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Thursday, February 4, 1960   Vol. C762



East Farewell – There has been quite a buzz in town last week over the possible sighting of a strange creature out in the north woods above Lake Charles. High schoolers were hiking and came across tracks in the snow and later found a second set in the same area and finally at the end of the day several reported they saw something or someone or something running off in the distance. The very excited group reported their findings to the local police who somewhat skeptically investigated. High schoolers in town have a bit of a reputation for pulling pranks and this had all the earmarks of a practical joke. The police dispatched two officers, patrolman Burt Harriman and patrolman Earl Dolman, to the site and they were instructed to survey the area and see if there were any real signs of a creature or animal roaming around. The patrolmen took cameras and some brush clearing equipment and enrolled several of the students to assist and show them exactly where they had made the sightings.

            Once the group had reached the site they spread out and tried to find more clues. By now the tracks had melted away but there was still a lot of disturbed brush and broken branches. The group moved toward the spot that Danny Martin claimed he saw a human like creature run off into the woods. Inspecting that area patrolman Harriman found a small metal coin like object. It was not a piece of American currency but was some sort of foreign currency. Harriman also noticed more tracks leading off towards some unincorporated areas that were thought of as State land. The group proceeded up the trail for about a mile when they came upon a small cabin that obviously had been there for a long time. Harriman and Dolman approached the cabin and shouted out greetings and inquiries. They made their way onto what may have been a front porch and knocked on the front door. There was no answer. They knocked and called out again and then the door opened. Standing in the doorway was a grizzled older man with a short white beard. “May I help you?” he asked.

            “Patrolman Burt Harriman, East Farewell police department. We were wondering if you had been walking back in the glen over by the lake?” asked Harriman.

            “Well, nice to meet you, my name is Jasper Fullman and I have lived on this land for the last 15 years. I keep to myself and I get by by hunting and fishing. I don’t bother anyone as long as they don’t bother me. Now that I think about it you all may be the first folks I have seen since last year’s hunting season. I may have been down that way yesterday or earlier but I don’t really keep track. I go where I want to go when I want to go there.”

            “Do you own any big boots that may look like animal feet?” asked Dolman.

            “Why yes I do,” said Fullman, “I have a wonderful set full covered knee-high boots that I use when I go fishing, sometimes I wade in to get a better cast.”

            Harriman and Dolman looked at each other and then turned to Martin. “You think this may have been you’re ‘abominable snowman’?”

            Sheepishly, Martin said, “Perhaps.”

            Harriman turned back to Fullman and said, “Well Mister Fullman it looks like you scared a bunch of kids yesterday with your wandering around down by the lake. They thought you may be an abominable snowman or something. I think what we have here is a case of mistaken identity. We are going to go now and leave you back to your own ways. I might suggest that you stop into town every now and then just to let us know you are okay. How about that?”

            “Well, I appreciate your concern and I do apologize if I scared those kids, I didn’t mean to. I didn’t even see them.”

            Harriman, Dolman and the group of youngsters turned and started to walk back to town. “I guess our imagination got a little carried away,” said Martin to Harriman.

            “Oh, you think so, do you? Well I would agree with that,” said Harriman with a laugh.


Mountain man Jasper Fullman at home



East Farewell – The Cougars played the Central Bears for the second time this season last week and the Cougars were able to win in a close game 50-48. The Bears had improved greatly since the first meeting and the game was much more of game between equals than the Cougars dominated first game. The Bears came out with a strong man to man defense that was able to slow down the “Big Three” ( Hawkins, Tasker and Mitchell) and they showed a new, improved offense that emphasized ball movement and waiting for the right shot. This slow down offense seemed to throw the Cougars off their game. The first half went back and forth with five lead changes that ended with an ever so slim Cougars lead of 28-26 at the half. The second half started pretty much same as the first with the Bears slowing down the game with methodical passing and patient play. The Cougars grew restless and both Mitchell and Tasker got into foul trouble in the third quarter. Walter Ferguson and Wendell Williams took their place and showed a great deal of maturity and game sense. They were able to pressure the ball handlers and force them into unplanned and unwanted passes causing the Cougar’s backcourt (Fox and Mackenzie) to jump in and steal the ball. This strategy worked at several crucial points in the final quarter. As the clock wound down the score was tied at 48 and the Bears looked like they were going to play for one last shot. Bears guards, Herb Stinson and Frankie McCain, set up their slow down passing game but Williams, Ferguson and Fox had finally figured it out. When McCain went to pass to Stinson for the last shot with only 10 seconds left Ferguson was expecting the pass and jumped in the way knocking the ball to Williams who alertly redirected the ball to Fox without any dribble and Fox, who was breaking down the court grabbed the ball in stride, took two dribbles and laid the ball in for the lead. There were still 2 seconds left and the Bears tried a court long pass to their star center, Bill Doyle but Hawkins was able to get in the way and intercept the pass as time ran out. The Cougars won 50-48. “Those boys have come a long way in a short time,” said Coach Wilson after the game, “They really played a good game and that new ‘freeze’ strategy gave us fits until the end. We were able to figure it out in the end though and I’m proud of my boys, they did well tonight.”

            The Cougars go back on the road to face the Corning Devils again. The Cougars were able to beat the Devils earlier in the season in a close 40-38 game. Playing on the Devils home court could present a challenge as the Devils have only lost one home game this season. The game will be Saturday afternoon beginning at 1:30PM in the Coring High gym.




Arriving in Cuba, Soviet Deputy Premier Anastas Mikoyan is greeted by outbursts which touch-off a near panic in the middle of Havana. Later on in a speech, Premier Mikoyan praises Fidel Castro's revolutionary government before cheering Cuban trade unionists - and served a warning to the United States: "Those who threaten us with war should remember that if we can send a rocket with such precision to the moon, we can send it with equal precision to any part of the world”

North Carolina college students Ezell Blair Jr., Joseph McNeil, David Richmond and Franklin McCain stage a sit-in of a whites-only lunch counter at the Woolworth’s in Greensboro.

In Hartford City, Indiana, a high school principal shoots and kills two of his teachers before scores of children and later commits suicide with the same shotgun. Witnesses said that Leonard Redden had undergone a Jekyll and Hyde change before the spree.

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