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Thursday, April 21, 1960   Vol. C773



East Farewell – The annual Easter Egg Hunt on the Lakeshore Plaza was held last Sunday and had a great turnout thanks to the beautiful blue skies and spring like temperatures in the mid-50s. This year there were 40 entrants, a slight increase from last year’s 38. The event has been held on the Plaza for five years now and every year has gotten more popular. This year 200 eggs were hidden throughout the Plaza and small, makeshift props were set up to mimic trees and flowers to make more hiding places. Every year the eggs are hidden the night before by, of course, the Easter Bunny who is helped by scores of volunteers. This year a strange thing happened. After the eggs were all hidden and everyone had gone home it seems a large moose wandered onto the Plaza and started his own egg hunt. Officer Jeb Paxton was on overnight patrol and saw the moose. “It was 3:09 AM and I was just turning the corner on Main and Lakeshore. I was walking and you can see the Plaza from that corner. Well, I looked over and there right in the middle of the Plaza was this big moose. I have seen plenty of wild animals and they don’t scare me, but this guy was big, really big. I am not sure what drew him into town but I think he must have smelled the eggs and wanted a little late nigh snack. Well, I started over towards him and as soon as I got within 20 feet of him he looked up at me, his mouth was covered in egg shells and he looked like he was smiling, very funny looking. As I stepped closer I used my patrol camera to snap a picture of him. I think the flash startled him because he looked up then turned and walked away, not running, just walking, I think he was kind of annoyed that I interrupted his snack.”

        Office Paxton went onto the Plaza to inspect the area and found many, many eggshells spread all over. He was unable to count how many but he reported his encounter to the Egg Hunt Committee early Sunday morning and they went to investigate the damage. They, too, were unable to access the total loss and did not have a backup plan other than try to hid unpainted eggs in place of the consumed eggs. “We figured that out of the 200 original eggs the moose had gotten about 50, so after much discussion we decide to not replace the missing eggs. The kids would have to make do, we thought they wouldn’t mind,” said a chagrined committee chairman, Sue Logan.

            The Egg Hunt banner was dropped promptly at 3:00 and the usual chaos ensued. Sue Logan did her best along with several other committee members to “herd the cats” as they all said, and keep so semblance of organization. After a very long ten minutes the children were brought over to the Plaza bandstand and their eggs were counted. This year little Janie Raines, 8, was the winner with 22 eggs, a new grand total high. The moose’s total was not counted partially because the judges felt he was over the 10 year old limit and therefore disqualified. Janie received the much coveted Golden Egg and was very happy with it, showing it off for the crowd on the Plaza. A total of 50 children participated this year and after the final count a total of 148 eggs were accounted for but due to the moose visit no accurate total could be determined therefore there was no way to say if all the eggs were accounted for.

            There was no discussion of any measures to safeguard the hidden eggs next year. “We will cross that bridge when we get to it,” said Miss Logan after the event.

1960 Uninvited Easter Egg Hunt Guest



Slate Mountain – The Travelers went on the road for the first time this season and they probably feel like they should have stayed home. They met their arch rivals, the Slate Mountain Miners and their ace pitcher, Tony “Michael” Angelo. He got his nickname for the way he could “paint” the plate with strikes and no one could hit him. Angelo put on a pitching clinic on Saturday. He shut the Travelers out and only gave up four hits, no walks and the Miners had no errors. They won the game 3-0. The Travelers were not able to get a man past second and they were completely befuddled by Angelo’s pitch selection. The Miners on the other hand were able to get ahold of Joe Nagy early and although Nagy was sharp he wasn’t sharp enough. The game was really a pitcher’s duel with Nagy only giving up eight hits and one walk. Unfortunately for him all those hits came in the same inning and accounted for all the Miner’s runs.

            The Miners and the Travelers have a long, bitter rivalry that goes back to the beginning of the league. The two towns are only miles apart and both located on the Mighty Keystone Railroad line. The two teams have faced each other since 1925 when the league was formed. There are many historic games in the history of the rivalry and many great players have come and gone. The current roster of great players includes Tony Angelo and Frank Mastriano for the Miners and Joe Nagy and Johnnie Cloos for the Travelers. Angelo and Nagy have been the leading pitchers in the league for several year and both Cloos and Mastriano have been sharing the batting titles for the league.

            Saturday’s game was trouble for the Travelers from the start. Angelo started off by striking out the side and Nagy had trouble from the first pitch. Miner’s first baseman, Bernie Bettuchi slapped Nagy’s first pitch trough the center for a leadoff hit. Nagy was able keep the Miners contained but the stage had been set.  In the fourth inning the Miners were able to score their three runs on back to back hits that clearly rattled Nagy. By the time he was able to regain control the Miners had taken a 3-0 lead that was all they needed. Angelo did not suffer a comparable breakdown and went on to finish the game, shutting down the Travelers offense completely.

            The Travelers stay on the road next week as they move on to Riverview where they hope they can get back on track. The game begins at 1:30 in the Riverview Stadium.



Syngman Rhee, founder of the Republic of Korea, resigns as President after six weeks of violent public demonstrations against his autocratic rule. The father of modern Korea ends his 12 years of power after weeks of mounting violence stemming from charges of fraud in the March 15 presidential elections. Later, it’s reported that Rhee’s Vice President Lee Ki-Poong his wife and two sons, commit suicide in a building on the grounds of the presidential mansion.

President Charles de Gaulle of France pleads that next month’s summit meeting must “above all,” seek East- West agreement rather than break down over differences.

Vice President Nixon says that the security of the United States must be the primary goal of the next administration. He said it must be maintained, “at whatever cost” and that budget surpluses must come second.

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