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Thursday, March 5, 1959   Vol. C714



East Farewell – Even though the temperatures outside were in the low 30s the temperatures under the huge tent erected on the Fairgrounds were warm and toasty. The exclusive “Preview Dinner” was held in the in a roped off section of the Flower Show floor. This year the Flower Show Committee, chaired again this year by the charming Miss Donna Silverman, sent out 100 invitations to sponsors and participants (an increase from last year). Last year was the inaugural dinner and set the tone for the whole show. This year was similar, local establishments like the Lost Oasis and Lou’s Deli catered and after dinner music was performed by local country music star, Charlie Green and the magical tenor, Michael Tiller.

            The real star of the evening was the Flower Show preview. While no one was able to stroll through, the show officially opens tomorrow, everyone was able to peak over the restricting ribbons to get a view of the fabulous show on tap. This year there are more participants and more creative projects on the floor. People are getting more adventurous with their creations and folks will have to wait until tomorrow to fully experience them. Rumors of waterfalls and ponds along with English gardens swirled around the dinner tables.

            The Flower Show committee has once again out done themselves in presenting a welcome glimpse of spring in while East Farewell is still in the cold grasp of winter.

1959 Flower Show Dinner-Dance




East Farewell – The Cougars made a statement on Saturday. They faced their arch-rivals, Riverview, only two weeks after a heartbreaking loss and played an almost perfect game to gain some revenge with a 58-52 win.  They looked much more confident than any time this season. Their passes were sharp, their drives were powerful and their rebounding was commanding. The Riverview Wildcats came into town looking to build on their earlier victory but ran into a brick wall defense and a lights out offense, they didn’t know it when the game started but they didn’t stand a chance.

            The game started with the Cougars running off 10 straight points and the Wildcats had to call a quick timeout to regroup. The Cougars put on an early press that seemed to surprise the Wildcats and led to another 8-0 run for the Cougars. By the end of the first half the Cougars were in control 30-24.

            The inside ‘big three’ of Hawkins, Tasker and Mitchell played together like a well-oiled machine passing and moving until the open man broke out and got an open shot. The guards, Fox and Mackenzie, ran the backcourt like a magic show with even a behind the back pass that turned into a scoring drive. The Wildcats did not have an answer to the Cougars on Saturday afternoon and the crowd loved it. With three minutes left and the Cougars in complete control 54-44 Coach Wilson gave the bench a chance to show what they could do. Just as last week the second team really held their own. Walter Ferguson and Robby O’Shea replace Tasker and Mitchell on the inside and spunky sophomore Wendell Williams went in for Mack Mackenzie. The bench players were able to hold the lead and close the game out without any real drama. “Boy, these boys looked great tonight, all of them. They worked together and they took good shots and made great decisions. I am very proud of them today,” said Coach Wilson after the game.

            Next week the Cougars stay at home to face the Fort Lee Captains on Friday afternoon. The game starts at 4:00PM in the Regional High gym.



Without warning - Russia sealed off virtually the entire Soviet Union from western diplomats. In retaliation, the United States posted a similar temporary travel ban on Russian diplomats here. The action adds to East-West tension over Berlin. The NATO Council firmly endorses the Western Big Three’s German policy and warns the Communists to keep their hands off the free allied sector of Berlin. The big three are the U.S., Germany and France.

Sir Winston Churchill’s town house is ransacked by burglars who made off with furs and jewels valued at $28,000. No one was home. The loot included several boxes of the ex-prime minister’s big cigars.

In a Gallup Poll - Sen. John Kennedy pulls up slightly on Adlai Stevenson as the choice of rank-and-file Democrats for the 1960 nomination:

Sen. John F. Kennedy - 28%

Gov. Adlai Stevenson - 27%

Sen. Estes Kefauver - 12%

Sen. Lyndon Johnson - 9%

Sen. Stuart Symington - 5%

Others - 11%

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