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Thursday, March 3, 1960   Vol. C766



East Farewell - Local high school teacher, Anna Turner, received a wonderful and unexpected accolade last week. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) awarded Miss Turner with the prestigious NASA Science Teacher of the Northeast. The award, one of six given out across the country, is given to six high school science teachers that have shown exceptional understanding of space exploration and being able to impart that knowledge to their students.  Miss Turner has been teaching in the Regional High School system for ten years and has followed the space program in detail from listening to Russia’s Sputnik on her portable radio and the earliest US attempts even before NASA was created in 1958. She went so far as to bring a TV into class to watch the launches. In December of 1957 she was somewhat chagrinned when the first Vanguard launch ended in a fantastic explosion. Things went better for her and NASA in January of 1958 when Explorer I lifted America’s first satellite into space. She was the driving force in creating Rocket Day where students designed, built and launched their own rockets. Rocket Day has become an exciting and very eagerly anticipated event at the school. Many students have successfully launched their homemade rockets to dizzying heights. She also founded the Rocket Science Club which is open to any student with an interest in the subject. She has pioneered teaching her students the complexities of liftoff, orbiting, space travel and the always critical reentry.

            “I never expected anything like this. I am so excited; I just love watching those liftoffs. All that power and watching those rockets race into space, the technology is moving so fast. I truly believe we will have a man on the moon by the end of this decade.” said Miss Turner during the presentation. There was a wonderful ceremony and presentation

            NASA sent out a representative, Mark Dickenson, to present Miss Turner with the award at a special dinner arranged by the school district. The entire staff and many of Miss Turner’s students attended. The dinner was held in the school cafeteria and after the dinner that was catered by Charles Wentz from the Lost Oasis a wonderful ceremony was held and the teacher was presented with a plaque with NASA’s logo and her name on it.

            As the new decade begins America is pushing into the new frontier of outer space and it is essential that America’s students have a strong understanding of the risks, challenges and rewards for the effort. Miss Turner will be helping prepare them for the future.

Miss Anna Turner with Mark Dickerson




Riverview – The Cougars came into Riverview with grudge on their shoulder and fight in their hearts. It was only two week ago that they lost a heartbreaker to the Wildcats by one point on a last second basket. The Cougars had played that game without their league-leading Center, James Hawkins, who was laid up with the flu. Cougars coach Wilson did some quick position changes and the Cougars were able to play a very respectable game. Last Saturday they traveled to Riverview looking for a little revenge and they brought along their recovered center, Hawkins. The game was set to be a brawl. Luckily it was not a brawl; instead it was a very intense basketball game where both teams played hard and game strategy trumped mere physical brute force. Hawkins matched up against his Wildcat counterpart, David Bell. Bell finally fouled out with only one minute left and Hawkins ended with four fouls. They both played tough but they also played smart and did not revert to pushing and shoving. Faking and spin moves were more the action that carried the game. Also, the Cougars backcourt of Mackenzie and Fox outplayed the Wildcats backcourt Giardini and Kramer. In the first half Mackenzie and Fox combined for 16 points and Giardini and Kramer only had 8. The first half ended with the Cougars on top, 24-20.

            The second half started with the Wildcats making a run and not only tying up the game but taking a 4 point lead. Coach Wilson called a fast timeout and the Cougars regrouped. Hawkins was able to set up and beat Bell on several exchanges and bring the Cougars back into the game. Fox and Mackenzie continued to score from the outside and the Wildcats did not have an answer. With only one minute left the Cougars were leading 54-52 and Bell was charged with his final foul. Walter Ferguson, Cougars sixth player had been platooning with both Tasker and Mitchell at forward and he came in for the last minute. He was able to drain two quick shots against a seemingly unaware Wildcats defense. When the game ended the Cougars had redeemed themselves with a 58-52 victory over their most difficult opponents this year. This coming Saturday the Cougars go back home to face the Fort Lee Captains. The game will be played at the Regional High gymnasium and will begin at 1:30.




Prime Minister Fidel Castro angrily blames the Unites States for causing the explosion of a munitions ship in Havana, in what he called an act of sabotage. Over 50 people were killed in the explosion with hundreds injured. In his speech, Castro appeared to have shut the door on any hopes for negotiations of U.S- Cuban differences as recently proposed by the Cuban government. Local photographer, Alberto Korda snapped a photo of Castro’s chief lieutenant, Che Guevara, while he was on the rostrum. Many have said the photo is due to be iconic.

Hayley Mills is tapped by Walt Disney in a movie where she’ll play two roles - twins. In the movie, her parents’ divorce and each takes a child. The children meet accidentally years later and get to know each other. The name of the film is “His and Hers” but that could change.

The FCC orders Fresno, California – to be an all-UHF market. That means, Fresno’s only VHF station, channel 12 – KFRE-TV, must move off that channel. The FCC is proposing channel 53, but KFRE’s engineers believe good reception can be had from the present transmitter over Channel 30 and wants the FCC to at least change that channel allocation. KFRE-TV is owned by Walter Annenberg’s Triangle Publications. The FCC says that channel 12 will be moved to the Santa Barbara area.

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