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Thursday, March 24, 1960   Vol. C769



East Farewell – The snow sculptures on Lake Front Plaza have started to deteriorate and some have melted away completely. Usually, the entire display melts into the lake and is only remembered in the stories and photos. This year there was a little wrinkle thrown in the mix. Last Thursday was St Patrick’s Day and there is a large group of East Farewell’s population that is of Irish heritage all of whom like to celebrate the holiday. It seems someone or a group of St Patrick’s Day revelers (it is assumed the prank was related to St Patrick’s Day) rebuilt some of the sculptures on Lake Front Plaza as giant shamrocks and colored the entire display on the plaza green, Irish green. It happened sometime after 12 midnight on Thursday night and was completed by sunrise on Friday. There wasn’t any damage, unless reconfiguration of snow figures is damage, and what was found to be food coloring did not present any problem with pollution of the lake. Once the sun came up and people started to notice the “new look” on the Plaza the word spread quickly. By the afternoon and school had let out the display on the Plaza became a focus of attention that rivaled the attention it received when the snow sculptures first opened. There were more questions than answers and no one has claimed responsibility for prank. There are two general theories, one and group of party goers left the Lost Oasis and went to work or maybe a group of students slipped out went to work and the very favorite is a group of Leprechauns snuck onto the Plaza and rearranged half the sculptures and created a giant shamrock in honor of their favorite saint. No one may ever know.

Shamrocks take over Lakefront Plaza



Slate Mountain – The Cougars came into the Slate Mountain gymnasium thinking they were going to walk out with the league championship in their hands. They were sadly disappointed. The Miners had a different idea and rallied to pull off an upset, 52-50 forcing the league into a playoff situation instead of a clean cut season end winner. Next week there will be a playoff game for the championship. Instead of a tournament there will only be a final playoff game between the Corning Devils and the East Farewell Cougars.

            The Slate Mountain Miners came out in the spoiler mode on Saturday. They were going to finish in fourth of fifth place but they felt they could stop the Cougars from walking away with the championship. They also had a chip on their shoulder after getting beat up by the Cougars earlier in the season. It was a hard played game from start to finish.

            The game started out with both teams trying to press but neither team was very effective and the strategy was abandoned by both teams with in the first five minutes. Both teams played a tight defense for the remained of the first half and traded leads until the Cougars were able to put together an 8-0 run at the end of the first half to go into the locker room with a 34-26 lead. The second half started with the Miners coming out strong and taking their defense to a new level. They double teamed Hawkins and switched off on both Tasker and Mitchell to shut down the Cougars inside game. It was a bad time for both Fox and Mackenzie to go cold and shoot only one for 12 in the same period. The Miners were able to battle back and tie the game with only 30 seconds left. On the Cougars in bounds Miner forward Max Senlac reached in front of Joey Mitchell and knocked the ball into the air. A scramble ensued and Miner’s center Frank Lewinski grabbed the ball, turned right under the basket and put it up and in as time ran out. The Miners came away with a 52-50 win.

            “I feel we let that one slip away and it makes me mad,” said center James Hawkins after the game, “I should have got that in bounds but I didn’t and the worst thing happened.”

            There are some positives the Cougars can take away from the loss. They still share the championship with the Devils and will play them next week to determine the ultimate league champ. There were no injuries and everyone is healthy for next week’s game. The game will be played at home because of the Cougars superior record overall. The game will be played on Friday and begins at 4:30 in the Regional High Gymnasium.



AL Schawlow and C H Townes obtain patent for the laser, which stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Possible applications for a laser are spectrometryinterferometryradar, and nuclear fusion

US appeals court rules D.H. Lawrence's novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover not obscene.

Massacre in Sharpeville, South Africa: Police open fire on a group of unarmed black South African demonstrators, killing 69 and wounding 180.

The Tupolev Tu-124 jet airliner, first ever to be powered by turbofans, made its first flight, at the test grounds in the Soviet Russian city of Zhukovsky. The Tu-124s were then manufactured in Kharkov, and will primarily used by Aeroflot the Communist airline.

In passing - Marty Dalton, 91, was an inmate of the Rhode Island State Prison in Cranston, Rhode Island, since 1897. Dalton had refused parole in 1930 after serving 33 years for the killing of a New York businessman, and after a two-hour tour of the outside world, asked to stay because the prison was his only home.

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