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Thursday, December 5, 1957   Vol. C649



East Farewell - Christmastime in East Farewell would not be complete without a Christmas light display along Main Street. Traditionally, the Street has been crossed with lines of lights reaching from the intersection of Lake Shore drive to the town square. This would make for a very festive scene all along the main block of Main Street. This year the lights have been upgraded and raised higher to better accommodate truck traffic along Main Street as well as reach over top the trolley lines. Also, multicolored lights have replaced the single white light which makes for a spectacular tunnel affect down the street.

            “I think this new display is just wonderful,” said Lost Oasis owner, Charles Wence, “many people have come into the Oasis and commented on how beautiful the new display is and how the whole effect on the Street brings out a real Christmas spirit in them.”

            The display was designed by local electric firm, Watson Electric Company. Many volunteers from the senior high school class along with the fire department combined to get the display up and running last week. In spite of the very cold (20°) daytime temperatures the crews worked tirelessly and completed the job with great efficiency. While the tasks called for caution and oversight from professionals the students had great fun and there was a true camaraderie between the professional workers and the student workforce. The display consists of 115 parallel lines running across the street, each line is on a separate circuit so if one line were to short out or burn out the other lines which stay lit. This novel wiring scheme was designed by master electrician Ralph Watson, owner of Watson Electric. “It wasn’t all that difficult to figure out the wiring but with such a great number of individual circuits it became more of a strand placement problem so the whole display would look great and not have wires hanging all over the place,” said Watson after the initial lighting on Sunday night.

            The lighting display is truly a magnificent backdrop for a wonderful Christmas spirit that has embraced East Farewell. Townspeople are strolling down Main Street in the evening and since the sun has been setting early, around 4:30, and the stores have remained open later many people are enjoying the brisk evenings and getting their Christmas shopping done at the same time.

New Christmas lights on Main Street



East Farewell- The Cougars ended their season with a win over the Southport Hawks, 31-21. The season ended with the Cougars winning five, losing three and tying one. The record was much better than anyone thought the team would achieve at the beginning of the season. Most observers thought the Cougars would be experiencing a rebuilding year after losing some of their greatest players to graduation. The young team proved that it was certainly not in a rebuilding mindset and came to play every game. Senior quarterback, Bill Dolan was helped greatly by the very strong running of sophomores, fullback Robbie Blackman and running back Joey Neil. Halfback Billy Riley another senior also contributed to a surprisingly strong running game that carried the Cougars to their victories. Kicker Dave Galloway (Jr) was also instrumental in several of the Cougars wins and set a field goal record for a 41 yard field goal he booted through in the homecoming game against Sun City. Dolan’s passing game improved as the season went on as wide receiver Max O’Hara (So) and tight end Richie McGee (Sr) both help Dolan out of some tight spots.

            The Southport Hawks have struggled in the last three games with injuries to their main running back and several offense of lineman. Having dropped their last two games they were hoping to end the season on a high note but that was not to be. The Cougars, coming off a wild and wacky tie with the Fort Lee Captains last week were loose and in a great frame of mind when they took the field. Galloway kicked off and what may have been the longest kickoff of the season he forced Hawks return man, Joe Flagler, to field the ball at the Hawks 10 yard line. Flagler could have let the ball go and hope that it rolled into the end zone for a touchback but he didn’t and he was tackled at the 18. The Hawks line troubles were evident from the very start. The Cougar’s defense led by Daniel Green consistently overwhelmed the Hawks, forcing Hawks quarterback, Richie Wilson, to force several quick passes and valiantly tries to run for positive yardage. The Hawks were only able to move down the field twice in the first half, once in each quarter but they were able to score on both drives and go into halftime down only 21-14. The Cougars scored their three scores in the first quarter with runs by Blackman and Reilly and a Dolan to McGee screen pass at the end of the first quarter. The second half started with the Cougars taking the opening kickoff and driving down to the Hawks 15 yard line where Dolan dropped a beautiful pass into the arms of wide receiver Max O’Hara in the end of the end zone. After that both teams settled into a defensive battle neither one being able to come close to the opponent’s 10 yard line. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that the Cougars were able to drive down to the Hawks 5 yard line and with almost half the quarter left Galloway kicked a field goal for the final score. The Hawks attempted to mount several more assaults on the Cougars goal line but all fell short and the score ended 31 – 21 in favor of the Cougars.

            Football season in East Farewell has come to an end once again and that can only mean one thing, it is time for Cougars basketball! The basketball season will start next week with an opening game against the Central Bears. The game will be played in the Regional High Gymnasium on Friday night starting at 7:30.



A new effort by the US to fire a baby moon into orbit, possibly this month, is speeding ahead at full strength. The Defense Department dispatches a preliminary report to President Eisenhower on the successful launch of the Vanguard Satellite. An Air Force Thor missile is launched at Cape Canaveral, but the Defense Department later reports the 1,500-mile missile landed short if its target.

A Soviet scientist boasts that Russia had made only two attempts to launch earth satellites and both succeeded. Another Russian expert blames the US failure on "disregard for theoretical research"

The Soviet Union says it is sending notes to all UN members warning that, "The danger of nuclear war has greatly increased".

A B- 8 jet bomber crashes shortly after taking off from Spokane's Fairchild Air Force Base. A mushroom cloud of smoke had many wondering if the plane was carrying nuclear weapons. 8 crewmembers died.


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