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Thursday, December 4, 1958   Vol. C701



East Farewell – The 11th annual Thanksgiving Day parade marched down Lake Shore Drive, up Main Street to Boyle’s Department Store to deliver Santa and open the Christmas shopping season on a brisk Thanksgiving Day morning. The Regional High School Pep Band took its traditional lead spot in the parade after not marching last year due to many members suffering from the flu. Along with the revived Pep Band many favorites marched. The VFW Vets in full dress uniform, the fabulous Dancing Super Strutters from Central, a crowd favorite the Slate Mountain String Band, the always entertaining Flat Rock Twirlers with their lighted batons brought cheers and the East Farewell Volunteer Fire Company once again showed off its new pumper and ladder. The fire engine also pulled over at the end in front of Boyles and like last year, the ladder was extended to the special second floor window and Santa was able to climb up the ladder and climb through into his special area in Boyles where he will greet children and listen to their requests.

Also marching was the local SPCA led by Director Jan Crowley who carried an enlarged photo of beloved town mascot Baxter the dog who just died last week. The Regional High Science Club marched carrying homemade rockets that they blasted off from the Lakefront Plaza later in the day. The full Regional High Marching Band retook its prestigious place as the last of the marchers after leading the parade last year, subbing for the Pep Band, and escorted Santa who rode in a specially designed sleigh that had wheels and was pulled by a team of horses supplied by the Swinging Gate Ranch. The year Mrs. Clause rode with Santa all the way to Boyle’s but she did not climb up the ladder and through the window with him. She chose to walk through the front door escorted by elves carrying bags of presents and food.

This year was another record turnout for the parade. Many people have expressed approval of holding the parade on Thanksgiving Day as opposed to the weekend as it was before last year. Folks seemed to like the morning parade giving them time to have an afternoon meal and participate in entertaining events later in the evening.

Santa entering Boyles 1958



Riverview – The Cougars traveled way up to Riverview and played the Wildcats on Friday afternoon. The almost hour long trip may have had an effect on the team. They came out flat and the Eagles took an early lead, 14-0, and looked much stronger than they had in the earlier matchup. The Cougars repeatedly made the same mistakes, missing blocks, fumbles and dropped passes. At the end of the first half the Eagles were leading 14-0. The Cougars had lost more fumbles,3, than they had all season combined and dropped more passed, 7, than any game ever. They looked flat and tired. The Cougars went into halftime with their tails between their legs. What Coach Burcowitz said during halftime will probably never be known but when the Cougars returned to the field a different team.

            The Cougars took the opening second half kickoff and halfback Joey O’Toole faked the first Eagle tackler left, went right and burst up the right side of the field. He is perhaps the speediest Cougar and he showed it. He made it down the Eagles 15 when the last Eagle, kicker Frank Thompson, was able to push him out of bounds with a last desperate dive. O’Toole only stepped out with one foot but it was enough to stop him. Cougars QB, Kevin Dugan came in and handed off to running back Joey Neil who raced around the left side and scored on the second play of the second half. It was then the defense’s turn and they too stepped up. They held the Eagles to a three and out with O’Toole running the punt back again for 15 yards. The stunned Eagles did everything they could to slow down the reinvigorated Cougars but it was a huge task. The Cougars were consistently in Eagles territory and David Galloway was able to kick a 23 yard field goal with three minutes left in the third quarter. The score was 14-10 at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

            The last quarter was very exciting. It started with the Eagles looking like they had found a way to stop the Cougars. They were able to score a touchdown with a strong drive on their second drive. The score was 21-10, Eagles, with six minutes left. O’Toole continued to befuddle the Eagles defense by rushing left then right then left again. He carried more times in this game than he had all season combined. QB Dugan was able to balance the running game with a swift, short passing game skillfully switching between wide receiver, Max O’Hara and tight end, Richie McGee and move the Cougars down the field in only three minutes. The Eagles were forced to check O’Toole which freed up McGee and O’Hara. Dugan hit O’Hara on a flag pattern for a score with three minutes left. The score was 21-17, Eagles. Galloway kicked off to Eagles receiver, Dominic Poletti, who took the ball to his 28. The Eagles made a strategic mistake by trying to run the clock out. The Cougars defense was relentless stopping each run attempt for a loss or no gain. With two minutes left the Eagles were forced to punt from their own 34. Thompson tried to kick the ball away from O’Toole but Joey Neil was the other receiver and when he fielded the ball at his own 35 O’Toole had already come around behind him and took a perfect lateral from Neil and took off. He was able to jig and jag his way down to the Eagles 25. With 1 minute 20 seconds left Dugan worked receiving core to perfection, hitting O’Hara on the sidelines for seven, hitting McGee on the other side for another seven, each time the receivers we able to get out of bounds and stop the clock. Fifty seconds left and Dugan went to the Cougars star of the game, O’Toole, handed the ball off to him and he ran straight into the line. It looked like he was stopped dead but somehow he wiggled and slipped through and broke out of the pack and into the end zone for the score. The Cougars went wild. The Eagles could not believe what happened. Galloway kicked the extra point and the Cougars were up 24-21 with only 20 seconds left. Galloway kicked off and the Cougars defense did the rest. They stopped the Eagles at their 40 and held them as the clock ran out. The victorious Cougars hoisted Joey O’Toole up on their shoulders and carried him off the field. It was one of the sweetest wins of the season for the Cougars.

            The Cougars return home next week for their next to last game. It is the so called “Gimmick Game” between friends and rival coaches, Burcowitz for the Cougars and Chuck King for the Fort Lee Captains. The game was moved back to the end of the season after last year’s Thanksgiving Day game. It was decided that the game deserved its own day because of the incredibly individuality of the game it should stand alone.  The game will begin at 1:30PM on the Regional High Field. Everyone is looking forward to it.



Russia is test-flying the first nuclear-powered plane and may be planning to fly it around the world several times nonstop. So says the magazine Aviation Week. The magazine said the Soviets not only have beaten the United States into the air with atomic power, but also have gained a four-year lead with their mammoth experimental bomber.

In France, the Red’s strength in the 5th Assembly is cut to 10 seats as Jacques Soustelle’s right-wing Gaullist party emerges triumphantly. Sent to defeat in the Gaullist sweep was Jacques Ducios, floor leader of the Communist party bloc that numbered 149 in the last Assembly. The vote tabulations trimmed the Communist seats to less than 10% of their former holdings.

Fire sweeps Our Lady of the Angeles Roman Catholic elementary school in Chicago. 90 die in the smoke and flames. The fire broke out at 2:42 pm. Classes would have been dismissed 18 minutes later for the 1300 pupils. Most of the dead were pupils and 85 children were injured. Later, a police arson expert theorized that a cigarette, thoughtlessly flipped into a wastebasket that was emptied in the basement, might have started the fire. 87 children and 3 nuns died.

The Army blasts the first space probe toward the moon and all four stages of the launching rocket fired successfully. The National Aeronautics and Space Agency said the Pioneer III craft reach a peak of 65,000 miles into space, 6,000 miles short of Air Force Pioneer launched October 11.

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