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Thursday, January 28, 1960   Vol. C761



East Farewell – A group of high school seniors were hiking around the north end of Lake Charles last week exploring the area that is not developed and still pretty wild. They came upon a clearing in an isolated area and noticed tracks crossing across the clearing. They first thought they must be a deer or fox but upon closer investigation they noticed they were not the tracks of a four legged animal at all but the tracks of a two legged animal or possibly a human. “We were way out in woods,” said Frank O’Dea, one of the hikers, “there wasn’t anybody around. We thought maybe it was a bear but bears don’t walk upright like that. The tracks were real big, too, not like a man would make. We all thought maybe this could be some kind of abominable snowman or something. It was really weird”

            Weird indeed. After the hikers returned to town and told some others about what they found, a larger group was rounded up and they headed back out to investigate further. The snow was not that deep and the sun was coming out but the temperatures were still hovering in the low 30s. When the group reached the grove they not only found the tracks that the first group found but an additional set appearing to go in the opposite direction. Part of the group closely inspected the tracks and some others went off into the woods in search of the thing that made the tracks. The track investigators determined whatever it was it did not have boots on. The tracks appeared to be made by a large foot or paw, a very large foot or paw. Meanwhile off in the woods the other group had found a trail of broken branches and more footprints. Danny Martin, a member of the second group was standing on the trail and looking off towards where it led when he saw a flock of birds all rise up at once in the distance and it seemed like there was someone or something running off away from him. He shouted out and the rest of the group ran to him. “I saw something over there!”

            Martin started after the thing but it was too far away and disappeared in the woods before he got more than 100 feet. The rest of the group caught up to him but no one went much further. “I don’t know what that was,” said Martin, “but it was really big and looked like it had fur all over it!”

            Does East Farewell have its own abominable snowman? There have been claims that Lake Charles has a smaller version of the Loch Ness monster but those have been pretty much debunked. Big Charlie, a huge bass that was caught and released by David Gettingsomwhere back in 1955, is the closest the lake has had to a “monster”. There were rumors back in 1955 just before “Big Charlie was caught that some seniors had seen a serpent like creature up in the north end of the lake. These rumors arose at the same time that sightings were reported on Loch Ness in Scotland and the whole event was put to rest by high school science teacher, Bud Farrell, who explained the impossibility of such a creature being in Lake Charles. The chance that there is some sort of abominable snowman being in the region seem extremely remote and the only information about any sighting comes from an excitable group of teenagers still some people are jumping on the bandwagon and passing the rumors along.

            The police department has been understandably skeptical about the whole situation but they still they have sent out officers to investigate the reports. “We are looking into the claims and will put every effort into finding out the truth here,” said Police Chief William Wilkens, “We don’t want to become part of some high school prank but many people have asked us about the stories and we plan to get to the bottom of them.”

            As with every great mystery, there are many different angles and several inexplicable conditions. It seems the case of the East Farewell Abominable Snowman will have to wait for some more information before it can be resolved. Rest assured, though, both the public and the police are going to continue to investigate this very strange tale

Strange tracks in the glen



East Farewell – The Cougars came home after a split road trip that saw them lose their first two games of the season. The home gym was a welcome venue for the team that faced a very strong Slate Mountain Miners team. The Cougars were able to get back into their rhythm and took control of the game early. The “big three”, Hawkins, Tasker and Mitchell, set up in the forecourt and were able to work the ball around, eat up the clock and score when they wanted. The first half ended with a commanding Cougar lead, 26-20. In the second half was a little more tilted toward the Miners because Coach Wilson started playing his second string in the third quarter. The bench players, Wendell Williams, Robbie O’Shea and Walter Ferguson, played very well and with the excellent backcourt play by Mackenzie and Fox the Miners were unable to make a serious run. As time wound down Ferguson made one last shot from almost half court and it went in.  “He wasn’t trying to add insult to injury, he is a senior who doesn’t get to play much and this was his one moment. After the game I talked to the other coach and made sure he knew there were no bad feelings. We both know we have a long rivalry and he was not happy. He did say ‘We’ll get you next time’ I like that,” said Coach Wilson after the game.

            The Cougars stay home next week and host the Central Bears who are currently right in the middle of the standings in the league but always present a challenge for the Cougars. The game is on Friday night starting at 7:05PM in the Regional High Gymnasium.



President Eisenhower urgently reviews the anti-American campaign in Cuba during a conference. He says he is perplexed by the anti-American campaign of Cuban Prime Minister Castro, but says he rejects using force or economic reprisals to censure Castro.

Later, President Eisenhower and Japanese Premier Kishi sign a U.S.-Japan mutual security treaty. In it, the two nations promise to co-operate economically and to settle any disputes between them by peaceful means.

Vice President Richard Nixon declares it inconceivable that Russia could have a new weapon devastating enough to give the Soviet Union the confidence to make a surprise attack on the United States.

Thousands of French extremists battle police in Algiers with submachine guns and tear gas, seizing several city blocks in a right wing uprising against President de Gaulle. Over 20 persons are killed. In Paris, de Gaulle called for restored order. He indicated that he would not budge from his intention to give Algeria the right of self-determination.

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