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Thursday, February 12, 1959   Vol. C711



East Farewell – The temperatures in the area have been very cold for what seems to be a very long time. The average daily temperature has been 30 degrees for the last two weeks. This has let the snow hang around but during the days when the sun shines, which is often, the snow will melt slightly and then when the sun sets the melted snow freezes again and turns to ice. This normal occurrence would be fine if it was not on every street and sidewalk in town. Icicles have grown on every eve and hang from every sign post and store sign. The ice on the streets has made roads impassable and traffic has all but disappeared. The EFTA (East Farewell Transit Agency) had to suspend service on two of its four routes and the other two have only limited service. Walking outside on many sidewalks is difficult and dangerous. Most people are staying home.

            The forecast is for continued cold for at least the next five days. Many folks will have to venture out and take on the elements. The committee services will have to run and people have to eat. East Farewell is no stranger to foul weather and winter is usually greeted with much anticipation so this event will probably go down in local lore as the “Great 1959 Ice Storm” 


Lake Shore Drive – February 1959




East Farewell – The ice did not stop the Devils as they slid into town Friday afternoon and cast a slippery spell over the Cougars that caused them to turn the ball over and take ill-advised shots for no good reason. Not really, but that is one excuse that surfaced for the Cougars poor play on Friday. The Devils were clearly the better team that afternoon and kept the Cougars chasing and trying vainly trying anything to get any momentum going. The Cougars were only able to put together two streaks of six points in a row while the Devils had at least five. The Devils walked out with a 52-48 win that would have been worse if they had kept in their starters. In the last three minutes the Cougars made their longest run against the Devils second stringers and closed from a 50-38 deficit to the final score, 52-48.

            The game started slowly for the Cougars who went without a score for the first three minutes. The only thing that kept them in the game was the Devils were also having trouble connecting. Both teams bounced bad passes and took bad shots but the Devils started to click in the second part of the first half and were able to start a well-coordinated offense that took advantage of their leading scorer, Matt Drew and a rising sophomore center Arvin Brooks. Both Drew and Brooks matched up well against Cougar’s Tasker and Hawkins. The Devil’s backcourt made up of respected seniors, Frank Mason and Dave Butcher, were more than a matchup up for the Cougar’s Fox and Mackenzie. Mason and Butcher ran a well-executed offense in the second half, leaving Fox and Mackenzie to play catch up. Drew was once again leading scorer with 20 but Hawkins was right behind with 19. The Cougars turned the ball over a season record 11 times, not a confidence building statistic. They also were way behind in most of the playing statistics like rebounds (24-30), foul shooting (2 for 0 vs. 5-10) and blocked shots (3 vs 5).

            “We are going go back to the drawing board after this one,” said Coach Wilson after the game, “I can’t believe this was the same team that I saw play last week. It is like they forgot everything we worked out and they seemed like they forgot how to play the game. This was a very disappointing performance. I do have faith in these kids, though and I am sure we will get this straightened out.”

            They had better get things right because next week they will travel to Riverview to face a league leading Wildcats team that beat them earlier in the season. The game is on Saturday afternoon, starting at 1:30PM in the Riverview High Gymnasium.



Soviet Premier Khrushchev says that if the western powers try to shoot their way through to West Berlin, “this will mean the beginning of war”

President Eisenhower says that if there is to be any shooting or use of force over Berlin, it will be started by the Russians trying to “stop us from doing our duty.” Adm. Arleigh A. Burke, Chief of U.S. Naval Operations says that the United States “has the ability right now, in being, to destroy the Soviet Union… in several ways and several times over”

In Mexico - President Eisenhower and President Adolfo Lopez Mateos meet for the first time. The President is there for two days of informal talks.

Mobster Frank Costello is stripped of his American citizenship because of a lie he told 34 years ago while swearing to uphold the Constitution. He said he was a realtor, but in fact, he was a bootlegger, according to the government.

 Castro (32), leader of Cuba’s revolution, is sworn in as Prime Minster and concedes he faces “the toughest test of my life.” Castro said he wants to “carry forward the revolution in Cuba,” but conceded it will be no easy task. He appealed to Cubans not to be impatient about reforms, but to “aid and understand us.”

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