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Thursday, January 8, 1959   Vol. C706



East Farewell – An overnight snowstorm dumped a fresh 11 inches of snow on East Farewell. The intense but short-lived storm arrived about 6:00PM on Monday night, raged all night and through Tuesday and into Wednesday morning. It finally moved on by Wednesday afternoon but by then there was almost a foot of snow in its wake. The storm was not a complete surprise; the local weather service predicted snow but missed the mark on the amount and intensity. East Farewell has had many, many major snowstorms and this one, although not completely expected, was met with the usual determination that everyone musters when these things happen. When dawn broke on Tuesday folks found the streets had already been plowed once and the sidewalks were passible. The cleanup started well before the snow stopped so when it did there was only rudimentary cleanup needed. By late Wednesday the town was cleared and all the services were operating. All along Main Street and Lake Shore Drive stores were open and people were out and about. Due to the timing of the storm the regional schools did have to close for the day. The district determined that with all the other plows and cleanup vehicles on the streets it was best to not run the busses and at the time the sidewalks were still not clear.

            The children spent the day either building snowmen and sledding or roaming around town to help clear off the snow by shoveling people’s driveways and sidewalks. The older students gathered on the Lakefront plaza late in the day and an enormous snowball fight broke out. It was a fun and raucous affair that lasted for almost an hour, until all the snow on the Plaza was thrown to the side or into the lake. The entire group dissolved into a mass group of laughing teens slipping and falling all across the Plaza.

            As the sun set on Wednesday people had begun to venture out and the restaurants and bars were full with people sharing their exploits and grabbing a bite to eat. The Christmas lights were still up across Main Street so that added a bit of late holiday cheer to the whole scene. All in all it was a pretty big storm but nothing that the town couldn’t handle.

Cleaning the sidewalks-1959



Riverview – All good things must come to an end and the Cougars three game winning streak ended on Friday evening in Riverview. The Wildcats-Cougars match up was billed as one of the early season’s biggest matchup. The Wildcats knocked the Cougars out of the tournament at the end of last season and the Cougars were looking for a bit of revenge but that was not to be. The Wildcats won, 50-44. The game went back and forth with the lead changing hands a total of nine times.

            The heralded Cougar trio, the “Big Three” (Hawkins, Tasker & Mitchell) played another strong game but the Wildcats were able to counter with their own combo of center, Tony Falco and forward, Davey Dimero along with their two guards, Joe Salerno and Tony Como were able to match up well and contain the Cougars. The Cougars backcourt stepped up to pick up some of the slack and point guard Bobby Fox was able to come out as the Cougars high scorer with 12 points. Mack Mackenzie, the other guard was able to score 8 but was essential in keeping Salerno and Como off the Cougars forwards.

            The first half started well for the Cougars who jumped out to a 16-10 lead within the first seven minutes. After a timeout the Wildcats came storming back and by the end of the first half taken the lead for the sixth time and went into the locker room at the half in the lead, 32-28. The second half started with the Cougars coming out with a press trying to disrupt the Wildcats offense. It worked to some degree and they were able to tie it up. After that neither team was able to break out of more than a three point lead as the other team would come back and retake the lead. With only three minutes left Cougars center, James Hawkins, fouled out, losing his battle with Wildcats Falco who ended the game with four fouls. Both players scored 12 points coincidentally. After Hawkins fouled out Falco was able to score the last four points for the Wildcats pushing them to victory.

            “This was a good game. It brought us to our senses and I think it was a bit of a wakeup call for these boys. I think they were starting to get kind of full of themselves so this sort of brought them back down to earth,” said Cougars Coach Wilson, “Make no mistake these kids are very good and we look forward to another match up with these guys, they (the Wildcats) are a great team but we are just as good and next time we see them we will be even better.”

            The Cougars stay on the road next week when they visit Fort Lee on Friday evening at 6:00PM in the Fort Lee High School Gym.



The Castro regime is apparently shutting down the giant multi-million dollar gambling industry that made Havana the Las Vegas of the Caribbean. Sledgehammers wielded by jubilant rebels, smashed hundreds of slot machines, dice, roulette, blackjack and other gaming tables and equipment in at least 6 of the industry’s 13 plush Havana casinos. Some of the joints were operated by U.S. racketeers, who believe they can re-build. But bulletins (for months) from Castro’s military headquarters have declared the vast gambling enterprises would be broken up once rebels took over. Castro believes that gambling took away from, rather than contributed to, the nation’s economy. They believe gambling destroyed the morale of Cubans. It made Cuban’s poorer and Americans richer.

Gen Batista breaks an 8-day silence. In a statement issued through former Foreign Minister Dr. Gonzalo Gueil, the ex-dictator of Cuba made clear he had resigned unwillingly - because the armed forces chiefs forced him to do so. Batista continued, saying he resigned to spare the Cuban people further bloodshed and suffering.


President Eisenhower agrees to meet with Soviet Dep. Premier Anastas Mikoyan, giving Russia an opportunity to make a new high-level move in the East-West dispute over Berlin. Secretary of State Dulles describes as brutal and stupid Russia’s latest plan for a settlement of the German question.

Gen. Charles de Gaulle, under the Arc de Triomphe, is installed as the new French President and the first President of the new 5th Republic. He succeeds Rene Coty. 

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