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Thursday, May 21, 1959   Vol. C725



East Farewell – Graffiti has been showing up on the alley walls for a long time. Most of it has been simple scrawl by young miscreants and has been mostly ignored and frowned upon. Rarely have the “graffiti slingers” been caught and it seems the only ones that have been caught have been dumb enough to either use their real names or their nicknames. The penalties have included cleaning off the graffiti and repainting the walls.

            Last week graffiti in East Farewell took on a new, unusual and somewhat captivating look. On the cinder block wall behind the Lost Oasis Café/Bar a large multi-colored name showed up, Slick Rick. It was not the usual single line, scrawling nearly illegible sign. It was a very colorful design with big, block letters that were of a sort of comic book nature. Charles Wentz, owner of the Lost Oasis and its building was not happy but was visibly impressed with the work. “It must have taken him a long time and I’m surprised that no one saw him. I mean, we have people out here in the alley all night taking out the trash, taking a break and that kind of stuff. But no one saw anything. Amazing.”

            East Farewell is well known for its local artists and has long been known as a haven for the artist type. This “sign” has attracted a lot of attention from the artistic community. Many local artists have come by to both look at it and evaluate it as an “artistic piece”. The police do not look at it as art by any means. They consider it vandalism plain and simple and if they find who did it there will be consequences.

            “I certainly don’t think it is a valid outlet for art but that being said I have to say it is a very compelling creation,” said local artist, Rory Calhoun, “The mix of color and motion in the letters is very fluid. You kind of absorb the whole thing all at once.” It is very interesting, to say the least.”

            On the other hand, “Any way you look at it, it is just plain vandalism. I know some people think it is “art” but it is not it is vandalism,” said police chief, Bill Donnelly.  

            Either way you look at it there is a good chance it will be painted over within a few weeks so people will have to evaluate it on their own. Perhaps they could stop in the Lost Oasis for a bite to eat when they are in the neighborhood.

Slick Rick 1959



Monticello – The evening air was warm and clear. The field was manicured and the base paths were freshly raked. It was a beautiful night at the still new and still beautiful Monticello Stadium but it was not a beautiful evening for the Travelers who seemed to check their defense at entrance Gate. The red hot Vikings were aided by a dubious Travelers team record six errors and extended a 5 game winning streak to six with an 8-2 win.

            The Travelers ham-handed defense started in the first inning when a botched routine double play ball turned into a two run inning for the Vikings. The Travelers seemed to start to cover their mistakes by coming back in the second to tie it with a two run blast by Johnny Cloos but that was all they were able to muster. Traveler’s pitcher, Joey Alfred did not pitch a bad game, he let up nine hits but combined with the six errors the Vikings were able to score 6 unearned runs. In the fourth Bobby Watson mishandled a fairly routine throw to first that let another Viking run in. In the fifth The Vikings scored their two earned runs from a blast by their young slugger Alfonse Dimaio. The Travelers sloppy play continued in the seventh and the eighth when they committed two errors in each inning, a dropped fly and bumbled line drive in the seventh helped the Vikings score two more unearned runs and in the eighth it looked as if the Travelers need eye exams as Dale Dunham completely misplayed a one-hopper that sailed over his shoulder and then Ralph Francis ran under a fly ball that bounced behind him and rolled to the wall. The result was an embarrassing two more unearned runs.

            If the Travelers were able to get out of their own way they would have had a chance in this game but the inexcusable mistakes and amazingly inferior play doomed the squad in this game. Hopefully, they will regroup and clear their heads before next week’s game with the Albany Senators, another young team. The Travelers stay on the road and the game begins in Albany at 1:30PM on Saturday.



The United States fires two monkeys 200 miles into space and brings them back alive and well. The recovery was an important step toward putting a man in space. The intermediate range rocket hurled them into space from Cape Canaveral.   Able and Baker, a pair of pampered female monkeys, get a VIP reception in the nation’s capital after journeying 300 miles into space.

Orval Faubus suffers a major setback in Little Rock’s integration battle with the defeat of three segregationists in a school board recall election.

Customs agents smash a counter-revolutionary plot against Cuba when they arrest 11. Smugglers included a woman pilot loading a big transport plane with weapons.

The United States advises Russian Premier Khrushchev to stop threatening one-sided Soviet action in Germany if he wants current East-West talks to succeed. At the Big Four meeting in Geneva – Russia’s Andrei Gromyko tells his western colleagues that the Soviet  Union is determined to dispense with the three western military garrisons in Berlin and convert West  Berlin into a “demilitarized free city”

The regime of President Luia Somoza, menaced by increasing unrest within the country and threats of invasion from abroad, declares martial law in Nicaragua.

In passing - John Foster Dulles, former Secretary of State, loses his life to cancer. He was 71.

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