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Thursday, April 25, 1957   Vol. C617



East Farewell – The second annual East Farewell Easter Egg Hunt was held on the Lakefront Plaza on Easter Sunday, April 21st. The hunt was open to all children under ten years old. There were 30 children in the group of hunters. The hunt started at 11:00 and after gathering up the group, Sue Logan, an activity volunteer, likened it to herding cats, the large sash that was holding them back was dropped and the masses were released. They scattered around the Plaza and quickly found 146 of the over 150 eggs hidden around the Plaza in the planters, around the different tables and throughout the Plaza. Remains of the missing four eggs have been seen scattered on the Plaza later in the week, it seems even the birds and wildlife got into the act this year. Like last year, the pleas for no running went unheard but there were no injuries. This year’s winner was a 9 year old girl, Florence O’Hara, with a grand total of 16 eggs. She received the “Golden Egg” award from last years’ winner, Manny Watkins, who held the trophy for a year. He reluctantly handed over the trophy to O’Hara. Watkins is now seven years old and apparently thought the trophy was his to keep forever. When the organizers saw Watkins disappointment they agreed that there would be a permanent award given to each winner, yearly. O’Hara was awarded the new, permanent trophy while Watkins hung onto the huge original trophy. When it was explained to Watkins that he would have to switch with O’Hara he was not happy but his mother was able to make the switch without too much fuss.

            The event has become popular in even though it has only been held twice. The organizing committee issued a statement after the event that next year the Egg Hunt will be held again on Easter Sunday, April 6, 1958.

Egg Hunt Winner Florence O’Hara & 1956 winner, Manny Watkins, with trophies



East Farewell – The Travelers ran into a steel beam on Saturday when they met the Youngstown Steelers. The undefeated Travelers were crushed by a hard hitting Steelers team 9-2. The Travelers started out fast scoring two runs in the first inning but then Steelers pitcher, Frank Schmidt, settled down and only let up three more hits for the rest of the game. The Travelers two runs came off a double by Johnny Cloos followed by strike out by Tony Dimero and then a blast by Joey Brown that cleared the right field fence. That was the extent of the Travelers offense. On the other hand the Steelers were quiet for the first three innings and then they found their zone. In the third Doyle started off with single, Howard doubled sending Doyle to third. Andrews then took Travelers pitcher, Joey Alfred long making the score three to two, Steelers. Alfred continued to have trouble giving up another three runs in the sixth. Reliever Joe Reynolds came on in the seventh but he did not have much luck in taming the hot Steeler bats. He let Walker hit a solo homer in the seventh and then to add insult to injury Andrews hit his second homer for the day with Doyle on.

            The Travelers looked bewildered and not nearly as sharp as they have been in the past games. They will try to regroup as they go on the road next week against the Erie Eagles. The game starts at 1:30 in Erie.



Premier Hussein Khalidi’s government resigns, but the King defies anti-West demonstrators, which caused the resignations of his Cabinet. Later, King Hussein places Jordan under a military governor and launches a determined war against the Communists in his kingdom. Hussein then imposes military law on Jordan in a series of dramatic moves against his enemies inside and outside the country. As a warning/deterrent to the Reds, the U.S. sends 36 warships to the area. The U.S. declares that the independence and integrity of Jordan are being threatened by “international Communism” - one of the key conditions of the Mideast resolution under which President Eisenhower may extend aid.

The U.S. offers $10 million in economic aid to King Hussein’s new anti-Communist government. Jordan indicated immediate acceptance.

Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy is reported as seriously ill at Bethesda Naval Hospital with acute hepatitis. His condition is considered serious.

Good to last drop? A new bean, which may replace coffee as a popular beverage, is discovered in the jungles along the Madelena River in Columbia according to Bogota newspapers. The bean has been christened chimbombo by the natives. Natives were attracted by the aromatic fragrance of the jungle plant, not unlike that of the coffee bean. Several of them picked some of the beans, toasted and ground them. Brewing the drink, they reported it superior in both aroma and taste. Stores are now selling it at the equivalent of 3 cents a pound. Plans are under way for large-scale plantations of chimbombo trees as soon as the laboratory tests produce favorable reports. Exports will follow.


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