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Thursday, April 28, 1960   Vol. C774



East Farewell – Planned track maintenance on the EFTA (East Farewell Transit Authority) have created huge traffic problems all along the routes that run through town. The A Route, which runs from the Main Depot down Main Street, up Lake Shore Drive and terminates at Lake Front Plaza where it reverses and returns to the Depot, is having main track work done to repair damage that occurred over the past year. The damage was caused by unexpected road work that had to be done to Lake Shore Drive after a house fire last year caused the road to buckle and the tracks to shift. The shift was not great enough to cause the cars to derail but as they continued to travel across the damage they made it worse and worse. Finally the damage was determined to be too great and the possibility of a derailment was imminent. The route was shut down last week and work commenced immediately. The repair is expected to take one to two months and traffic on Main Street and Lake Shore Drive has been reduced to one lane with flaggers controlling traffic. The transit system has had its speed reduced in the work area to crawl which has thrown off the schedule and forced less frequent transit routes. Most of the traffic problems occur in the mornings and the afternoons but there is always slow motion through the work area. This has brought on unexpected consequences like more people walking that used to drive which in turn makes more foot traffic on the Main Street and Lake Shore Drive. This has had a bit of a boom for the shops and restaurants on Main Street and more traffic on the Lakefront Plaza. So, while the people who are still driving through town are experiencing great aggravation the shopkeepers on Main Street are doing very well. “It is truly a blessing in disguise,” said Charles Wenz, owner of the Lost Oasis bar and restaurant, “We have seen a surprising increase in business over the past two weeks since the work began. We are getting a lot more lunch traffic where a lot of people who would drive out of town or home for lunch, they are now coming here. I love it.”

            The maintenance is scheduled for two months but may be completed sooner if the damage is not as severe as first anticipated. For now, the traffic nightmares will continue and the shops will continue to profit.

Traffic on Main Street at midday



Riverview – The Travelers got back on track as they beat the Riverview Anglers, 6-4, on Saturday in Riverview. A seldom seen aspect of the Travelers game was a big part of the win. Last year the Travelers stole a total of 135 bases. While that was not the league leading it was respectable. On Saturday they made a statement with an impressive 7 stolen bases, a new team record. It seems Dale Dunham, Artie Archibald and Tony Dimero had worked together in the off season after hours to increase their running speed and ability to judge the pitcher’s release. Their efforts paid off with dazzling results on Saturday. By the fourth inning collectively they had stolen four bases (Dunham=2, Archibald=1 and Dimero=1) and that accounted directly to a 4-2 Travelers lead.

            Riverview tried to get back into the game tying it up at 4-4 in the sixth but Dimero and Archibald continued their thievery and were able to swipe 3 more bases ( Dimero=2 and Archibald=1) and push the Travelers to a 6-4 victory. “I knew those boys had been working on their base running so today I just let them go and boy oh boy, they ran their pants off,” laughed manager Sam Fowler after the game.

            Next week the Travelers head to Youngstown to meet the Steelers. This will be the third game of a four game road trip and the Travelers will try to turn this road trip into a winning campaign. The game begins at 1:30 in Youngstown Stadium.




President Eisenhower signs the Civil Rights act of 1960. The bill centers on new voting rights protections for Negroes. The President hailed it as “a historic step forward in the field of civil rights.” “With continued help from all persons, the new law will play an important role in the days ahead in attaining our goal of equality under law in all areas of our country for all Americans”

The Soviets shoot-down an unarmed American plane. Nikita Khrushchev tells the Soviet Parliament that the pilot is alive. The leader justified the downing saying the violation of Soviet air space had “aroused the just indignation of the Soviet people”

The Soviet Union announces a major shakeup of key government and party posts, which elevate First Premier Frol R. Koslov to the secretariat of the Communist Party’s powerful Central Committee. Alexei Kosygin becomes first deputy premier.

Television stations broadcast a debate between Sen. John F. Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey. Both aspire to be President. The debate originated from the Charleston, West Virginia station, WCHS-TV.

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