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Friday, December 26, 1958   Vol. C704



East Farewell – The streets are aglow with lights the shop’s windows are bright and many have wonderful scenes from either the past or in one case the future in East Farewell. The early winter snow has covered the streets and sidewalks but did not cause any disruption in Public Transit or getting around in general. What it did do was create beautiful Christmas scenes around town and elevated everyone’s Christmas spirit. On almost every night last week carolers have walking through the main part of town and caroling outside different shops and restaurants. There has been three impromptu group carols on the Lakefront Plaza. Most of the shops have stayed open in the evenings and the restaurants have been especially busy for mid-week. The Regional School District has granted a vacation for all the students and faculty for two weeks, an unusual surprise for everyone.

            All the churches in town have held many different events and all have been full to capacity with members of all different denominations attending all different services, a truly catholic town experience. The events ranged from choir and ensembles singing and play Christmas favorites to group sings featuring players and singers from the different congregations. All the churches were splendidly decked out with beautiful pines, holly, ribbons and candles. All the different decorations added up to a wonderful downtown scene for a very delightful season.   

1958 Christmastime on Main




East Farewell – The Cougars came out with a mission on Friday afternoon. It was to beat the favored Corning Devils. The Devils have been a thorn in the Cougars paw for several years now and a win would certainly remove it for now. The Devils have finished ahead of the Cougars for the last three years and have knocked them out of the league tournament in the past two. There is no love lost between these two teams. There are players on both teams who have never won or lost to the other team, depending on which side you are on. On Friday the history changed as the Cougars upset the Devils with a 40-38 win. The game was well played on both sides and the lead changed hands a total of eight times.

            The Cougars “big three” center, James Hawkins, and forwards, Don Tasker and Joey Mitchell were the key to the Cougars win. They established control of the center and were able to score a combined total 32 points (12-Hawkins, 13-Tasker and 7-Mitchell), grabbed 27 rebounds (14-Hawkins, 9-Mitchell and 4-Tasker) and had 13 assists (7-Hawkins, 3-Mitchell and 3-Tasker). The Cougars back court was not asleep either, guards Fox and Mackenzie contributed 8 points but more importantly played tenacious defense grabbing seven steals from the normally ball hugging Devils. They also ran the strategy of the game very well allowing the big three to work inside. The entire team started to play together as a complete team much to the delight of Coach Wilson.

            The game was dogfights from the start with neither team able take control for any length of time. Both teams showed relentless drive and the first half ended in a tie, 18-18. In the second half Devils lead scorer, Matt Drew, was able to get on a roll and score 6 straight points before he was double teamed by Mackenzie and Tasker and was pretty much shut down. As time ran down the Cougars took their biggest lead 38-34 and looked like they were in the driver’s seat but the Devils were not about to give up with a whole minute thirty left. They threw up a full court press and made two quick steals and tied the game. Wilson called a timeout and the regrouped Cougars were able to break the press and with 12 seconds left Hawkins scored his last bucket. Then the Cougars went to tight defense on the Devils inbounds play and were able to force the Devils to get the ball in but way back in the Cougars court and had to spend a full eight seconds to get it across the center line. That left it up to Drew who tried to drive in for the tying score only to run into his nemesis for the game, Don Tasker who went right up with him but had about a two inch height advantage and was able to knock the ball away and back into the hands of a trailing Mack Makenzie who grabbed it and dribbled the final seconds away.

            The win was a great achievement for the team in the early season and hopefully it bods well for the rest of the season but there are a lot of games left including another one with the Devils in Corning. The Cougars next game in against the Slate Mountain Canaries in Slate Mountain. The game is Friday afternoon at 4:30 in the Slate Mountain Gym.



Europe and the Holy Land celebrate their most peaceful Christmas Eve since the end of World War II. Meanwhile, the President and Mrs. Eisenhower plan to carve a 42-lb turkey for an afternoon Christmas dinner at the White House.

Pope John XXIII calls for peace and vigilance against atheistic communism. “Let our gestures, befitting men of good faith, contain nothing of war or violence. But it is necessary to be vigilant in the night of lengthening shadows, to be aware of the insidiousness of those who are enemies of god...”

In a Christmas Eve broadcast - Radio Moscow called on atheist propaganda to “release the minds of the people from the survivals of religion. Profound and resolute scientific-atheist propaganda, the systematic spreading of scientific and political knowledge among the masses - that is the way to overcome religion once and for all.”

In a Gallup Poll - Mrs. FDR is voted the most admired woman. The top 10: Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth II, Mrs. Clare Boothe Luce (playwright and former ambassador to Italy), Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower, Miss Helen Keller, Mme. Chiang Kaisheck, Princess Grace, Miss Marian Anderson, Princess Margaret, Miss Dinah Shore.

The rift continues - Jerry Lewis replaces his former partner - Dean Martin on Eddie Fisher’s television show this week as a guest. Here’s what happened - Fisher approached Martin to be a guest on his show. Martin quoted him a price to be paid as a guest. The price was high, so at the last minute he got Lewis to guest - but Lewis told him he’d do it for free. “Eddie was willing to pay me. You can get anybody for money but nobody for free. He’s my friend. Why should I take the dough? Besides, it’s Christmas.” Irked - Martin said - “It’s not good for show business when performers work for nothing. But then Jerry never did anything good for the business anyhow. He just wanted to make me look bad. I wouldn’t do that to anybody.”

Sports – Upward of 50 million viewers were expected to watch the National Football League championship game from Yankee Stadium where the surprising New York Giants, Eastern Division champs took on the Western Division champs the Baltimore Colts led by Johnny Unitas on NBC-TV. The Baltimore Colts and quarterback Johnny Unitas defeated the New York Giants 23-17 in sudden death overtime - winning the National Football League championship.

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