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Thursday, April 14, 1960   Vol. C772



East Farewell – The daffodils and pansies are in bloom. The trees are popping their new leaves and the lake has lost what little ice it had. Spring has arrived in East Farewell. The temperatures have been rising and the sun has been shinning and a lot of people are asking, “What happened to winter?”

            The last season will probably be labeled the winter that almost wasn’t due to the lack of snow, ice and cold weather in general. The average temperature for the season, from the winter solstice (December 22nd, 1959) to the spring equinox (March 20th, 1960) was a balmy 40 degrees. There was only one major storm and while that storm dropped almost 16 inches of snow on the town most of the winter was snow clear. Even Lake Charles did not completely freeze over much to the dismay of the ice skaters and fishermen. East Farewell has not seen this seasonal warmth ever. There have been seasons that had warm spells during the winter but the usual average is 25 degrees and within the last 10 years the average has been 29 degrees.

            Most people feel kind of cheated out of a season an impromptu and unofficial survey revealed. “I love the spring, but part of that is because the winters are so hard. Without the cold, snow and ice it just doesn’t seem as wonderful. I love the blooms and I love the warm sun, but I kind of feel gypped. I like the change of seasons and I hope this isn’t a new trend,” said Natalie Mallard when asked in front of the Lost Oasis.

            The weather forecasters do not have a complete explanation for the warm trend but Art Markley, local meteorologist, says “Weather is made up of ever changing systems that are sort of like an “ocean” of air that ebb and flow and have highs and lows that move around the planet. They can be difficult to predict but with the new satellites being basted into space we may soon be able to get better predictions, but we are a long way from being able to control the weather.”

            For now, though, everyone will just have to move on and enjoy the beautiful, warm weather and the blooming spring flowers. Maybe next year we will see more snow and cold.

Early Blooms on Lake Charles - 1960



East Farewell – The Travelers opened their season on Saturday with a blast. Five blasts to be exact. They hit five home runs against the Cedar Creek Bulls in a 9-1 opening day blowout. The Travelers sent Buzz “The Burner” Barnett to the mound to kick off their 1960 season. Barnett, in his third year with the Travelers, was magnificent striking out 10 and only allowing 6 hits. On the other side the Bulls started the usually very reliable Max Plant but he had trouble finding the plate and when he did the Traveler sluggers were waiting. All five dingers left the park and in a new and unusual showing of fan support a couple of canoes paddled out into Lake Charles beyond the outfield walls and retrieved the balls that had landed in the water, whether this becomes a new way to attend the game remains to be seen.

            The game began with Barnett striking out the first two Bulls and then grabbing a swinging bunt attempt and firing it over to a waiting Bobby Watson. Plant started out well, striking out Francis but Dunham came up a started the blasting. Plant took him to 2-2 and tried to slip a change up by him but Dunham waited on it and slammed it out of the park. It went downhill for Plant from there. After Watson grounded out Johnny Cloos came up and Plant again went to 2-2 but this time he tried a fastball but that is Cloos’s favorite pitch. The canoeists had another trophy. Plant was able to retire the side but he was shaken up and it took him two innings to settle down. Meanwhile, Barnett was mowing them down. Aside from a walk in the third and a clean single in the fourth he was flawless. By the fifth the Travelers had built their lead to 5-0 with scattered hits from Brown, Archibald, Sweet and Ralph Francis. Finally in the seventh the Bulls were able to put together a couple of hits and scored. That was all that went well for the Bulls; in the seventh Joey Brown and Artie Archibald drove back to back balls out of the park and into the canoeists waiting fishing nets. Finally, in the eighth Johnny Cloos came up again and had Dale Dunham on second and took Plat to 3-2 and Plant tried a curve on Cloos. He connected for the fifth homer to leave the park and drive the score up to 9-1. Barnett was able to close out the Bulls in the ninth the same way he started, three strikeouts.

            It was a blazing start for the Travelers and Manager Fowler was very satisfied with their performance. “A very good start, very good,” was all he would say after the game, “We’ll see what happens next week.”

            The Travelers go on the road next week to meet their arch-rivals, the Slate Mountain Miners and their pitching ace, Tony ‘Michael’ Angelo. The Travelers will send their winningest pitcher, Joe Nagy to the mound. The game begins at 1:30 in the Miners ballpark.



In the latest Gallup Poll, Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts widens his lead over the leading Democratic contenders for president - the top 5: Kennedy -39%, Stevenson - 21%, Johnson - 11%, Humphrey - 7% and Symington 6%. Kennedy went up 5% from last month.

Senator Kennedy, irked at the needling of Senator Hubert Humphrey, angrily accepts his challenge to a face-to-face debate in their primary fight as they head into the West Virginia primary. Humphrey has made Kennedy’s religion a major topic of his speeches. “In view of the way the campaign is evolving in West Virginia, I can’t accept the current attacks without fighting back”

Sources report that Premier Fidel Castro has stationed 5000 troops in Oriente Province to fend-off an expected invasion. Castro has formerly declared the invaders would come from the Dominican Republic, where many from the Batista regime have sought political asylum.

Four-year old Eric Peugeot is released alive and well by his kidnappers in Paris, less than three blocks from his home, in front of a Tavern, across from the Eiffel Tower. Eric is the son of Roland Peugeot, VP of the automobile and steel empire. He was held more than two days after the father paid the kidnappers ransom demand. He would not disclose how much he paid the kidnappers.

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