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Thursday, April 23, 1959   Vol. C721



East Farewell – It looked for a while that the showers of April would not be a severe as they have been in the past but over the last week the April showers made their presence known. The clouds rolled in Sunday night and the rains started shortly after. The rain has continued from Monday, heavy at times, through Thursday and is expected to continue until Saturday. The total rain fall is estimated to reach an unprecedented 3 to 4” by Saturday. There is no imminent danger to local businesses because most are located on higher ground above Lake Charles. Some local residents who live close to the lake have taken precautions to divert any rising lake water but there have been a few stories of flooding. Most of the homes that border the lake have been built in raised pilings that will put them out of harm’s way. There have been one or two reports of new, lower homes near the water that have experienced some rising water.

The wet weather has put the damper on many early spring activities in town. Not only have the restaurants been unable to open their ‘al-fresco’ dining, most of the High School after school activities have been either rescheduled or cancelled. The highly anticipated track and field event that was going to be the final track meet for the season bringing five local schools together for a huge track festival has been moved back until next week due to the anticipated foul weather. The event will take place next Saturday at the Regional High School. Other events that were scheduled were the Spring Stroll and the Outdoor Art display scheduled for the Lakefront Plaza. Both events have been moved back to next week. Hopefully, the weather will clear and East Farewell will begin to enjoy the May flowers that it is so well known for.

Rainy Main Street - East Farewell



East Farewell – The Travelers stayed unbeaten as they scored five runs in the fifth and two in the eighth to down the Anglers 7-4 on Saturday. The Anglers were reported to have vastly improved their lineup over the off-season but they still came up short against the Travelers newest fastballer, Buzz “The Burner” Barnet. The Travelers picked up Barnet during the League draft in February and signed him in March. He came from a small college in New York, St. Matins, where he set a school record for wins (21) over his three seasons there. His first start was impressive as he struck out nine Anglers and only walked two. He was helped by last year’s league leading defense with three double plays to keep the Anglers off base.

            The game started like last week’s pitcher’s duel with both Barnet and Anglers ace, Joe Hawkins, striking out two each but not letting any hits get through in the first inning. From the second to the fifth both pitchers showed great control and power. The Travelers were finally able to get to Hawkins in the fifth. Starting off the bottom of the fifth Joey Brown poked a single through the middle Art Archibald was able to follow with a nice drive to center sending Brown to third. The Anglers defense stepped up and squelched a sacrifice bunt try by Billy Sweet and held Brown on third while Archibald advanced. In one of Hawkins rare letdowns he walked Ralph Francis to load the bases. Then Dale Dunham came up and Hawkins took him to a 3-2 count and tried to blast a fastball by him but Dunham was waiting and connected sending a long, long fly to center that cleared the center field fence by 10 feet. It was both the Travelers first grand slam of the season and Dunham’s first ever. Then Hawkins faced Bobby Watson went deep in the count but struck him out. Johnny Cloos came up next and on the first pitch knocked another one out of the park. His second but it was the first two homer inning for the Travelers since last summer. Hawkins walked off the mound and catcher, George Sellers, came out to talk. It seemed to settle Hawkins down because he was able send the next two batters down without a hit.

            The Anglers came up in the sixth and tried to start a rally of their own by tagging Barnet with three straight hits, scoring one and their biggest hitter, Mario Napeleni, coming to bat. Barnet worked him to a 2-2 count but then tried to fool him with a changeup but Napeleni was not fooled. He knocked the ball over the right field fence bringing the score to 5-3. Barnet was able to regain his composure and finish off the Anglers without any more damage. The game went back to the pitchers as they worked without a hit in seventh. The bottom of the eighth saw the Travelers score two more with three hits by Anthony, Brown and Sweet. The Anglers attempted a comeback by scoring one more in the top of the ninth but fell short as Barnet struck out the last two batters.

            “I really liked the way Buzzy took on those Anglers to task. He is young but he is very smart and really understands the game. I think he is a great addition to the team,” said manager, Sam Fowler after the game.

            The Travelers go on the road for the first time this season next week as they travel up the road the take on the Cedar Creek Bulls who are also undefeated in this young season. The game starts at 1:30 in the Cedar Creek Stadium.



The St. Lawrence Seaway opens to ships. The project was debated by the United States and Canadian governments for 50 years, but was completed in 5 years by 15,000 workers. The Seaway is a giant system of canals and locks and will now allow traffic from the Atlantic Ocean into the Great Lakes.

Liu Shao-chi succeeds Mao Tze-tung as president of the Chinese Communist government. Mao is the Communist republic’s only president in its 10-year history.

The Senate approves the nomination of Mrs. Clare Boothe Luce as ambassador to Brazil. Her husband, Henry Luce, is the editor-in-chief of Time Magazine

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