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Thursday, March 28, 1957   Vol. C613



East Farewell – Trash is always going to be around. What to do with trash is a question that every community has to deal with. From big cities to the smallest hamlets trash disposal is a never ending quandary that most be constantly addressed, usually reluctantly. No one wants a trash dump in their backyard. Last week the Town Council did address the question. Currently the town dump is located about two miles outside town on a deserted area that has no known local water sources. The Dump, as it is locally known, has been used for as long as anyone can remember and is used by both local trash haulers serving the businesses in town and the local residents who make weekly trips to dispose of their trash.

            The Council opened up a debate about the need to clean up, enlarge or relocate the dump due to the expansion of residential lots moving out towards the area. Several developers have asked the Council to close or relocate the dump. They would like the ground cleaned up and restored and possibly opened for new construction.  The Council was not interested in relocating the dump but they were very interested in cleaning it up and making it more secure. They asked for proposals to fence in the area to make it less accessible to wildlife and define the actual boundaries of the area. The best idea to come out was a proposal to investigate building a waste management plant to process the waste. This idea was unanimously supported by all members. While the dump has been in operation for many years it is reaching capacity and an alternative disposal process needs to be looked at sooner, not later. The meeting closed with a proposal to create a committee to look into the expense and viability of a waste management plant for the town. The committee would be charged to look at and evaluate existing plants in the area and make recommendations to the Council for addressing this often overlooked problem.

East Farewell’s Trash Dump




East Farewell – The first Mid-Central Area Tournament featuring the top two teams from the Central League and the Mountain League got underway on Monday with a surprisingly easy win for East Farewell’s own Cougars as they ran past the highly touted Farmingdale Thoroughbreds, 56-48. The Cougars switched to their newer fast paced, high pressure style that they previewed towards the end of the season. The style that involves lots of fast passes, quick movement up the floor, quick shooting and a smothering press defense caught the Thoroughbreds off guard and it took most of the game to figure it out but by the time they were able to work against it was too late. The Cougars backcourt of Fox and Conner were unstoppable in the first half racking up 26 points between them (12 for Fox and 14 for Conner). In the center Watson was dominant. He was able to block seven shots and gather 13 rebounds. For the Thoroughbreds their leading scorer was Dan Fielder with 14 points and 6 assists. The Cougars started off fast with a 8-0 run and never looked back. The closest the Thoroughbreds were able to come was with four minutes left to play they closed to 48-50. The Cougars were able to turn up their press and defense at that point and keep the Thoroughbreds off the scoreboard for the rest of the game. 

            In the second game on Wednesday the Riverview Wildcats, top Central League team, took on the Hawks from Lakeview and had a much tougher time than the Cougars. The Hawks went in a totally different direction as the Cougars and slowed the game down to a crawl. They used a freeze and pass style to try to thwart the Wildcats usually wide open style. This worked for a while but the Wildcats were able to maintain their patience and composure and make enough shots to win in 30-24 dribble/pass fest. The Wildcats leading scorer with a blistering 8 points was center Frank Haskert, who also was able to grab 10 rebounds that greatly helped the Wildcats in trying to gain control of the game.

            With wins by both Central teams’ sets up a much anticipated showdown between the Cougars and the Wildcats on Friday. The two teams are arch-rivals and the Wildcats have a 2-1 lead in regular season games but the all the games have close and every game has been exciting. The final game will be played in the Regional High Gymnasium starting at 7:30PM tomorrow.

















1st Mid-Central Tournament - 1957



A series of earthquakes rattle the San Francisco area - the highest a 5.5 Richter scale magnitude. About 50 small fires broke out.  A major snowstorm/blizzard hits the mid-west. At least 30 are dead with travelers stranded.

The New York Daily News says it believes a runaway Air Force missile, capable of carrying an H-bomb, at “this moment” is flying aimlessly through the distant skies with no place to land? The Air Force denies it.

The police make it official - President Eisenhower isn’t going to get any ticket for hitting 70-75mph on his trip to Gettysburg. The police say they did not even observe the President’s car going that fast.

The new trans-Atlantic telephone cable should last 20 years and some 30,000 calls will go through without any kind of disruption. Built at the cost of $42 million - it is actually two cables - about 20 miles apart. Each contains one-way traffic. Since it opened last September - AT&T says it easily handles 30,000 calls a month. Three-minute calls from any point in the United States to most points in Europe cost $12.00 weekdays and $9.00 evenings, compared with $75 for three minutes when radio telephone service opened in 1927. The cables stretch from Clarenville, New Foundland to Port Lathaiche near Scotland.

At the 29th annual Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Awards - held at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood:

Best Actor - Yul Brynner - “The King And I.”

Best Actress - Ingrid Bergman “Anastasia,”

Best Supporting Actor - Anthony Quinn “Lust for Life.”

Best Supporting Actress - Dorothy Malone - “Written On The Wind.”

Best Song - “Whatever Will Be Will Be (Que Sera, Sera) - “Man Who Knew Too Much.”



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