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Thursday, March 12, 1959   Vol. C715



East Farewell – The Flower Show opened last Friday after a wonderful “preview” dinner thrown by the Flower Show Committee to honor and appreciate the sponsors and all the participants. On Friday morning at 9:00 sharp the banner at the main entrance was cut by Miss Donna Silverman, chairwoman extraordinaire, and the crowd went in, somewhat orderly, to the most fabulous Flower Show yet. Last year’s show was a magnificent resurrection from the trash heap of local history to start a new tradition. Miss Silverman has brought together a group of very capable and interested volunteers, led them through many challenges and has delivered another show that has surpassed her great achievement from last year.

            This year there were a total of 100 participants, over 25 more than last year. Also, this year there were over 20% more varieties in the floral choices and the different types of flowers displayed. The huge tent set up on the Fair Grounds covered even more space and it was all filled with different displays and booths. Many of the larger displays by the major participants like Beverly’s Blooms on Main, last year’s grand prize winner, set up spectacular displays that included moving objects and water features. Beverly’s display was an exotic combination of palms, sand and a small wave pool that lapped tiny waves up against a small beach surrounded by palms eucalyptus, mandevilla, and many other tropical plants to create an “escape to the tropics” as the display was billed. Another, a favorite of the fun minded, was a contraption built by local inventor Dr. Quigley E. Dandridge. Many remembered his display from last year that had an errant waterwheel, a mechanical cow and a sleeping farmer with a shotgun. This year Dr. Dandridge came up with a sports themed display. He fashioned a Travelers-like mechanical mannequin that wore the jersey number of Traveler’s slugger, Johnny Cloos, appeared to hit a pitched ball (by another mechanical mannequin far into the outfield wall striking the wall, knocking over a window box full of wildflowers that tumbled down to the field below. While all this at first looks chaotic it is all carefully choreographed and after each show it rearranges itself for the next show. The shows seem to run about every ten minutes.

            There were many, many smaller displays and a host of booths set up by vendors offering gardening tools and paraphernalia. There was something for every type of gardener or flower enthusiast. It would be hard not to buy something if you had even the slightest interest in gardening or flower arranging. There were shopping bags on everyone’s arms.

            The show will run through Sunday the 22nd, with the now famous “Big Sell-Off” on Monday morning the 23rd. The sell-off was an ingenious idea thought up by Miss Silverman last year to help both participants and local gardeners alike. The participants sell off their displays and flowers to locals who can probably get another week or two out of most of the blooms. It was an instant hit last year and has carried over to this year. It has even received a place on the schedule making it an official event.

            The East Farewell Flower Show has once again become one of the premier social events of the year. It is looked forward to by all and should not be missed.

1959 Flower Show under the lights



East Farewell – The Cougars took on the Fort Lee Captains Friday afternoon and turned in an excellent performance, winning handily, 52-47. The Captains have had an up and down season so far and Friday night was on the down side. The Cougars jumped out to a 12-6 lead and seemed to be in control for the whole first half. Center James Hawkins, took control of the center with Tasker and Mitchell setting him up. Hawkins was the high scorer with 18 followed by forward Donny Tasker with 16. The backcourt was splendid as Bobby Fox and Mack Mackenzie put on a ball handling show with crisp sharp passing and strong dribbling skills. The two were able to keep the ball out of the Captains hands and together score 12 points together.

            The Captains did show some spirit and were tenacious in the second half. They were able to claw their way back to tie the game midway through the second half at 34 apiece. The Cougars called a timeout and regrouped. They set up a press and went to a man to man defense and it worked. The Cougars were able to shut down the surging Captains for the last three minutes and walk off the court with a 52-47 win.

            The Cougars stay at home next week and host the always difficult Southport Hawks. The Hawks were able to win by 4 last month and the Cougars are looking for a little revenge. The game is on Saturday and starts at 1:00PM in the Regional High Gym.



President Eisenhower beams proudly as his wife receives an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from St. Joseph’s College.

President Eisenhower welcomes the President of Ireland, Sean T. O’Kelly and for the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day, proclaiming, “Everyone in the United States is Irish today”

The Communist East Germans deny that Soviet Premier Khrushchev has backed down on his demands for the end of the occupation of West Berlin. British Prime Minister Macmillan sits down with President Eisenhower in Camp David and gives him a firsthand account of his missions to Moscow, Paris and Bonn. Both agree to stand firm on Berlin.

In Kingsport, TN – John Salling - one of two remaining Civil War vets died this week. He was 112. His family said he fought in the battle of Gettysburg.

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