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Thursday, April 18, 1957   Vol. C616



East Farewell- Local Playhouse owners and long time East Farewell promoters Rick and Julie Davidson have announced that they will feature local talent in this year’s productions.  After they announced the schedule for this year last week they said they were talking with producer Jeb Bernstein after the party and decided that since there is an abundance of local talent they should feature it in their productions. “We are very excited to be able to showcase the amazing talent that is home grown here in East Farewell,” said Mr. Davidson during a hastily organized press conference on Monday, “We wanted to get the word out as soon as possible. So let it be heard, we are opening up all the parts in all the shows to locals first. Bring your best to the auditions.”

            This opportunity was greeted with great enthusiasm by lot of locals from aspiring seniors from the high school acting club to the semi-professionals like local singer, actress, Natalie Mallard. “I can’t wait to try out for some of the parts, the list of shows is just great and there are so many good roles, I just can’t wait,” bubbled Miss Mallard after the announcement.

            When the season opens in May it seems the headliners will be from East Farewell. East Farewell has become somewhat of an artistic magnet drawing artists of all types from actors and actresses, singers, poets and storytellers to photographers and movie makers and physical artist like sculptures, painters and potters. There should be no lack of people trying to fill the roles and there will be plenty of roles to be filled.

Natalie Mallard’s Press Shot



East Farewell – The Travelers were able to stay unbeaten in the fledgling season by downing the Cedar Creek Bulls 3-0 on Saturday. Cedar Creek are looking to improve on their 10-20 season from last year. They added a top pitcher from the Chesapeake League, Gene Greene, and tried to beef up their offense by signing a big bat, Matt Delong, also from the Chesapeake League. Delong has not arrived yet and his bat could have come in handy on Saturday. The Travelers had Danny Lane on the mound and he showed why he is the second in the rotation behind ace Joe Nagy. Lane was able to keep the Bulls off the board by throwing a mystifying combination of curves, fastballs and sliders. The Bulls were only able to come up with six scattered hits throughout the game and were unable to generate any real offensive threats. The Travelers, on the other hand, were able to generate three runs through some good old fashioned hit and run. In the third inning Booby Watson singled, Johnny Cloos walked and Tony Dimero doubled to drive in both Watson and Cloos. In the eighth Ralph Francis singled, Dale Dunham’s sacrifice bunt moved Francis to second and long sacrifice fly by Watson was able to move Francis to third. The Traveler’s big slugger, Johnny Cloos, came to the plate. Cloos had been walked twice and hit a long fly to center the Bulls centerfielder, Frank Houser made a tremendous leaping grab to save a homerun. Cloos took Bulls pitcher, Gabe Reston deep into the count and Reston tried to place a 3-2 low curve into the corner of the strike zone but Cloos had his eye on it and was able to get his bat on it and drive over second base and score Francis with a single.  Danny Lane was able to complete the game and rack up a total of ten strike outs and only gave up six hits. It is still too early to make any predictions but the Travelers have looked strong in both their outing this season. This early record will be put to the test when they meet the very strong Youngstown Steelers team. The game will begin at 1:30 on Saturday.  



President Eisenhower views with “deep concern” the prospect of big funds cut in U.S. propaganda activities. He says there is actually a “pressing need’ to expand this work in many parts of the world. But Rep. Rooney (D-NY, chairman of a  House Appropriations Subcommittee figures the American taxpayer hasn’t been getting his money’s worth in the way of the U.S. Information Agency has been run. The new budget at $106 million is 26% below the President’s request.


The Census Bureau reports that more women are working to help their husbands with the higher cost of living. Working wives increased by about 5 million between 1947 and 1956.


Marilyn Monroe chief stockholder and main asset of Marilyn Monroe Productions Inc, upstages her firm’s old board of directors and elects a new one, including an in-law and a friend of her husband. She re-elected herself as head of the company.


Dean Martin’s first (solo) picture “Ten Thousand Bedrooms” opens, but with no wild enthusiasm for the singer/actor. One critic said that the title was the most exciting part of the film. Of Mr. Martin he wrote, “When things get dull, he bursts into song, and then suddenly everything is just as dull.” Another described him as “a personable actor with a nice enough singing style, but he’s just another nice-looking crooner without Jerry Lewis.”


Jerry Lewis has been busy, too, He held a burglary suspect at gunpoint at his pacific Palisade home until police arrived. Lewis told police the suspect rang his back door bell about 8:30pm and handed him a note. The comedian closed the door and was reading the note when he noticed the man trying to get into the front door. He pressed a silent burglar alarm, alerting police and took a 38-caliber revolver to the front door. Police say the note was garbled.



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