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Thursday, February 25, 1960   Vol. C765



East Farewell – After no snow for the half of the winter season East Farewell has been socked with couple of huge snowstorms in the last month. The latest storm dropped and additional eight inches on town over the two days. Most people took it all in stride because East Farewell usually gets a lot of snow. The storm last week seemed to bring things back to normal for the town in the middle of winter. The Streets Department has done an amazing job in getting the streets clear and the Transportation System has had only minor delays. A lot of snow has piled up on Lake Front Plaza and that can mean only one thing. Snow sculptures by local artists and fun loving people of all ages. In the past the sculptures have been an impromptu affair but last year it became an organized event. This year with the lack of cold and snow the committee had not even met to make any plans. It seems this year the snow sculpture event went back to the impromptu stage. Dale Reinhold, the unofficial leader of the unofficial CPSS (Committee for Plaza Snow Sculptures) somehow got the word out and invited many local artists and people who had participated last year and arranged for everyone to start work as soon as the sun came up on Thursday. Over the past three days people have gathered on the Plaza and built all sorts of snow sculptures from the youngest artist, Karen Southland aged 11, to professional artists like Cindy Walters, Reinhold and even Frankie Miller who is now 16. Everyone took from the giant piles of snow that had gathered on and around the Plaza and built their own pile and proceeded to create an individual masterpiece. By Saturday afternoon the sun came out, almost on cue, and everybody in town came down to check out the amazing creations.

            The sculptures were varied and there wasn’t any overriding theme. Cindy Walters created a large woman’s head that had many asking her if was a self-portrait. She would only reply, “Maybe.”

            Other sculptures included a maid milking a cow, old man winter blowing a dragon out of his mouth, a giant owl and a wonderful gingerbread house made out of snow. Many, many people viewed the creations during the day but even more seemed to turn out after the sun had set. The new lighting installed around the Plaza last year has the entire scene bathed in a beautiful wintry aura. The sculptures will remain as long as the weather permits. When they melt all that will remain will be the memories and the anticipation of next year.

1960 Snow sculptures on the Plaza



Slate Mountain – The Cougars came into Slate Mountain on a two game losing streak and not brimming with confidence. The Canaries were playing in front of their home crowd and had just won their third game of the season. They were pumped up. While the Cougars handily beat the Canaries earlier in the season all bets were off at tip off. To compound the Cougars problems was the fact that center James Hawkins was still sidelined with the flu. Last game forward Don Tasker took Hawkins place and sixth player Walter Ferguson took Tasker’s place at forward. The two played most of the game last week and practiced all week in their new positions. Their hard work payed off on Saturday. Tasker set up in the center and was able to command the critical position. He was able to score the first eight points of the game by himself. Along with Ferguson and the other forward, Joey Mitchell the new “big three” were able to completely shut down the Canaries attack and dominate the game. The Canaries were unable to penetrate but their guards were able to keep the game from becoming a complete blowout with their sharpshooting. The first half was controlled by the Cougars but the Canaries hot shot point guard, Bert Brennan, was able to keep the score close with an impressive display of ball handling and spot on outside shooting. The first half ended with the Cougars holding a 24-18 lead.

            The second unraveled for the Canaries. Brennan got called for his third foul early in the second and they did not have a replacement for his scoring power. The Cougars, led by Tasker and Mitchell went on a scoring spree and scoring ten unanswered points. By the time the clock had run down to two minutes the Cougars were in total control leading by eight, 42-34. Coach Wilson started to give the bench players some time on the court. Robby O’Shea and Wendell Williams came and did a fine job. Williams ended scoring the final two points with only five seconds left. “I wasn’t trying to rub it in; I just wanted to score some points. I don’t get in much and this was my chance,” said Williams after the game as Coach Wilson sheepishly smiled in the background.

The final score was 46-36. This win was a big boost for the Cougars and set them up for their rematch next week with their arch-rivals, the Riverview Wildcats. The Cougars just lost to the Wildcats two weeks ago and due to a scheduling change they play them again next week. This game will be played in Riverview and will begin at 1:30PM on Saturday.



Speaking on radio and television on the eve of his good will tour to South America – President Eisenhower asserts that U.S. defenses rest on "an indestructible force of incalculable power, ample for today and constantly developing to meet the needs of tomorrow." Later, his first stop is Puerto Rico. While the President visits Rio de Janeiro, a U.S Navy plane and a Brazilian airliner collided over the city's bay, killing 88 persons. The disaster wiped out a section of the U.S Navy band-orchestra that was to have played at a dinner President Eisenhower was giving in honor of Brazil's President Kubitschek.


Fidel Castro's regime seizes El Mundo, one of Cuba's last remaining independent newspapers and two TV stations. The paper and one TV station belonged to Amadeo Barletta, Italian-born industrialist who came to the U.S. and built up a $40 million empire.

Nat King Cole is turned-down to play at the 3,200 seat Masonic auditorium in Nob Hill, San Francisco. Lloyd Wilson, grand secretary of the California Grand Lodge said, “We’ve had half a dozen Negro performers here and we’re very happy to have them. But other people in the general field of renting advised “don’t have Nat King Cole.” We’re not confronted with the problem, but, if we were, I wouldn’t have Elvis Presley here either. “We have a $6 million investment in this building. It’s new and has the finest of carpeting and seats. We don’t want people who jump on seats.” Wilson said that the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Dakota Staton and Dinah Washington each played the building separately in the past few weeks.

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