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Thursday, March 10, 1960   Vol. C767



East Farewell – The late season snow did not have any effect on the opening of the fabulous Flower Show. The chairwoman of the show, Miss Donna Silverman, hosted a pre-opening dinner under the huge tents set up on the Fairgrounds on Friday night and then opened the ceremonial doors at the event on Saturday morning. Miss Silverman has been the driving force behind the Flower Show since she almost single-handedly resurrected it from oblivion three years ago. By once again expanding the participants, this year boasted of a total 115 participants and a new total of 28 sponsors, she was able bring a magnificent, fresh and fragrant show to more than 1000 eager visitors on opening day.

            This year Miss Silverman tried something new. She asked all the participants to follow a theme. This year her theme was, “A Spring Meadow.” Everyone was supposed create their display along those loose lines. “I didn’t want to make it too strict. I wasn’t sure how the participants would react but I got a lot of positive feedback and everyone got right on board.”

            The participants certainly did get on board. People created many different versions of the theme, all of which were not only clever but beautiful, too. This year there were major participants, the bigger florists and nurseries and a group of smaller flower shops and individual artists. One of the bigger participants was a show favorite Beverly’s Blooms on Main. This year she created a wonderful display that was a wide open meadow made of sod that had all types of wild flowers interspersed with rows of tulips, roses and pansies arranged in pathways that people could walk down. Another favorite was Dr. Quigley E. Dandridge, a local inventor who always comes up with a comically complex display. This year he came up with meadow that was similar to Beverly’s but his had a figure wearing very thick glasses pushing a lawn mower that seems to run over rows and rows of flower beds apparently mowing them down but after he finishes he stops and turns to discover his freshly mowed lawn reappears and the flowers magically push back up from the ground in full bloom. He waits then turns around and starts all over again. The entire contraption was constructed by Dandridge with lots of help from a group of high school students. While no living people are in the display the mannequins are all automated and almost appear real.

            The show will continue through the 20th when there will be a one day sell off after it officially closes. This idea has been a great success since it first happened. Miss Silverman thought it up to help clean up and disperse all the flowers left over from the show. Many still have lots of life in them and a eagerly snapped up by locals to brighten up their homes for a little while. The Flower Show is one of the most anticipated and beloved events in town and this year is no exception.

Dr. Dandridge’s mower about to start



East Farewell – The Cougars made fairly quick work of the hapless Fort Lee Captains on Saturday, 62-47. The final score hardly reflects the ease that the Cougars dispatched the Captains because for the final four minutes the Cougars sat their first team. The Captains for their part were suffering from both injury and illness. Their leading scorer came down with the flu just last week and two of their best defense men have suffered injuries that have held them out for two weeks. Nevertheless, the Cougars played a very strong game with “the big three,” Hawkins, Tasker and Mitchell, took complete control of the game with superior passing and accurate shooting. The backcourt of Mackenzie and Fox also contributed by forcing the Captains guards to stay with them and not let them double team the big three. At the end of the first half the game was looking like a blow out with the Cougars leading 30-16. The second half was slower with the Cougars purposely slowing the ball down to run the clock. The final four minutes saw Coach Wilson empty the bench. The Captains were able to rally somewhat but it was too little too late and the Cougars cruised to a 62-47 victory.

            Next week they will travel to Southport to battle the Hawks. They lost to the Hawks earlier this season by 2 points and will be looking for some paybacks. The league standings have the Cougars tied for first with Corning so a win over the Hawks is crucial. If the Cougars win and beat the Slate Mountain Miners in the last game they will win the league. If both the Corning Devils and the Cougars win out there will be playoff game to determine a champion. The game next week will be on Friday evening in the Southport High gymnasium beginning at 7:30PM.



President Eisenhower comes out flatly for Vice President Richard Nixon as his successor in the White House. “If anyone is wondering whether I have any personal preference or even bias with respect to this up-coming Presidential race, the answer is yes, very definitely”

Disarmament conference in Geneva - Moscow says it is ready to accept the United States plan to ban all big tests of nuclear weapons if the west signs a pledge not to conduct any military tests at all - big or small - for a number of years to be decided by negotiation. Moscow says that during this moratorium, Soviet and western scientists would carry out joint research aimed at removing the U.S. fear that small-scale weapons could be exploded underground without detection.

Capucine is another in a line beautiful French actresses known these days. There’s also Brigitte Bardot, Martine Carol, Mylene Demongeot and Annette Vadim. Capucine dropped her name - Germaine Lefabvre and adopted Capucine of which she says - “Two names are ordinary and I hope one is interesting.” Before coming to America, Capucine was a fashion model in Paris, working for Dior and Givenchy.

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