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Thursday, March 14, 1957   Vol. C611



East Farewell – The Flower Show opened last Friday to a huge crowd and rave reviews. After a one year hiatus the show has made an amazing comeback and showed off almost twenty new entrants as well as thirty two returning vendors. Blooms of every sort were on display from very fragrant rosebushes and hyacinths to whimsical sunflowers, pansies and daffodils. The crowds have been almost total sellouts each day and evening. Many people have said they have returned two and three times because it is so big and beautiful. The show is actually a judged event and there are prizes given for best display, best bloom, most original and most majestic. Also, there are “side” awards which are kind of fun and funny. They will include happiest spring sense, funniest, most fragrant and weirdest. There will also be a grand prize winner. While all the prizes are only ribbons and plaques, the bragging rights and free advertising is worth far more than any monetary prize could offer.

            There was some apprehension leading up to the opening. After not having a show last year and the previous years were shrinking in attendance, this year’s show was somewhat of a question. There were some people that said the show should not be put on at all due to last year’s scandal and there were those who wanted to put the past behind them and move on. Luckily for East Farewell those voices won out. Many individuals came together to set up a new committee, raise funds and attract vendors and local florists, gardeners and floral hobbyists. The turnouts squashed any naysayers gloom and doom predictions and brought a smile to committee chairman Donna Silverman. “This is just fabulous, I had a very good feeling about this and many people told me they couldn’t wait for the show, but when I saw the first day turnout and then every day since I was floored. It is great! I couldn’t be happier. I love East Farewell,” gushed Miss Silverman.

            The show will stay open for the rest of the week and close out with closing awards ceremony on Sunday evening. The crowds are expected to remain large throughout the duration and it is anticipated to be a full house on Sunday evening. The show is open daily from 10:00AM until 8:00PM in the huge temporary tent set up on the fairgrounds. It will run until Sunday when the awards ceremony will begin at 7:00PM.

The Fabulous 1957 Flower Show



Southport – The Cougars continued their push for a league championship as they turned back the Southport Hawks, 58-54 on Friday. The Hawks played a very strong game but were continually out matched by a clearly superior Cougars team. Each time the Hawks would gain any momentum the Cougars would tighten up, make a steal, block a shot or grab a key rebound to stifle the Hawks. Wilson Watson commanded the center and was top scorer with 22 points. He also had 12 rebounds and 9 assists leaving him one short of a triple double for the game. He already has one for the season and his performance on Friday was just another example of his dominance in the league.

            The Hawks showed tenacious spirit as they continued to claw back after every Cougar run but came up short at the end. Their leading scorer was forward Glenn DiAmecie with 18.  The Cougars come home for their final game next week against the Slate Mountain Miners. The game is an evening game and starts at 8:00PM in the Regional High Gymnasium. 



A Federal grand jury indicts James R. Hoffa, top leader of the Teamsters Union, on charges of setting up a conspiracy to buy secrets of the Senate rackets investigation.  President Dave Beck of the International Teamsters Union is ordered to appear before the Senate rackets investigators and to bring his financial records for 1949 through 1955. He’ll appear next week.


Consumer credit (installment buying) has added fuel to the economy says the Federal Reserve Board - and can dampen an impending recession. But said a report: current installment debt, now a $31 billion load, is among “the less stable kinds of credit.” A recent study looked at five up-trend periods, including the spectacular credit binge of 1955 and the staff learned that in each case “installment credit buying contributed to a rate of sales of consumer durable goods that could not be sustained.” 


Marilyn Monroe fails to put a stop to rumors that she is expecting a baby. “I have nothing to say at this time. I’m sure that everyone will agree that some things are private matters. I just feel that this is one of them.”


Actress Jayne Mansfield divorces Paul Mansfield, manager of a soft-drink plant. They had been married since 1950 and separated in 1955. She’s been seen with strongman Mickey Hargitay.


In London, viewers saw an unusual live broadcast with blues songstress Pearl Bailey. During the show, she began unraveling the cable from her microphone saying to the band “you go on vamping while I unwind it,” Later, she asked a cameraman to help her off the stage, ordered the band to keep quiet for a violin solo and danced with one of the audience. A spokesman said Ms. Bailey had gone on the air with so many sedatives in her that her whole reactions were slowed down.


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