.

            The town does not usually see large quantities of snow until February but January is usually snow covered and both months are usually very cold. This year the snow storms seem to have shifted towards the beginning of the year. The temperature has been hovering around 30 degrees for over two weeks and has recently just plunged to a new low of 0 around midnight last night. The freezing temperatures have frozen the Lake solid and the ice fishermen have started to set up their shacks. The ice hockey rink has been defined and a huge skate around area has been cleared by Boy Scouts with help from the Streets Department. People in town are fairly used to the cold weather and many actually love it. In the evenings people have taken to parking their cars along the edge of the lake and pointing their headlights onto the lake to help facilitate lighting the hockey games and skate arounds. Some of the fish that have been caught in the lake have showed up on the menus of some local restaurants as a seasonal special.

            It looks as if winter has taken hold of East Farewell and there will be some time before the snow is gone but everyone in town has taken it all in stride and as the winter rolls on many of the activities that take place during the season will be highlights for the social calendar. Watch these pages for updates.

Snow on the streets - 1959



East Farewell – The Southport Hawks came into town in second place in the league one game ahead of the Cougars and left still in second place but two games ahead of the Cougars. The Hawks defense has been recognized as one of the league best since the beginning of the season showed why they had that recognition by stifling the Cougars offense and walking away with a  52-48 win on Friday. The Cougars were unable to get past the smothering double team of Hawks inside players, Brian Fieldstone, Frank Sturgis and Darrell Benson, who kept the big three Cougars out of sync and only able to score 26 points between them (12 for Hawkins, 8 for Tasker and only 6 for Mitchell) a season low for all three. The Hawks pressed from the start and did not let up until 7:45 of the fourth quarter. The Cougars managed the press but it took a toll on the game management and there were several turnovers that turned into Hawk points. Only after repeated timeouts did the Cougars find a solution by placing Tasker and Mitchell down low on the inbounds and letting Hawkins, Fox and Mackenzie roam free to get the outlet pass. This slowed the game down, not the Cougars style and took a toll on the team’s energy. The Cougars played a much better second half but they were still off the mark. The backcourt of Fox and Mackenzie were able to get a little momentum but the Hawk guards David Earle and Phil Franks were able to keep Fox and Mackenzie somewhat in check. Fox was able to put together a fairly nice second half, scoring 10 with a team high 14 points total and Mackenzie adding 8.

            The Cougars played a good game but were just unable to get past the Hawks tenacious defense and get into any type of rhythm. “Those boys were good tonight, I was very impressed with their stamina, being able to keep that press up for that long took a great deal of energy. I applaud them for that. We are going to go back to the drawing board and we will be ready when we see them again, later,” said Coach Wilson after the game.

            The Cougars stay at home next week as they host the Slate Mountain Miners in an evening game on Friday night beginning at 7:30PM in the Regional High Gym.  



Fidel Castro throws-out the Communists who infiltrated the Cuban labor union leadership in the hectic first days of the rebel victory. Cuban Foreign Minister Robert Agramonte replies with an emphatic “no” when asked if the revolutionary government contemplates diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union. He also indicated that Communists would be excluded from the government, which has succeeded fallen dictator Fulgencio Batista.  Revolutionary army officials announce the arrest of 10 ex-army men and a civilian at San Cristobal on charges of plotting to overthrow the Castro regime.

Smog holds Britain in a choking grip, snarling air, sea and rail transport and kills at least two in auto accidents.

Philco recently gave its first demonstration of its system for broadcasting stereo on AM. Westinghouse is scheduling a demonstration soon.

Carl Switzer (Alfalfa on Our Gang/The Little Rascals) was murdered at age 32 trying to collect a $50 debt. Switzer went to the home of M.S. Stilz in Canoga Park (Los Angeles) with a friend to collect the money. Stilz denied he owed the actor any money. Switzer then hit him over the head with an electric clock dial. Stilz then got his 38-caliber revolver from the bedroom. Switzer followed him into the bedroom, struggling for the gun. The gun fired harmlessly with Switzer disarming Stilz. Stilz then pushed the actor into a closet and recovered the gun. Switzer left the closet and went back to his friend, saying “he’s trying to kill me’ and pulled out a pocket knife. Stilz appeared in the doorway and fired a shot into Switzer’s stomach. Stilz told police that Switzer borrowed a hunting dog from him, but it got away. Switzer gave the finder $50 and demanded the money from Stilz.

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