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Thursday, February 11, 1960   Vol. C763



East Farewell – It looked for a while like this was going to be a snowless winter and Lake Charles would not freeze over. Many people in town were growing concerned that there would be no snow sculptures on the Lakefront Plaza or ice fishing on the lake. Some were happy that there would probably be no snow to clog the streets and sidewalks for next week’s Valentine’s Day Social and that public transit system would not be running late due to snow clogged tracks. Well, all those hopes and fears came to an abrupt end over the last week. There had been a small amount of snowfall late last month but less the 6 inches and was viewed more as a nuisance than anything else. Over the last ten days a cold front has moved in and seems to have stalled right over East Farewell. More the twelve inches of snow have fallen throughout the last week. The storms have been of the off and on variety, snow falling for twelve hours and then a break and then resuming eight or ten hours later. The snow fell at a fairly quick clip when it fell, close to ½ and inch an hour at times. The temperature has dropped significantly, too. The average temperature for the last week has been 25. Lake Charles has frozen over and should be ready for the ice huts within the next week or so. As for the Valentine’s Day Social, it will go on as planned.

            It seems that seasons are starting to return to normal and people in East Farewell are in general a little more comfortable with the situation. “I have to say, I was secretly hoping for a snowstorm,” said Natalie Mallard as she carefully walked down the soon to be cleared side walk on Main Street.

Main Street - 1960



Corning – The Devils took advantage of the home court advantage on Saturday as they handily beat the Cougars, 52-48. The final score does not indicate the way the whole game really went. The Devils took command early and did not let go until the fourth quarter when they started to clear their bench. The Cougars did have some reasons for their poor performance. The ride up to Coring took almost four hours due to the weather and the game was postponed from 1:30 until 6:00. The Cougars center, James Hawkins, also started showing flu like symptoms right before the game. He was only able to play the first seven minutes before Coach Wilson took him out for his own good. Hawkins sat on the end of the bench for the rest of the game and did not look well. To compound the Cougars problems backcourt guard, Mack Mackenzie, twisted his ankle getting off the bus and could only play for a few minutes at a time. Even with the Cougars problems the second team played an admirable game against a far superior Devils team. The first half ended with the Devils on top, 28-20. The second half started off well for the Cougars as Robbie O’Shea and Wendell Williams were able to close the gap to two points at 34-32 but then the Devils seemed to raise their game to a new level and score 10 unanswered points. By the end of the third quarter the game was well in the Devils hands at 48-30 and the Cougars were running out of steam. Their extra-long bus ride and potential flu combined to drag down the Cougars further than their valiant second team could recover from. The Devils started to empty their bench with four minutes left and that opened up Williams, O’Shea and Walter Ferguson to close the gap considerably but not completely. As the final buzzer sounded the Devils were still in control, 52-48.

            The weather got so bad that the Cougars had to spend the night in Corning and limp home on Sunday. Hawkins was officially diagnosed with the flu and probably out for next week’s game. Mackenzie is still limping but he is expected to be able to play. The situation is going to go from difficult to very difficult because the Cougars face their tough rival Riverview next week. The Cougars and Wildcats are evenly matched when they are both at full strength but with the Cougars in a diminished state all bets are off. There is one positive for the Cougars, they play at home and the fans do offer an extra boost. The game begins on Friday afternoon at 4:30PM in the Regional High Gymnasium.



Premier Castro of Cuba announces that relations between Cuba and Communist Russia, non-existent since 1952, will be re-established “very soon.” The statement was made in Havana in the presence of Anastas Mikoyan, first deputy premier of the Soviet Union. The very next day, Soviet Deputy Premier Mikoyan signed a trade pact with Prime Minister Castro, making the Soviet Union Cuba’s second largest customer behind the United States. Under the pact, the Soviet Union will buy a fifth of Cuba’s annual sugar crop, as the first step toward closer Soviet- Cuban relations. Russia will also extend Castro’s regime a credit of $100 million to be repaid over 12 years at 2-½% interest. U.S. officials say the pact assures the Soviet Union a firm foot in the Caribbean area, from which it could extend its penetration deep into the rest of the Caribbean and Latin America.

The Defense Department says an unidentified object is orbiting the earth and “may be of Soviet origin.” The mystery object is emitting radio signals and orbiting over the poles a desirable position for any type of “seeing eye” satellite.

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