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Thursday, May 2, 1957   Vol. C618



East Farewell- The EFTA (East Farewell Transit Authority) said it will purchase five new trolley cars from the Budd Company in Philadelphia. Transit Authority president, Gerald Fromm, made the announcement on Tuesday from the EFTA headquarters located above the Lake Shore Drive depot. The transit system has been operating for two years and has been an unquestionable success. Ridership has gone up every quarter since it started in March of 1955. The system loops around town and has become a fixture in town and while it currently runs down the street there has been talk of digging a tunnel and placing it under ground. The talks have only been among long range planners but some people in town have expressed a bit of annoyance at the increase in the traffic created by the stopping of the trolleys at every other corner. “I wouldn’t mind them putting it underground,” said Sue Logan, “after all, there are lots of stops and people want to get by the cars. I’m surprised some one hasn’t been run down yet.”

            The new cars are expected to be delivered by August and will be put into service immediately. Fromm said with the increase in ridership the extra cars were needed to keep up the service that people have come to expect. With the new cars the EFTA will be able to expand the hours of operation, adding earlier trains and running the service later into the night. Right now the service runs from 6:00AM to 11:15PM. The new hours will help accommodate the newly announced extended hours of operation by the Iron Works. The longer hours of operation will support the added shifts at the Iron Works.

New trolley car arriving in August



Erie – The Travelers bounced back from their dismal performance last week. They matched up with a strong Eagles team that had only lost one game this early season. Both teams were normally known for their prodigious run output struggled in their previous games. The Eagles barely slipped by a far inferior team from Bear Creek and the Travelers problems were duly noted in this column last week. The game on Saturday was entirely different. Both teams came out swinging and hitting. The Travelers started with three runs in the first only to be matched by the Eagles in the bottom of the first. Both pitchers, Billy Green for the Travelers and Ken Baker for the Eagles, were not as bad as the 11-10 score might infer. They both let up a lot of hits and there were a lot of runs scored but Green had a seven strike out series and Baker only walked two and helped turn two double plays. The runs came in bunches, for the Travelers it was three in the first, three in the third, two in the sixth, two in the seventh and the winning run in the tenth. For the Eagles they had three in the first, two in the second, four in the fourth, and one in the ninth. They came up short in the tenth when they had a man on first but were unable to advance as Green was able to strike out the final batter, Hank Harrison, to get the win. The game was a knock down battle of the bats that the Travelers were able to win. It was a bounce back for both teams that both needed and placed them both back on the top of the league.

            The Travelers visit Monticello next week in their first game against the expansion team. The Vikings are showing some first season jitters, not having any wins this season so far. The evening game begins at 7:05 in the new, beautiful Monticello Park.



Senator Joseph McCarthy - who built a global reputation on anti-Communist investigations, is dead of a liver ailment at the age of 47.

The AFL-CIO ethical Practices Committee accuses the International Brotherhood of Teamsters on eight counts of corruption and gives the union eighteen days to reply. Among other things, the report said that Dave Beck, president of the Teamsters had used at least $300,000 in union finds for personal purposes. It accused him of having used his official position for personal profit.

Teamsters President Dave Beck is indicted for income tax evasion. He’s accused of evading payment of $56,000 in 1950.

Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts called ‘for the formulation of a new American policy toward the satellites” of the Soviet Union. He told the Overseas Press Club that it was time to rewrite the basic laws governing our foreign economic policies to afford more help to Poland and others who might seek United States aid. ”Success in Poland could have early consequences in Czechoslovakia and East Germany and then the whole Communist orbit,” said the Senator, “and the Soviets know it.”

May Day in Moscow as over one million observe the cream of the Soviet Union’s military might.

John Dulles appeals from “my heart” to the Senate to save his budget from deep cuts ordered by the House of Representatives.


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