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Thursday, February 18, 1960   Vol. C764



East Farewell – Only two weeks ago many folks in town were expecting snowless streets and warm evening weather for the annual Valentine’s Day Social Dinner Dance. There were even some very hopeful people that suggested perhaps it could be moved outside and made al-fresco. Well, that all changed two weeks ago, Tuesday. A cold front rolled in and stalled right over East Farewell and dumped a total of 15 inches of snow on the town over the next two weeks. It was not a total disaster, though; the town is used to lots of snow and cold weather. Everyone pitched in and cleared their sidewalks and driveways and the Public Works Department made short work of clearing the streets. Once the sun finally came out last Tuesday everyone had gotten into their “winter mode” with heavy jackets, boots, gloves and scarves. There was never any talk of postponing or, God forbid, canceling the Social. It was held on Saturday night in the Regional High Gymnasium and was a smash hit. Once again, Gus Templeton was the master of ceremonies. Along with his now legendary swing band he made sweet music, introduced each of the other bands that played throughout the night and announced the winner of the highlight event of the Social, the Homemade Sweet Treats Competition. This year the winner was a local favorite, Ida Plant, took the honors with her famous chocolate cheesecake with strawberry drizzle. She won back in 1956 with a similar dish but this year it had “more chocolate, both sweet and semi-sweet and a much thicker drizzle” she said when asked after the competition. Of course, the competition would not be complete without the coup-de-grâs, the “Face Plant” where all the contestants smash the winners dish in her face as she walks up to receive the prize. The admittedly odd, messy, hilarious and good natured tradition started back in 1952 at the second official social when Peg O’Malley won with a triple layer chocolate cake and as she was walking up the aisle she tripped and fell face first into her cake. She has long since dispelled rumors that she was tripped by a disgruntled loser. But the episode launched what must be the most unusual tradition anywhere. All the other contestants line up at the foot of the dais and when the winner approaches they smash her own creation in her face. Everyone loves it, except perhaps the winner. It has always been taken in stride by the plantee.

            The rest of the social was a portrait of wonderful fun. The food served buffet style and included pork chops and barb-queued spare ribs supplied by local meat purveyor, L. Myers & Sons along with sweet potatoes, coleslaw and a leafy green salad all prepared by Charles Wentz from the Lost Oasis Restaurant. The entries in the Homemade Sweet Treats contest served as desert. Everyone was able to taste the entries as a desert and vote on their favorite.

            Gus Templeton kicked off the dancing after dinner with his theme and the de-facto theme song of the social, Memories Are Made of These. After his wonderful set he introduced the rest of the entertainment that covered everyone’s tastes in music. Local crooner, Michael Tiller was as smooth as ever and the Dalmatians, a local Do-op group came on to back up Michael. Country twanger, Charlie Green got people two-stepping their way across the floor and things got jumping with the local rock and roll band, the Rebels took the stage. Dancing went well into the night and Gus finally closed things down around 1:00AM with another tradition, all the performers gathered on stage and sung Goodnight Irene along with the entire audience. Everyone then bundled up and headed home. Another super successful Valentine’s Day Social will be the talk of the town for quite a while.

Gus Templeton sings for Dinner Dance guests



East Farewell – The Wildcats swaggered into town knowing they had an edge on the Cougars. They had won the earlier game that was almost a literal slugfest between their center, David Bell and the Cougars center, James Hawkins. Both ended up fouling out and the Wildcats were able to prevail. There was some concern on both sides about the match up with Bell and Hawkins. All concerns were alleviated when Hawkins came down with the flu last week and was unable to play. Coach Wilson moved forward, Don Tasker to center and sent Walter Ferguson in at forward. Mack Mackenzie was injured last week but was able to play and together with Bobby Fox was able to take command of the game. The Wildcats guards, Giardini and Kramer had improved from the first game but Makenzie and Fox were still superior. The first half ended in a tie, 26-26. The second half went back and forth but Bell was able to take command of the center. Although Tasker was playing a very good game Bell was just a little better.  There was 40 seconds left and the Cougars were leading 47-46. The Wildcats set Bell up in the center and fed the ball to him he was able to move Ferguson and dish the ball off to a driving forward, David Farmer who finished his drive with a score. The score was 48-47. The Cougars worked the ball in and gave the ball to Fox who was able to make a beautiful 10 foot jumper and put the Cougars back up 49-48 with 18 seconds left. The Wildcats put Bell in the center and in bounded the ball to him; he turned and passed it to Kramer who was streaking down the court. Kramer was able to break away from Mackenzie, grab the ball, take one dribble and drive in to the basket. His layup dropped in just as time expired. The Wildcats won 50-49. “That was a hard played game and we came out on the short end of the stick. It hurts. I’m not going to blame it on the fact that Hawk (Hawkins) was down, we just didn’t get it done,” said Coach Wilson after the game.

            The Cougars play the Wildcats again in two weeks due to a scheduling change. They hope to have Hawkins back by then and perhaps they can see a better outcome. Next week the Cougars go on the road to visit the Slate Mountain Canaries. This will be the second time they face the Canaries. They won the first meeting 50-38. The game is scheduled for Saturday beginning at 1:30PM in the Slate Mountain High Gym.



France, which a few days ago, joined the ranks of the world's atomic powers by exploding one, declares it will build a striking force of nuclear weapons to assure its national independence. Meanwhile, Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, chairman of the Senate subcommittee on disarmament, declares the explosion of a plutonium bomb by France urgently points up the necessity of placing a controllable ban on further testing of nuclear weapons.

 The city of Philadelphia finally concedes it is #4 in population - recently outpaced by Los Angeles. Philly - with its 127 square miles falls to #4 from #3 with 2,207,200 persons. Los Angeles, with its 451 square miles, now has 2,397,500 persons.

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