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Thursday, March 17, 1960   Vol. C768



East Farewell – The Playhouse announced its 1960 schedule on Monday. This year the Playhouse will present a total of nine plays, an increase of one over last year. The year the Playhouse is working in conjunction with the Regional High School to help run and act as the new home of the Region High School Theater Arts program. Students will be able to act in, create sets and even help produce four of the plays. One of which will be the annual senior high school musical, a long tradition where all the seniors participate in one way or the other.

            “We are so honored and excited to be working with the Playhouse this year. Last year’s experiment with the Student’s Summer Stage Program was so successful and the students had such a great time this next step was almost a given,” said High School Theater Director, Harold F. Jacobs.

            “The Playhouse is very excited, too. We had so much fun working with the kids over the summer. They really came to learn and act. The shows we put on were very successful and well received by everyone,” said Jeb Bernstein, Playhouse producer, “Rick and Julie (Playhouse owners) have always been interested in education and have always dreamed of putting a program like this together.”

The schedule for the 1960 season is:

April – Guys and Dolls

May – Paint Your Wagon

June - (Student Summer Stage) –Oklahoma

July – (SSS #2) – Romeo and Juliette

August – (SSS #3) – West Side Story

September – Damn Yankees

October - South Pacific

November - The Music Man

December – A Christmas Carol

East Farewell Playhouse 1960



Southport – The Cougars moved one step closer to the league championship win a win over the Southport Hawks, 56-50, last week. The Cougars have rebounded from their mid-season slump and have won four games straight. There is only one game left in the schedule and the Cougars will face the Slate Mountain Miners next week at Slate Mountain.

            Saturday’s game started off slow with no points being scored for the first three minutes. Many shots were taken but none were made. Finally after three minutes twenty seconds the Cougars struck first with a turn-around jumper for James Hawkins that swished through. After that score things gradually picked up for both sides but the shooting percentage for both teams was abysmal in the first half. The first half ended with the Cougars out front 18-16. The second half was much more entertaining. Both teams came out running and shooting. The big difference was many of the shots went in. In the first four minutes of the second half both teams had matched their first half output. Both teams going at full speed could only last so long and the Hawks started to run out of steam first. The Cougars pulled away with three minutes left and built a 50- 40 lead. Mackenzie and Fox, the Cougars guards, started to score from the outside and Hawkins in the center controlled the rebounds off the Hawks boards. This combination made it even more difficult for a Hawks team that was dragging a bit. Coach Wilson started to put in the subs with two minutes left and once again the bench was impressive. Junior Wendell Williams showed why he deserves a starting position on next year’s squad. He scored six straight points and was able to steal the ball on a Hawks loose pass. The Hawks were able to close the gap but they were never in position to take the lead. The game ended with a solid 56-50 Cougars victory.

            The Cougars play their last game next week against the Slate Mountain Miners. If the Cougars win they will have sole position of first place and take the league championship outright. If they lose they will have to play the Corning Devils in a playoff game. Next week’s game will be played in Slate Mountain Gymnasium on Saturday and will begin at 1:30PM.



The House passes its civil rights bill - with some calling it weak or strong. The Senate may vote on it next week.

British Prime Minister Macmillan arrives in Washington for talks with President Eisenhower on the Western reply to the Soviet nuclear test ban offer.

Sen. Stuart Symington of Missouri declares his candidacy for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

Keith Thibodeaux, the actor who played “Little Ricky” on “I Love Lucy” has formed his own band and features drummer Desi Arnaz Jr. They’ll be featured on Dinah Shore’s April 3rd show.

It’s announced that ABC-TV will pay between $6 million and $9 million for the reruns of “Father Knows Best.” The show is set to leave CBS-TV prime time after this season.

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