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Thursday, May 26, 1960   Vol. C778



East Farewell – The first East Farewell Horse Show/Rodeo was staged on the Fairgrounds on Saturday. There are three horse ranches located around the lake. All three got together and set up the event. The farms board horses and have many clients from all over the state. They rounded up their clients, so to speak, and proposed several competitive events, including jumps and barrel weaves and created a mini-rodeo that had a somewhat subdued bucking bronco and cattle roping events. They then secured the Fairgrounds and setup a makeshift arena with help from many students from Regional High. The promotion consisted of flyers posted around town and a huge word of mouth campaign. On Saturday morning there were approximately 500 people lined up at the gates. The stands were full by the 11:00 kickoff event; a jumping contest that had five jumps in a circular track. There were six entrants and each took two rounds. The total clear jumps were totaled up and little Annie Doyle, 15, and her horse, Jasper, won with a near perfect score of 9. Annie is the daughter of Fern and Ann Doyle, owners of the Horseshoe Ranch. The Doyle’s gained some local notoriety for safely corralling the loose horses on Lakeview Plaza back in 1958. The horses had escaped from the Swinging Gate Ranch, another local ranch owned by Bob and Diane Taylor. The Stallion Ranch, owned by Oliver and Elizabeth Wilson is the third ranch that took part in the show/rodeo.

            After other control events the show turned toward the rodeo portion of the event. What this turned out to be a watered down version of the rodeo you would find in Colorado, Wyoming or Montana it was great fun and for people who had never seen a rodeo it was a great new experience. The bucking bronco was a horses that was reluctant to have riders and several young cowboy want-to-Bes from the high school attempted to ride them. One, Jason Gilbert, was successful in staying on for 20 seconds and took home the prize. The best thing that can be said for the rest is there were no injuries. A calf roping contest was also a big hit. Billy Wilson from the Stallion Ranch took home first place in that event.

The entire event ended up with a grand parade around the ring that featured all the horses, a very colorful display of decorated buggies and what can only be called a controlled stampede made up some of the calves, a large bull and several semi-wild horses. A wonderful time was had by all and the organizers said they hoped that this could become a yearly late spring tradition in town.

1st East Farewell Rodeo



East Farewell – The evening was beautiful and the crowd who had just come from the rodeo was in a great mood. Joe Nagy showed why he is one of the premiere pitchers in the league on Saturday by pitching a one hit gem against the Albany Senators. The Travelers won the game 5-0. Nagy was in fine form and for the first four innings it looked like he may repeat his career defining outing that was perfect back in 1956. The possible record was broken in the fifth when Joe walked a batter but that by no means diminished his performance. He went on to strike out 10 and only allow one hit and that was a blooper just over the outstretched glove of Dale Dunham. “I really thought I had that one,” said Dunham after the game, “but it was just out of my reach. It would have been nice for Joe to get another no hitter on his record.”

            The offense of the Travelers made sure that Nagy got the win. They took an early lead in the second with a two run double by Artie Archibald and then in the sixth Johnny Cloos returned to his blasting ways with a three run smash. There was never any question of who was in charge of the momentum of the game but the Senators were surprisingly lackluster. They came into town with a two game winning streak and they were solidly in the middle of the pack in the league standings. Perhaps the long road trip they have been on finally caught up with them. The Travelers say home again next week and face the Bear Creek Cubs. The Cubs are another middle dwelling team but they have a rising star in Jose Cortez who has been hitting the hide off the ball, averaging a whopping .425 for the past six games. The game is an afternoon game beginning at 1:30PM at the Travelers Stadium.



America launches “Midas II - the world’s first military “spy-in-the-sky” - satellite into orbit around the earth. Its mission is to test a missile-detection system designed to prevent a space age Pearl Harbor.

Boris Pasternak - noted Russian poet and author of the controversial “Dr. Zhivago” and winner of the 1958 Nobel Prize for literature. He had been confined to his bed since May 1 with lung cancer. He passed away at Peredelkino - a writers’ colony 20 miles from Moscow.

Billy Martin of the Cincinnati Reds promises he’ll “get revenge” on Gene Conley, the Philadelphia Phillies pitcher who socked him in the eye during a free-for-all last Sunday “I’ll fight Conley any time. He’s so big, I might need a stool to belt him in the face. But I’ll get my opportunity”

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