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Thursday, May 1, 1958   Vol. C670



East Farewell – The FBI and local police have made arrests in the Great East Farewell Train Robbery of 1957. Three brothers, Ralph, Leonard and David McCarron and three others, Gerald Downs, Frank Holloway and William O’Shea were all arrested in McCarron’s home outside of East Farewell. The brothers had gathered the whole gang together to divide up the take but a neighbor had tipped off the authorities after noticing the house that had been empty for several months had a lot of activity and Mrs. McCarron was nowhere to be found. The McCarron boys had not been seen at their house in over six months and Mrs. McCarron disappeared shortly afterward. The FBI, regional and local police have been investigating the crime intensely since the start but have remained quiet about their progress until Wednesday when they suddenly announced the arrest of the gang. The details are still being sorted out and all the questions have not been answered but the authorities are confident that they have the right men. There have been no confessions, yet but there have been reports that large amounts of cash have been recovered from the house. Also, a very substantial amount loot has also been recovered much of which will be put on display in an attempt to reconnect it with its previous owner.

The brazen robbery took place September 12th, 1957. The “Mainliner” that runs from Philadelphia to Chicago on the Mighty Keystone Railroad was boldly robbed in East Farewell. Stopped by signal manipulation six robbers jumped on board, three headed directly to the Mail Car where they blasted open the safe holding $100,000.00 in cash deposits from the First Pennsylvania Bank head to the Chicago Central Bank, while three others rampaged through the passenger cars forcing all the passengers to drop their valuables into a cart that they rolled down the aisle. The robbers were able to clear out the safe and the passengers in about seven minutes and were able to make a clean get-a-way in a truck that was found later abandoned in the woods near Lake Charles. The robbers were so efficient that the police were unable to get to the scene until long after the robbers had taken flight.

Many questions still surround the crime and the perpetrators.  Aside from all the usual questions, how did they plan it, who all were involved, how did they know about the transport one question has arisen from after the arrest, where is Mrs. McCarron? She is said to be a very domineering mother and very protective of her boys. Her disappearance has raised some questions. The entire gang is being held without bail in the State Correctional Facility in Bedford. More answers are expected to be forth coming but for now local victims can take some comfort in the fact that these dangerous felons have been identified, captured and incarcerated.

The Mainliner pulls into East Farewell



Cedar Creek – Some fanatical Travelers fans were predicting an unbeaten season after last week’s win over Riverview stretched their unbeaten season to three. Everyone can dream and sometimes those dreams will come true but that dream, as impossible as it may be, was dashed on Saturday when the Travelers lost to the also unbeaten Cedar Creek Bulls, 4-3. The first loss was a hard pill to swallow, too. The Travelers led 3-1 into the bottom of the ninth when Bulls slugger, James Dunn came up with one out and men on second and third. Dunn swung a Nagy’s first pitch and missed. Nagy then tried some to slip a curve by him but missed low and inside. He tried the curve again and missed again. Then Nagy tried to blow his fastball by him but Dunn was waiting, with a mighty swing Dunn drove the ball over the center field fence to win the game 4-3 Bulls.

            This was Nagy’s first outing this year and all told he did fine, striking out 9 and allowing only six hits and three walks. The Travelers defense was strong stranding three runners throughout the game. The Bulls were just slightly better, though, Bull’s pitcher, Gene Bradley, struck out 9 also, but only walked two and allowed eight hits. The Travelers left an unusually large numbers of baserunners on base, nine which is way above their average of three.

            “I just let that last pitch get down a little and he was able to really wallop it,” said Nagy after the game, “We let that one get away from us. I feel responsible for it and I am not going to let that happen again.”

            The Travelers stay on the road next week as they face the Youngstown Steelers. The game begins at 1:30 on Saturday in Youngstown Stadium.



The government reports that the average family income last year was $6130 - 50% higher than a decade ago.

Walter O’Malley, owner of the (new) LA Dodgers says he’s elated about the first three games played at the coliseum - attendance for all three was 167,209. “I think it probably set a three-day record.”

The seven month-old daughter of composer Nelsen Riddle dies before the parents can get her to the hospital. The family doctor said the baby had died from an inflammation of the bronchial tubes. “She was just a baby and she had no defense against it,” said the father of the sudden virus.

At the movies -

St Louis Blues - Nat King Cole, Eartha Kitt, Pearl Bailey

The Young Lions - Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, Dean Martin

The Female Animal - Hedy Lamarr, Jane Powell, Jan Sterling, George Nader

Another Time, Another Place - Lana Turner, Barry Sullivan (Introducing) Sean Connery

The Goddess - Kim Stanley, Lloyd Bridges


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