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Thursday, May 12, 1960   Vol. C776



East Farewell – Even with the official start of spring almost two weeks away East Farewell welcomed the season early due to the extremely mild temperatures and pleasant weather. The Lakefront Plaza was transformed into what can only be described as a wagon wheel of stands, tables and kiosks offering food, drink, arts and crafts and a stage centered at the hub. The food stands ringed the outer edge with almost every restaurant in town and many visiting from other towns setting up al-fresco dining complete with umbrellas, tables and chairs. The Lost Oasis even set up a small bar to serve beer and wine to guests. The spokes of the wheel were where the local artists set up shop. The offered a huge variety of homemade crafts, notions and surprisingly tools. Emmitt Grange, a local blacksmith, offered handmade blades and saws. “I don’t get to see many people much anymore. My shop still does shoeing for the local farms but it’s not like it used to be. I had to branch out and start offering some new products so I could stay in business. These blades seem to have really caught on. I am fashioning a penknife with lots of extras like two blades, big and small, a screwdriver, a bottle opener, an awl and I even slipped a small pair of tweezers into the edge of the handle. People get a kick out of that,” Grange said proudly while showing off his new creation.

            This year’s fair was set up similar to last years with the wheel and hub set up. It worked so well last year that there was no need to make any changes. The hub of the wheel was a stage where local musical acts could play. Entertainment went on from the kickoff opening on Friday night continued throughout Saturday from 11:00AM till 10:00PM and finished up Sunday from noon till 7:00PM. Many local musicians participated and a great variety of musical genres were represented. There was no MC officially and the bands would introduce themselves. Jerry Tabor and his swing band was a highlight on both Saturday and Sunday. Country star Charlie Green and jazz stylist Gus Sloan and his quintet were also on the bill both days.

            The Lendel family took the opportunity to give a short preview of the Fun Pier which is located right next to the Plaza. They opened up the Pier for Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon and evening to show off their new improvements to the rides and new sound and light enhancements. They did not have any new rides but fresh coats of paint brightened up the giant Ferris wheel and carousel. A coat a big red paint made the Tilt-O-Whirl pop out and draws many eager young riders line up.

              The beautiful weather made for a wonderful weekend and built anticipation for the being of the season coming Memorial Day weekend.

Looking west over Lakefront Plaza and Fun Pier



Erie – The Eagles kept their winning streak alive with a hard fought win over the Travelers on Saturday, 5-4. The beautiful Erie stadium overlooking Lake Erie has been very good to the Eagles this season. They have yet to lose there so far this season and have an astounding 12 game home winning streak. Saturday’s game looked at times that the streak was in jeopardy with the Travelers jumping out to a 3-1 lead and Travelers pitcher, Joe Nagy seemingly in control. But the Eagles clawed their way back in the seventh with four hits and two runs to take the lead. The Travelers were able to tie with a blast for Johnnie Cloos in the eight but the Eagles came right back putting men in scoring positions but unable to capitalize. Then in the bottom of the ninth Eagles slugger Frank Holland was able to get a hold of a Nagy fastball and drive it into Lake Erie for the walk off win.

            The loss ended the Travelers road trip. They split the trip two wins two losses and are sitting in third place in the league. Next week the Travelers come home to face the Monticello Vikings. The Vikings have been a thorn in the Travelers side, beating them twice last year and are currently in second place in the league standings. Billy Green will take the mound for the Travelers. He has the best record against the Vikings with a 4 wins and 3 losses going back three years. The game will begin a Travelers Park on Saturday at 1:30PM.



Premier Khrushchev wrecked the summit conference before it began by demanding an apology from the U.S. for the May 1 U-2 reconnaissance flight and punishment of persons responsible for this intrusion. He also demanded America’s renunciation of all further flights over Soviet territory. He also withdrew an invitation for President Eisenhower to visit Russia and suggests the summit be postponed until he leaves the White House. Meanwhile President Eisenhower accused the Soviet Premier of flying to Paris only to sabotage the Big Four talks and discloses U-2 spy flights had ended with the May 1 incident.

Several days later, while still in Paris, Khrushchev blasted President Eisenhower in a news conference, saying that war is inevitable if the U.S. continues to send spy planes over Russia and insulted the President by comparing him to a “thief caught red-handed.” He also threatened to break-off the East-West Geneva disarmament talks and resume nuclear testing if the U.S. does. He threatened to shoot down any more American spy planes and attack the bases from which they took off.

President Eisenhower, fresh from the failed summit in Paris, flies into Lisbon, to a warm welcome from 250,000 Portuguese. Once in his quarters in Queluz Palace, he called for western powers to work even harder for peace, despite the failure of the Paris summit meeting. Next day, 300,000 welcome President Eisenhower back to Washington as they stand along the route from Andrews Air Force Base to the White House.

Edward Moran, a Hollywood nightclub attendant, says that Frank Sinatra and a companion pushed and punched him, after the singer tried to square-off with John Wayne! Witnesses say Sinatra almost came to blows with John Wayne at a benefit show at the Moulin Rouge. Witnesses said he argued bitterly with Wayne inside the club over Wayne’s public criticism of him for hiring writer Albert Maltz to do the screenplay for “The Execution of Private Slovik.” Maltz, who was fired by Sinatra over public criticism, was jailed in 1951 for refusing to tell a congressional investigating committee whether he had ever belonged to Communist organizations. As Sinatra was leaving the nightclub, another parking lot attendant stopped a car two feet from the singer, almost hitting him. Sinatra walked over to the car, and reached him as if to grab his neck. Moran walked up and said - “Aw Frank, he wasn’t trying to hit you with the car. He’s only trying to make a living. Leave him alone.” Sinatra pushed him. His companion, a bodyguard, then began backhanding Moran.

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