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Thursday, March 7, 1957   Vol. C610



East Farewell – The beloved Lakefront Plaza may be getting a makeover next year. The widely used meeting area, picnic place and all around town social center has been used for everything from team rallies, concerts and festivals to bar-b-ques, flea markets and gatherings of all kind has become a town center of sorts and many members of the Town Council feel it should have some sprucing up.  During the latest meeting Town Council President, Tom Conally presented a proposal that called for an overhaul of the Plaza. He wanted to put out bids for proposals. Any contractor is invited to submit a proposal and he asked that they be submitted before June 30th.

            “We are looking for an overhaul and more efficient use of the space. What I think the community wants is a space that is useful for any number of events while still remaining open and scenic. I have taken the liberty to have some drawings made which show some options that I think will be a good starting point,” said Mr. Conally.

            With that he produced three different easels with three similar but different views of his vision. The first showed a surprisingly similar depiction of the Plaza as it is now only with more plants and an improved boat launch. The second showed a much more open Plaza with more seating around the edges and an open access to the Fun Pier that abuts the left side of the Plaza. Right now people have to walk around a dividing fence and enter the front off Lake Shore Drive. The third was by far the most expansive and compelling. It showed a completely resurfaced Plaza surrounded by grills, benches and plantings. It incorporates removable seating and tables that can accommodate over 500 people. Conally declined to say who made up the drawings and would not reveal the cost but assured the Council that there was no pending bill. The drawings will stay on display in the lobby of the Town Hall for public viewing and in case any contractor wants some inspiration and guidance for their own submission.

            While other members of the Council were apparently caught off guard with this proposal, they all looked at the drawings with great concentration. It seems this surprise proposal had some interest after all. Many of the members had comments or suggestions. They all spoke approvingly of the proposal and several had suggestions and others spoke of contacting local contractors to review the proposal.

Artist’s rendition of new Lake Front Plaza



Fort Lee – The Cougars moved a little closer to a league championship on Friday as they dominated the Fort Lee Captains, 56-48. The game was not as close as the final score indicates due to Coach Wilson clearing the bench with almost three minutes left and the Cougars leading by 25. The Captains have had it tough late in the season, losing their lead scorer, Allan Kern, to injury and then having more trouble mid-season with a flu epidemic that brought down four of the five starters for four games. The Captains played against the Cougars very well early in the season only losing by four in a very close game, but after the loss of Kern the Captains were unable to generate any steam on the court. Finally, with the Cougars leading 46-23 Coach Wilson started to play the subs. The Captains were able to make a bit of a run but the time ran out before they were able to make it very close.

            “Those kids don’t get to play a whole lot, but when they got on the court they really knew what they were doing,” said Couch Wilson of the subs after the game.

            The Cougars face another team that is stuck in the bottom half of the league standings as they visit Southport next week. The Hawks are struggling lately with the loss of their center, Robert Warner but they still have a very strong backcourt of Doyle and Hale who gave the Cougars a bit of a scare earlier in the season. The game begins at 4:30PM in Southport’s Gym on Friday.



Egypt announces that it is taking over administration of the Gaza strip, surprising U.N. officials as they were trying to smooth out working arrangements between Arab officials and the U.N emergency force. Egypt announces that the Suez Canal is open to navigation by small ships, including those of Britain and France. Salvage operations will begin to remove two obstacles - a sunken tug and a frigate. The ships were sunk last fall when the British and French attack planes hit the area.


Revolutionaries shoot down the outer guard and invade the Presidential palace in Cuba, in an effort to kidnap or kill President Fulgencio Batista. Over 40 men were killed. The president was unhurt, telling his small son that the shots were merely firecrackers. Batista was tipped that an attack on the palace was planned


A panel of Japanese woman agrees that American women are the unhappiest woman in the world. “In order to humor the men, they have to go on diets, dye their hair and try to get rid of their body odor.” The panel went on to say that American women are unhappy because they have promoted equality of sexes so much. “They can’t expect men to pamper them any longer, so now, American women are trying hard to make friends with men and be attractive to them.”


In Switzerland, a quiet shopping tour turns into a madcap adventure for Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco. After being discovered, the couple was soon followed by hundreds of admirers. When they went to get into their car, a fire had broken out nearby. One of the responding fire trucks smashed into a parked car near them. The prince and princess slipped into a stationary store and after leaving the back way to get into their limo, the driver backed into a horse drawn cart, frightening the horses. The e couple called it a day and headed back to their hotel.


In Britain, a group of young woman with more than 40 inches around their chest band together to solve their growing problems. The girls plan to write clothes manufacturers. “Clothes which do fit us are too motherly for teenagers and if you want to get the perfect fit you have to pay the earth.” Said one of the girls - “Most of the bras that fit me are pink satin and strictly for matrons.”


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