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Thursday, May 19, 1960   Vol. C777



East Farewell- The 1960 senior class of Regional High extended an unexpected and unprecedented offer to the entire retired community of the Springlife Retirement Home to attend their senior prom as honored guests. The idea was promoted by seniors Patty Durham and Bill Lister who came up with the idea while working in the retirement home. The class eagerly got on board with the idea and the details were worked out early this year. The announcement was kept secret until last week when a formal invitation was presented to the retirement community at their weekly meeting.

            The 1960 senior class had become known for its civic awareness and responsibility long before this. Throughout their school years the class has come together to hold many different civic minded events. The first was a car wash when they were merely sixth graders to benefit the East Farewell Animal Rescue that had fallen on hard times exasperated by a fire that ruined the shelter. That event produced enough funding, enhanced by local businesses generous grants, to rebuild the facility and save the shelter. Every year since then the class has done something to promote civic well-being in East Farewell, ranging from food drives to candy sales (people still talk about the fabulous dark chocolate walnut bark sold by the students and produced by local baker and candy maker, Peg O’Malley) that have not only helped many people but have made the town a better place in general.

            The prom was held in the Regional High Gymnasium and not only was a dance but it included a sit down dinner for all attendees that was catered by the Lost Oasis and served by Regional High underclassmen. There were two bands, The Blackjacks for the younger crowd and town favorite Gus Templeton and his Swing Band for the older folks. The night was a mixed of old and new and there were many sightings of mixed age dance partners having a wonderful time together. “I just danced with a guy who said he was 86,” laughed Mary McVeigh, 16, “and he could really step out! I had a hard time keeping up with him.”

            The party paused at 10:00 as the seniors had to head back home in an ironic curfew switch but the dancing picked right back up and it was almost 2:00AM when the last dance was played by a combination band of several Blackjacks and several Swing Band members, Gus and lead Blackjack vocalist, James Durbin, singing the Casino’s #1 hit “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye”

            The Regional High class of 1960 will not only be remembered for their civic pride but they will also be remembered as a group that knew how to have a good time.

Seniors with seniors at the 1960 Prom



East Farewell – Saturday saw a beautiful afternoon made even more beautiful by a fine exhibition of pitching skill against a worthy opponent. The Travelers took on the Monticello Viking and were able to come away with a win, 4-0. The Vikings have been one of the Travelers tougher opponents and have grown from their humble beginnings in 1956 to become a league leading contender in the last three years. On Saturday, though, they came up against their nemesis, Billy Green, who has had their number for the past three years and once again were mystified by his slow curve ball. Green has pitched one no hitter, one one hitter and three games with less than five hits against the Vikings in the past three years. Saturday was no different. He went to work quickly and efficiently striking out the side in innings one, three and five while only allowing three hits and no runs. The closest the Vikings came to scoring was in the eighth when they got men on second and third with only one out but Green dug deep and came up with two critical strike outs to end the inning.

            The Travelers were able to help Green with a solid offensive effort. They were able scatter 9 it’s throughout the game but Vikings pitcher, Jose Monaro was fairly sharp. Only in the fourth and in the eighth the Travelers were able to string together enough power to score two runs in each inning. The big blast came from Mitch Maxwell, a two run homer in the eighth.

            Next week the Travelers stay home and face the Albany Senators. Joe Nagy will take the mound for the Travelers. Nagy will try to recreate his Hall of Fame performance from 1956 when he pitched a perfect game against the Senators in the last game of the season. Surprisingly, few people saw the game because it coincided with the opening game of the Regional High Cougars football game. As time passes, though, more and more people seemed to have been at that game, many more than the ticket sales show. The game next week is an evening game and will begin in Travelers Stadium at 7:30.



President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon warn America’s Southeast Asian allies that the danger of Red Chinese aggression and subversion is greater than ever since the recent ill-fated summit conference. Nixon took some hope from the fact that Soviet Premier Khrushchev is not yet going along with Red China’s aggressive policy.

Premier Khrushchev says he still believes that President Eisenhower wants peace and that he really had not known about spy flights over the Soviet Union. He also says that Mr. Eisenhower is a man who puts golf before his responsibilities as President.

Crosley Broadcasting televises the first evening baseball game in color this week in a game between the Cincinnati Redlegs and the San Francisco Giants from Crosley Field in Cincinnati. George Bryson and Frank McCormick handled the play-by-play. The game was broadcast by WLWT, Cincinnati; WLWD, Dayton; WSAZ-TV, Huntington, W. VA and WLEX-TV, Lexington, KY.

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