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Thursday, May 30, 1957   Vol. C622



East Farewell- The recent heat wave with temperatures in the 80s had many forecasting a hot summer ahead. The past week has seen the thermometer hovering around 90 degrees and has brought out a lot of people in shorts and t-shirts. Weather forecasters are predicting a very warm summer in their long term forecasts. “This is very unusual for this time of year, I don’t remember heat this high this early and I have been around for a long time,” explained Mrs. Mallard, boarding house owner and self proclaimed local historian, “We did have a very warm spring but it seems the spring just came and went very quickly. Now we are in summer.”

            For the record, summer does not officially begin until June 21st. Many locals are enjoying the warm spell. The Lakefront Plaza has been filled with lots of sun-seekers and many restaurants have put al-fresco dining out on the sidewalks, offering an almost Paris like atmosphere throughout town. There is great hope that the fine weather will continue into the weekend and hold up for the Memorial Day parade and festivities. The parade is scheduled to begin at 10:30AM on Saturday and will run from the High School parking lot down Main Street, turn on Lake Shore Drive and end on the Lakefront Plaza where there will be a ceremony honoring the fallen. The ‘Race Around the Lake’ bicycle race has been rescheduled this year until the second weekend of June because the Memorial Day Parade and ceremony is expected to last until the early afternoon and the Race Planning Committee felt that there would not be enough time to properly hold the race which has evolved into a very festive event in its own right. Many people have started to decorate their bikes and “join” the race in progress. That practice makes for a somewhat chaotic event throughout the day. 

Warm evenings bring out strollers



Bear Creek – Rookie Mitch Maxwell hit a homerun with his first professional at bat as the Travelers slashed the Cubs, 4-1 on Saturday. Maxwell joined the team earlier this month and played only as a pinch runner in a previous game. He took the field as a starter on Saturday, playing shortstop giving regular Dale Dunham a day off. “It was great for the kid to homer in his first at bat, he is going to be a good player. We will have to find a place for him in the lineup,” said Travelers manager, Sam Fowler.

            The Cubs started out strong with a run in the first as Joey Alfred had a little trouble giving up four hits in the first. Cub’s slugger, Charles Brown, was able to drive in leadoff hitter Ralph Dunlap for the score. Alfred settled down after the first and the Travelers stepped up the defense and kept the Cubs off the board the rest of the game. After the nearly disastrous first inning the Alfred stuck out nine and only let up four more scattered hits.  The Travelers offense took command in the sixth with Maxwell coming up with his second hit of the game followed by a Bobby Watson single and a Johnny Cloos off the wall triple.  While Cloos was stranded the next inning Joey Brown tagged a low outside fastball for the final score.

            The Travelers come home next week to face the Ondita Cougars and their pitching ace, Steve “Cat” Caterno. Next week’s game will be played in the evening due to the Memorial Day ceremonies the game will begin at 7:30PM at the ball park.



Nikita S. Khrushchev reigning boss of world Communism makes his debut on United States television. He predicted the grandchildren of his millions of American viewers “will live under Socialism,” but said the Soviet Union does not want to impose its type of Socialism on anybody.  President Eisenhower turns down any idea of answering Mr. Khrushchev and his remarks on American television.

Arthur Miller, husband of Marilyn Monroe is found guilty of contempt of Congress for refusing to answer questions about a Communist meeting he attended in 1947. Miller had declined to name persons who attended a 1947 meeting of Communist Party writers. He freely admitted attending the meeting himself, but said he could not name the others on grounds of conscience. A judge ruled that questions put to Miler by the House Committee on un-American Activities were pertinent to its investigation of passport abuses.

 New York’s hopes for keeping the Dodgers and Giants just grew dimmer. A survey by the New York Post shows that members of the Board of Estimate, who will have to pass on any financial measures to build stadiums, are overwhelmingly opposed to granting subsidies to keep the two clubs. Mayor Wagner said the city couldn’t subsidize the baseball teams because every kind of business would demand things.

The FCC grants its first permits for overseas televising between South Florida and cities in Cuba. Permits were issued to AT&T and Florida Micro Communications Inc. They’ll use a technique called “tropospheric scattering” to relay programs to and from Cuba.


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