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Thursday, May 15, 1958   Vol. C672



East Farewell – The Reese Farm Links officially unveiled their course wide improvements last week with a seasonal opening. The course had undergone various improvements over the winter and while the course usually stays open as long as the ground is unfrozen it was closed from late last fall, throughout the winter and into the early spring. Last week the links were opened to the public and the tee times were filled from Sunday through Wednesday and expected to be filled for the next week or so. At least until all the golfers in the area have had a chance to check out the new and improved Reese Farm Links. The improvements include wider fairways and some added trees. The added trees were the cause of much discussion because they would take away from the “links” nature of the course. Traditionally, Links do not have many, if any trees and are more undulating fairways. The original design of the Reese Farms course, designed by legendary designer, Robert Trent Jones with assistance from world class championship golfer, Bobby Jones, was intended to resemble but not mimic some of the great Scottish links. The close proximity to water (Lake Charles) and the wide open pastures of the Reese Farm contributed to the overall final product. With the introduction of some trees the traditionalists have raised a flag of protest. “The trees just won’t fit in the overall scheme of the Links,” says local golfer and traditionalist, Martin Fowler.

“We think the introduction of some trees to the landscape is needed to help preserve the fine fairways and greens. We have found the weather in East Farewell is nothing like that in Scotland and we have to make some adjustments to make the course fit with the local climate and conditions,” said head groundskeeper, Stanley Pupeck. 

The new and improved course will host the annual Reese Farm Golf Links Golf Outing in August but with the new look the name of the Outing may have to be changed.

The 18th Green at Reese Farm Links



East Farewell – The Travelers came home last week and faced a new look Erie Eagles who have run up a three game winning streak. The Eagles have six new players in the starting lineup and have been on a run since the beginning of the season. The Travelers have had the same lineup for five seasons and have built a strong, dependable defense as well as a reliable, high scoring offense. It was the snappy, swagger of the young and new against the older, wiser, seasoned talent. The seasoned talent won 5-4.

            The Travelers were first to score. Right out of the gate Dunham popped a double over Eagles second baseman, Jeb Dwyer. Then Johnny Cloos came up and showed why he is one of the best hitters in the league. He took Eagles pitcher, Joe Walsh deep into a three and two count and then fouled of six straight balls before he connected with a low outside curve and drove it out of the park. Much to the fans delight. The Eagles were not going to roll over they came storming back in the second scoring three runs with five hits off Joe Nagy. Things settled down in the middle innings and the Eagles were able to tag Nagy for another score in the eighth. It was in the bottom of the ninth the Travelers showed some confidence that only comes with age and experience. Archibald started with a clean single up the middle then Billy Sweet walked after waiting out Eagles pitcher, Mario Costello, in a 10 pitch at bat where Sweet fouled off 5 straight pitches and then Costello tried to slip a curve ball in but missed on the outside. With two on and the score 4-2 Eagles pitcher Joe Nagy came up and laid down an almost perfect sacrifice bunt and when running to first Eagles catcher, Joe Dorati, and pitcher, Costello, got mixed signals and Costello tried to retrieve the bunt where Dorati should have. Costello turned and tried to throw out the speedy Nagy but his throw was high, over first baseman Francilli’s head letting Archibald to score and Sweet to sneak over to third. Ralph Francis came up with men on the corners and worked a shaken Costello to a three and two count. Costello tried to go for the strike out with a low fastball but Francis was waiting and slammed the ball into right scoring Sweet and sending Nagy to third and tie the score. Dale Dunham came up next and Costello took a long time to start his wind up and threw a ball. This prompted a visit from catcher Dorati. Costello calmed down and threw two strikes but then Dunham got a hold of a change up and drove it to center scoring the winning run.

            The Travelers visit the Monticello Vikings all the way up in Monticello on Saturday at 1:30. Since Monticello joined the league in 1956 they have had a little trouble putting together several wins in a row. Their longest winning streak was three at the end of last season and just recently the last three games. The Travelers will be visiting them when they have a chance to set a new winning record of four in a row. The distance to Monticello may make the Travelers fans sparse for the game so this could be a tough game for the Travelers.



President Eisenhower orders the National Guard out of Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas. Tension is still high but it has been determined that the National Guard were no longer need to keep the peace.

During a visit to CaracasVenezuelaVice President Richard Nixon's car is attacked by anti-American demonstrators. Vice President Richard Nixon was shoved, stoned, booed and spat upon by protesters in Peru.

The Soviet Union successfully launches the Sputnik 3 satellite on May 15th. The satellite carried twelve experiments into space and its mission was to study the composition of the atmosphere and cosmic rays while orbiting the Earth.

The Brussels World's Fair, also known as Expo 58, begins during April in Belgium. This was the first major World's Fair to be organized after the end of World War II with the previous World's Fairs taking place in New York during 1939 and 1940. The main attraction of the fair was the unusually shaped "Atomium" building. The site chosen for Expo 58 spanned about 490 acres and was the same site of the 1935 Brussels International Expo.

In speed news -Eli Beeding experiences 83g deceleration on a rocket sled, New Mexico and Walter Irwin flies 2,259 KPH in F-104A Starfighter

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