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Thursday, January 9, 1958   Vol. C654



East Farewell - The slightly delayed New Year’s parade took place on Saturday much to the delight of everyone in town. The parade started on the Fairgrounds lawn and proceeded down Main Street, turned on Lakeshore Drive and ended at the Lakefront Plaza where the Regional High School band gave a brief concert. The Girl Scouts led the parade for the second year in a row. This year there were more out of town bands and civic associations represented. There were three different fire companies represented along with the local SPCA. The Slate Mountain Pipers made their first appearance this year much to the delight of the crowds and as always the Regional High School Marching Band topped off the parade. The weather this year was on usually cold but the sun was shining brightly making the frigid temperatures bearable.

            “This parade is a lot of fun but very cold. You have to be prepared or you will freeze,” said Mrs. Mallard from the porch of her boarding house on Lakeshore Drive.

            A New Year’s parade is somewhat unusual for this part of the country but East Farewell has held one for the last seven years. The scope and content can hardly match that of the much more famous parades in Philadelphia, New York and Pasadena but the spirit of the marchers and fans match any other venue bar none. Even with the weather delay this year the parade was host to many outside guests who came to celebrate New Year’s Eve and go to the parade on New Year’s Day but the sudden snowstorm changed their plans. The town’s guests made the best of a tough situation and for the most part decided to stay for the weekend. This “extended” holiday was very well received by all the businesses in town. After the snow was cleared the streets were open and the sidewalks were full. The cold weather and snow drifts along Main Street and Lakeshore Drive made a beautiful scene for all the visitors. The restaurants and stores along the streets were very busy and there was a festival like feeling all throughout the town.

The Slate Mountain Pipers inaugural march



East Farewell - The Cougars made short work of the Captains on Friday afternoon. The Cougars were able to control the game and handily walk away with a 50–44 win that was not as close as the score indicated. The game started with a 10–0 run by the Cougars and the hapless Captains were unable to get their footing. The Captains have had a difficult season so far. They are rebuilding the team after losing their entire starting lineup to graduation. This year the team is made up of sophomores and juniors, there is not a single senior in the starting lineup. The younger players are trying very hard and have had moments of very respectable play but they have not been able to be consistent enough to put together a win this season.

            Cougar’s center, Dave McGill, led the way for the Cougars, completely controlling the center and underneath the basket. He was very effective on both the offensive and defensive boards. The Captains center, Billy Wentworth, who only stood 5’ 10”, was outmatched in both skill and experience. McGill led all scoring with 18 points. After leading by as much a 14 Coach Wilson started putting in the second and eventually the third team. For the last five minutes He had cleared his bench and the Captains were able to put together a 12 point run to bring the score p to the final 50-44. “The Captains played a tough game, but we were too much for them today. They have a lot of heart and showed some promise, but we were clearly better. I think they will get better as the season goes on and they get a little more comfortable on the court,” Coach Wilson said after the game.

            The Cougars stay at home next week when the Southport Hawks come into town. The Hawks will present a much tougher game. They are bringing an undefeated record into the Regional High Gym on Friday evening at 7:30.



President Eisenhower dramatically reasserted his authority as Commander in Chief of the armed forces in a hard-hitting state of the Union speech. He then sent Congress a record peacetime budget just short of 74 billion dollars. He said by far the largest part of it, almost two-thirds, is for defense against growing danger from Russia in “the dawning age of space conquest.”

An article in the magazine Soviet Aviation says this week that Russia’s first sputnik disintegrated and fell a week ago. The second sputnik still is circling the globe. It was launched Nov. 3.

Two intercontinental weapons - The Atlas and the Navaho - blasted off in rapid succession at Cape Canaveral.

Ted Williams, king of the batters at the age of 39, is named the outstanding Male athlete of the Year for 1957 in the annual Associated Press year-old poll.

 A Hollywood wedding- Jayne Mansfield (24) to Mickey Hargitay (20).

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