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Thursday, March 20, 1958   Vol. C664



East Farewell – It was a fabulous ending to a truly wonderful mid-winter spring break. The 1958 Flower Show closed with a great new addition, The Big Sell-off. Flower Show Chairwoman, Donna Silverman, came up with the idea and got almost every displayer, florist and vendor to join in the last but, now known, not least event in what is turning out to be the most successful Flower Show ever. On Monday the final event got underway at 7:00AM sharp. The early start was to try to accommodate the folks that had to report for work. The felt banners were pulled aside right at 7 and the waiting line streamed in. Some people knew exactly what they wanted and headed right over to the spots to begin bargaining with the vendors for their remaining wares. Others just seemed to want one last look at the stunning displays, bright colors and sweet fragrances. The whole place was cleared out by 1:00PM the tent was taken down by Tuesday afternoon. The 1958 Flower Show was in the books.

            The only remaining items were the small trophies that were given out for many of the outstanding efforts that were shown this year. This year Best Bloom went to local florist, Dale Garner from Garner’s Garden. Her giant arrangement of cone hydrangea, irises, and orchards took everyone’s breath away. She actually made three and was able to sell one at the Sell-Off. The Most Original went to a truly original mix of wild flowers and evergreens with holly, berries and a stunning red rose prepared by The Outdoor Shop in East Farewell. The Most Majestic award went to a huge arrangement by Bill’s Flowers from nearby Fort Lee. It stood almost eight feet tall and was woven Mandevilla , climbing Lilac Solanum, Climbing Hydrangea and Clematis Archway. The Happiest Spring Sense was claimed by Doris Darling, a local from East Farewell. Finally the Grand Prize went to East Farewell’s own Beverly’s Blooms on Main. Her fabulous combination of roses, orchids, ferns, lilies and fun daisies all arranged spread out over a water outline of Lake Charles, East Farewell’s main attraction. All of the awards were presented Sunday evening in a wonderful ceremony hosted by The Flower Show Committee and the MC was Miss Silverman who as it turns out has a very respectable stage presence. The other awards were only citations but carried with them a great deal of recognition and bagging rights. The Funniest went to Fun with Flowers from Bear Creek, a whimsical display of daisies, violets and wild flowers that made everyone smile. The Most Fragrant was a stunningly sweet smelling bouquet of Evening stock, Four-o'clock rimmed with very pungent Flowering tobaccos. The weirdest went to a water display that was a bit of a contraption that included a waterwheel that was intended to irrigate a row of blooming roses but instead was kicked by a mechanical cow, swung over and poured its drain on a snoozing farmer who then woke up startled and fired his shotgun in the air. The farmer, the shotgun, the firing and the cow were just ingenious mechanical devices from the incredible mind of local inventor Dr. Quigley E. Dandridge. It was an amazingly weird, fun and whimsical display that was genuinely loved by all.

            The 1958 Flower Show was a wonderful event that had people talking all through town as to what next year will bring. The anticipation can almost be tasted. Miss Silverman said she is already starting to put together the committee and taking ideas for a theme. The town can’t wait.

1958 Flower Show Grand Prize Winner



East Farewell – The Cougars ended their season with a win over their arch rival, the Slate Mountain Miners, 48-46. The game was as close as the final score with the lead changing hands no less than 12 times throughout the game. The Miners who are ranked second wanted to win the game and go into the playoffs tied for first, but the Cougars came to the game wanting to win and move into second place for the playoffs. The Cougars were able to keep the Miners potent offense in check with very tight defense and a surprisingly effective press that threw the Miners off their game. The Cougars went all out and kept the press up for almost three quarters of the game. They imposed it after the 12 minute mark of the first half once the Cougars had secured the largest lead of the game, 20-14. The Miners struggled at first but were able to work their very talented guard and forwards, especially guard Joey O’Hanlon, to break through the press and crawl back to 28-28 tie at the half. During that time they actually were able to take a brief lead, 24-22, after the Cougars had gone ice cold shooting-wise, missing 8 of their 10 shoots.

            The second half was a little more wide open, but not much. The Cougars came out with their press intact, but the Miners had adjusted and were able to penetrate again and again. O’Hanlon was able to keep the Cougars guessing by using fake passes, ingenious dribbling and smart court movements to score the team and game high of 18 points. He was nearly matched by Cougar’s guard, Bobby Fox with 15 points and Cougar’s center, Dave McGill, with 12. As the second half progressed the lead went back and forth and came down to the last minute with the Miners leading by two when Fox was able to bat a bounce pass away from O’Hanlon with Cougar’s other guard, Fergal Conner, picking it up and racing in for the quick score and the tie. With the press still in place, but the Cougars visibly wearing thin, the Miners tried a long in-bounds pass to center, Frank McGraw. McGraw was able to extend his 6’4” frame and grab the high pass only to come down into as swarm of swatting Cougars. He was able to dish off the ball to a circling O’Hanlon who drove towards the basket only to be met by the pillar of McGill. O’Hanlon stopped short and tried a fade back shot over McGill. The shot got by McGill but clanked off the rim where Cougar forward, Don Tasker made an easy rebound. Tasker passed out to Conner who tried to take it down court but ran into McGraw. Conner alertly passed off to a trailing Fox who was able to drive down and make beautiful layup to give the Cougars a 48-46 lead that would stand as the final as the Miners were unable to get a shot off in the last four seconds.

            The playoff will begin next week and the schedule will be built early next week. With this win it is expected that the Cougars will move into second place while the Miners will remain in first place but tied with Corning. The Schedule of the 2 week playoffs will be posted as soon as it arrives.



The Supreme Court rules unanimously that “ordinary and necessary expenses” of operating an illegal bookmaking business may be deducted for Federal income tax purposes.

24 persons die in a flash fire in a textile building on Broadway in New York City, near Hudson Street. The blaze began when a textile-drying oven exploded. After the blaze was extinguished hours later, fireman actually found two persons alive in the burned building. One was a woman who had taken refuge in a metal box.  Water from streaming hoses kept the box cool, keeping her alive. The other – a man, hugging the floor, had shielded himself from the flames and smoke.

Just over a week away from entering the Army, Elvis Presley (22) says he doesn’t know what duties he’ll have when he’s inducted: “I haven’t talked to anyone about it. I’ll do what they ask.”

Actress June Lockhart (mom on Lassie) is divorcing Dr John Francis Maloney - a New York physician. The actress said her husband drank to excess and stayed away from home several nights a week.

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